1.     Contest. To enter the Race to Reality Final Contest (hereafter referred to as the "Contest"), you must either be a Race to Reality online contest winner, or a Racecentre in-store winner and must be 18 years old as of 1st September 2013.
2. Sponsors. The Contest Sponsor is Racecentre. Racecentre has commercial agreements with Monster Energy and Aussie Racing Cars. Employees of Racecentre, Monster Energy and Aussie Racing Cars are ineligible to enter.
3. Contest Dates. The online Contest begins on Friday 8th February 2013 at 9:00 AM EST and ends on Sunday 29th September 2013 at 12:00 Midnight EST. The in-store Contest begins on Monday 1st July 2012 and ends Sunday 29th September 2013 at 12:00 Midnight EST. Winners of these Contests gather together for a final qualification on Friday 18th October 2013 at which time the Overall Grand Prize Winner will be determined. Please note, due to technical and logistical factors, Sponsors reserve the right to change Contest start and end dates. See www.racetoreality.com for updated Contest dates. Any change in start or end dates from the Official Rules will be posted at www.racetoreality.com
4. Places. There will be 16 places in the Contest final round, with the Overall Grand Prize Winner taking out the Grand Prize at the final race on 18th October 2013. 
5. Heats: Each of the 16 contestants in the final round will be selected by a number of qualification rounds called “heats”. The 16 seats in the final round are determined as follows:

1. V8 Championship League Winner from Racecentre Gold Coast 2012
2. Mixed Championship League Winner from Racecentre Gold Coast 2012
3. Mixed Championship League Winner from Racecentre Sydney 2012 
4. V8 Championship League Winner from Racecentre GC 2013
5. V8 Championship League Winner from Racecentre SYD 2013
6. Mixed Championship League Winner from Racecentre GC/SYD 2013
7. F1 Championship League Winner from Racecentre GC/SYD 2013
8. Racecentre Bathurst Fastest Lap Winner 2013
9. iRacing Contest Winner 2013
10. rFactor Contest Winner 2013
11. Competition entry Speedcafe/Dunlop winner
12. 1/5 The Final 5: "24hr Time Shifted Le Mans Event"
13. 2/5 The Final 5: "British Historix": 2004. Lotus Elan 26R.Oulton Park-72 Gold Cup Layout.
14. 3/5 The Final 5: "Blast from the Past" 1987 ATCC, Group A, Amaroo Park, Oran Park Bathurst '67 Layout.
15. 4/5 The Final 5: "GT3 @ Spa Francorchamps 2013"
16. 5/5 The Final 5: "V8s @ Bathurst" with FVR and MMM Bathurst Layout.

6. Final Round Event: 
The 16 qualifiers will race in-store at Racecentre Gold Coast and Racecentre Sydney (each centre having 8 seats each). The final round will be run as a server hook-up between Racecentre Sydney and Racecentre Gold Coast. The 16 Contestants must be able to make their own way to Racecentre Gold Coast or Racecentre Sydney in order to compete. The final round will be run as a three (3) race final event held at both Racecentre locations at 7 PM EST on Friday 18th October 2013. Points will be awarded for each race will be as follows:
1st  - 10 Points
2nd  -  8 Points
3rd  - 6 Points
4th  - 5 Points
5th  - 4 Points
6th  - 3 Points
7th  - 2 Points
8th  - 1 Point
9th onwards – no points

7. Online Racing: 
Between 5 to 20 contestants at a time are eligible to race online in each qualifying heat hosted by iRacing and rFactor leagues. The heats will run from Friday 8th February 2013 through to Sunday 22nd September 2013. The winners of these heats will race online on a) rFactor 1st September 2013 and b) iRacing 18th September 2013 to determine which contestant enters the Race to Reality final to be held on Friday 18th October 2013. 
8. In-Store Racing: Winners of our in-store leagues (as listed above) as well as the winner of Racecentre’s fastest simulated lap around Bathurst will be win a place in the final race held on Friday 18th October 2013.
9. Golden Ticket: Each finalist who wins a seat in the Race to Reality final on Friday 18th October wins a “Golden Ticket”, so named after its golden-like colour. Its construction material is paper, with the Race to Reality name printed on the ticket. These tickets are not transferrable and cannot be redeemed as cash.  
10. Overall Grand Prize Winner: The highest cumulative points score at the end of the three races will be counted as the Overall Grand Prize Winner. If there is a tie there will be a count back for highest finishing place.
11. Race rules and conditions: Rules and conditions will be as per Racecentre league nights. These can be found on www.racecentre.com and are attached to the back of these terms and conditions.
12. Grand Prize inclusions: The Overall Grand Prize is paid Driver's Entry in the final round of the 2013 round of the Aussie Cars Racing Championship to be held in Sydney on 6-8 Dec 2013. This will also include one standard domestic return airfare (from the winner’s closest capital city in Australia) to the event and hotel accommodation for the duration of the Championship event. Approximate value of $12,000 is not redeemable for cash.
13. Prerequisite: Prior to the event the winner is to attend a driver training and evaluation day at Aussie Racing Cars at Norwell, QLD. A CAMS licence will be required to race in the Championship event so the practice and theory can be completed at this time. If the winner does not already have a CAMS license, the winner will be required to pay for a CAMS licence fee (if required) and own travel expenses to training and evaluation day. If the winner is deemed unsuitable or too novice to compete in a racing round of the Championship by the instructors of Aussie Racing Cars, a package with a similar amount of car time and laps will be offered at Norwell in a non-racing environment. 
14. Arrive and Drive Agreement: The winner will have to complete the standard Aussie Racing Cars “arrive and drive agreement” The agreement also includes a $5000 bond to cover any damage on the vehicle. The winner is liable for any and all damage costs whilst under this agreement. 
15. Dollar Value of Grand Prize not redeemable for cashApproximate retail value of Race to Reality Grand Prize, including driver training day, championship round entry fee, airfares and accommodation is $12,000 . Prize will be forfeited if that contestant is unable to travel during designated time period, or if that contestant does not return the required Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within the required timeframe. A major credit card may be necessary for hotel check in, and for any incidental charges that are billed to the room. No refund or compensation will be made in the event of the cancellation or delay of any flight. Travel and accommodation are subject to availability. All expenses and incidental travel costs not expressly stated in the package description above, including ground transportation, meals, incidentals, passenger tariffs or duties, surcharges, airport fees, service charges or facility charges, personal charges at lodging, security fees, taxes or other expenses are contestants’ sole responsibility. If Sponsors determine that air travel is not required due to a contestant’s proximity to prize location, ground transportation will be substituted for roundtrip air travel at Sponsors’ sole discretion. 
16. Eligibility and release: The Contest is open to only legal Australian residents who are 18 years of age or older as of 1st September 2013. Winning contestants must execute and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within fourteen days of receipt. Failure to return Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within fourteen days of receipt may result in Grand Prize forfeiture. Winning contestants may be required to sign an image release acceptable to Sponsors in order to claim any Prize. Any contestant who does not meet the requirements of these Contest rules may forfeit Prizes or be disqualified from the Contest in Sponsors’ sole discretion. Unclaimed prizes may not be awarded to other contestants. No tickets or other travel documentation will be issued in the name of any contestant who has not signed required documents. Sponsors will not replace any lost, mutilated, or stolen tickets, travel vouchers or certificates. Prize is not transferable, assignable, or redeemable for cash. No substitution for the prize by the winner will be allowed. If necessary, due to unavailability of the prize for any reason, a prize of equal or greater value will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Sponsors. All Federal, state and local tax liabilities are the responsibility of a winning contestant. Acceptance of a Prize constitutes permission (except where prohibited) for the Sponsors to use the contestant’s name, likeness, biography, statements, and any other similar materials for marketing, promotional and publicity purposes without additional compensation or any limitation. Employees of the Sponsors and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this Contest. Neither the Sponsors nor its affiliates, subsidiaries, division or related companies are responsible for any damages, taxes, or expenses that winners might incur as a result of this Contest or receipt of Prize or any portion of Prize. Contestants agree to release Sponsors and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, agencies, divisions, and affiliates from any and all liability, for loss, harm, damage, injury, cost or expense whatsoever including property damage, personal injury or death that may occur in connection with, preparation for, travel to, or participation in the Contest, or possession, acceptance or use or misuse of any prize or participation in any Contest-related activity and claims based on publicity rights, copyright or trademark infringement, defamation or invasion of privacy and merchandise delivery. Neither the Sponsors nor its affiliates, subsidiaries, division or related companies or prize providers or event administrators are responsible for any damages, taxes, or expenses that winners may incur as a result of this contest or receipt of prize. 
17. Agreement for promotional purposes: All entrants agree to have their image used by the Sponsors for future media and promotional use at the Sponsors discretion. 
18. "The Final 5". The Final 5 refers to the last 5 one-off events hosted in-store that where the winner of each of these events wins a Golden Ticket to the Race to Reality final on 18th October 2013.
19. "The First Reserve": The First Reserve refers to the person who participates in The Final 5 races who does not win any of the events but is the most consistent throughout all races. This First Reserve is the person who scores the most points in these 5 races but who does not win a Golden Ticket to the final.  This person will be the first reserve for any unclaimed/last minute vacancies at the final of Race to Reality held on 18th October 2013. Please note this title does not guarantee a seat. This is simply a first reserve should a Golden Ticket Holder not be able to make it to the event. It is subject to availability. 
20. Seat allocations at each store: Seat allocations for the final of Race to Reality at either the Gold Coast or Sydney Stores are on a first won, first served basis. E.g. as events or championships are run and won, those winners in order will choose what store they want to race from. If a seat is unavailable in your usual store, it is upon the participant if they wish to look after their own travel and accommodation to attend the final event on 18th October 2013.


Sunday 22nd September 2013 - Last date that an iRacing or rFactor heat can be held.
Sunday 1st September 2013 - Online Final for  rFactor competition
Wednesday 18th September 2013 - Online Final for iRacing competition
Monday 7th October 2013 - Last Chance to set a Bathurst Hotlap in-store.
Wednesday 9th October 2013 - Racecentre's V8 Championship League drop their worst 3 rounds > tally scores for Race to Reality finalist.
Thursday 10th October 2013Racecentre's F1 Championship League drop their worst 4 rounds > tally scores for Race to Reality finalist.
Friday 18th October 2013 - ****Race to Reality Grand Final.****
Friday 6th - Sunday 8th December 2013 - Winner claims the Grand Prize and enters the Aussie Racing Cars Championship Series Final in Sydney.

Racecentre League Racing Rules & Regulations:

1. Vehicles: 

a. All drivers must part take in the race with the same series of racing machine with identical physics.  i.e. FVR V8SC 2011 v.196
b. All vehicles should have the same driver aids enabled / disabled. i.e. Damage enabled, No-Traction Control, No-Anti-locking breaks etc.
c. Vehicle tires may be restricted to one option or multiple tyres may be allowed. Consult a Racecentre employee for a list of allowed tires for your racing league / series
d. Vehicle setups may be dictated by Racecentre staff – i.e. Staff may allow you to modify your setups or it may be a fixed setup based on your series.

2. Qualifying Etiquette & Rules

a. A driver is required to allow enough space between themselves and the car in front. i.e. a 5 second gap to the vehicle in front.
b. A driver not on a hot lap is to move off the racing line when a vehicle approaches to allow them past on their hot lap. 
c. Blocking another driver or preventing them from completing their hot lap may result in a penalty. 
d. A driver is to drive only within the confines of the track. Any driver found cutting corners / chicanes may result in a penalty. 
e. A driver may have no more than two wheels off the racing circuit for the lap to count towards their qualifying time. Penalties will be handed out post-race after replay analysis if this is breached.
f. Should a driver cut a corner / chicane they are advised to abandon the lap to prevent the risk of a post-race penalty.
g. Should two or more drives be fighting over the same piece of tarmac the driver who enters a corner first shall be granted right of way.
h. Forcing a driver off track will be penalised post-race.

3. Racing Etiquette & Rules:

a. Once a driver is on the grid they are to hold the brake pedal until the start lights turn on (usually a red light will shine, which indicates the race start is emanate).
b. Any ‘creeping’ on the race grid may result in a penalty. 
c. Drivers are not to ram or force opponents off the track, should a driver breach this article then they may be disqualified or penalised post-race.
d. Drivers are not to cut corners / chicanes. Post-race penalties will apply for this breach.
e. Should the first lap of the race see multiple drivers eliminated / in the gravel, the race may be red flagged and restarted by a Racecentre employee.
f. Under race conditions, any car that reportedly hits another will be given a penalty based on the severity of the accident / dangerous driving.

4. RFactor Rules:

a. A driver is under no circumstances to change the driver aids or settings. A Racecentre employee will do this if the league series permits modifications.
b. Modifying the car setup and tires may only be allowed if the league series enables it. Racecentre staff will set what the rules are for each league / series.

5. League Points System:

a. Points will be consistently rewarded in accordance with the league series rules. See staff for the points allocation scheme for your racing series / league.

6. Flag Rules:

a. Drivers are to obey the flag rules of their racing series. Penalties apply for those who do not.
b. Black flags may be in effect, should a driver views a black flag on their screen, they are to immediately stop their vehicle to prevent disqualification.
c. Blue flags may be in effect, should a driver views a blue flag, they are to allow the following vehicle(s) to pass as they have been lapped.
d. If the blue flag remains, it means a driver must let all cars behind them past. Holding up cars on a lap further in the race than yours may be met with penalties for impeding that driver.

7. Pit Lane Rules & Etiquette:

a. Drivers are to file in and out of the pit lane. Forcing other driver(s) into obstacles may be met with a penalty post-race.
b. Drivers are to enable the pit lane limiter while in the pit lane. Failure to do so may be met with post-race penalties.
c. At pit-exit there is a light tree with green, red and blue lights. The blue lights, when flashing, indicate that there is a car coming up the start/ finish straight at full speed. A driver in the pit lane is to wait until the blue lights stop flashing before exiting the pit lane. Any incident involved with entering or exiting the pit lane may be met with penalties.

8. General Driving Etiquette and Rules:

a. Slipstreaming is not advised with sim racing, due to possible lag issues. Driver errors make approaching another car very closely a risky venture. Therefore, any driver who makes contact while following another car will be held responsible. Penalties may apply unless there is clear evidence that the car in front was driving erratically or slowed suddenly.
b. If you are shown the blue flag, move off the racing line as soon as possible within reason and make no erratic moves. Pay attention to your mirrors to determine which side the car will pass you. Once the following car is close, slow your speed enough to allow them a safe pass around your car. Do not accelerate until you are sure the following car has past and is clear.
c. When overtaking a backmarker, the safest method is to hold position behind and to one side of the slower car so they can see you fully in their mirrors. Do not commit to a pass until you have given them ample time to move out of your way before committing to the pass. Please do be courteous and thank the driver by calling out or after the session. Mutual respect makes for better drivers.
d. Drivers must make sure the track is clear before re-entering the track or resuming the racing line or after recovering from a spin. This includes running on the grass, half spins, full spins, temporarily losing control or completely losing control. Not re-joining the circuit safely may be met with penalties. 
e. It will be each driver’s own responsibility to drive cleanly whatever the situation. If you cannot stay on track (whether through car damage, controller problems etc) you should park your car and alert a Racecentre staff member to help you with your situation.
f. Drivers who shunt an opponent will stand a much better chance of avoiding a penalty if they wait for the other car to retake their position. If an opponent needs to pit for repairs then you too should follow them into the pit lane and enable your limiter all the way down the lane before re-joining the race. Your sporting gesture may be taken into consideration and a penalty may not need apply. Doing the opposite will be met with a certain post-race penalty.
g. Participation in Racecentre league competition implies a sound knowledge and understanding of all the rules listed here (1A – 8G). Dangerous driving, persistent unrealistic driving (driver aids) or flagrant abuse of the rules can result in time penalties, disqualification, race bans and exclusion from the competition. Generally we prefer to warn drivers before taking serious action, however we do enforce them. 

9. Incident Reporting:

 a. Racecentre Staff are there to facilitate the hosting of a League Night. This involves:
Making sure the equipment is suitable
Ensuring mods have been uploaded and tested
Any drop outs or mechanical issures during the night are attended to.
b. The staff are not there to deal with driving incidents during any race events. 
NB: ANY rule violations, crashes or issues during any race are to be reported after the race and a committee will decide the outcomes of any complaints the next day (prior to posting results). 
c.  Complainants need to provide the following in writing on the night:
1. Event name and date
2. Race number
3. Lap number
4. Persons involved
5. Details of incident.

10. Hot Lapping/Dash for Cash Rules:

a. All driver aids with the exception of Auto Clutch shall be disabled. A driver is under no circumstances to change the driver aids.
b. Damage shall be set at a minimum of 50%.
c. A driver may tune the car.
d. Fuel usage is turned off.
e. Tyre wear is normal.
f. The driver needs to let Racecentre staff know they are attempting a lap or number of laps.
g. A Racecentre employee can at any time check to see if the aids have been adjusted and instant disqualification from the event and any future events will occur if changes have been made.
h. The driver must notify staff if they have posted a time to record.
i. Replay footage will be checked for cutting of corners / chicanes. The lap will be disqualified if more than two wheels are off the racing circuit.

Finally, we want you to have fun and drive well!
Friendly competition is the only way to race…