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Recommended Age

While there is no minimum age, drivers need to have an understanding of the way a car handles in order to get the most out of the experience. We do not recommend very young children, as these are not arcade games. The authentic nature of the simulators are designed to show genuine driving conditions and their performance is entirely based on the actions and reactions of the driver. F1, V8 and Rally cars respond very differently than an average sedan and all drivers need to be aware that the simulators respond according to chosen vehicle. Remember, these are the actual simulators that professional racing drivers use, so it's not child's play!

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2018 V8 League - Round 3 @ Symmons Plains

1. Andrew Donnelly - 60pts

2. Shane Gilfeather - 40pts

3. Troy Czislowski - 32pts

4. Greg Gavalas - 32pts

5. Brad Martin - 30pts

2018 F1 League - RD 2 @ Bahrain GP

1. Andrew Donnelly - 37pts

2. Scott Daniels - 30pts

3. Marty Porter - 28pts

4. Shane Gilfeather - 25pts

5. Michael Donnellan - 24pts

2018 GT3 League - RD1 @ Bathurst

1. Andrew Donnelly - 20 pts

2. Jonathan Venter - 17pts

3. Jeremy Pernesz - 15pts

4. Shane Gilfethaer - 13pts

5. Michael Donnellan - 12pts