What do you offer Corporate Groups - offsite?

Racecentre’s unique full motion simulators are portable…  so you can share the experience at your very own event! This is an incredible way to create a dynamic atmosphere and add fun and thrills to the occasion… 

With full-motion, triple screen surround sound they have a real ‘wow’ factor when seen moving and cornering around the virtual track. The technology is state-of-the-art with incredibly immersive graphics and authentic movements. The simulators create some seriously realistic sensations – it’s no wonder these are the same simulators that professional racing drivers use for training. 

Drivers can choose to race any car, around any track, worldwide. V8, F1, Rally, Drift, GT3, Ferrari, Lamborghini just to name a few. 

The dimensions are 2m x 1.5m x 2m and including the movement variation we would need to allow a 2m x 2m footprint for safe operation for each simulator. 
The cost includes: 
Delivery and return of full motion simulator/s from Racecentre to the event 
Set up and installation 
Testing prior to event 
Staff members to operate simulator, assist the drivers and guests
Un-installation and pack up of equipment and return to Racecentre.


 - Ask us about having your company logo embedded on the track signage!
 - Ask us about branding the simulator with your company logo!
 - Ask us about our 2 x simulator package deal!

 Please contact us for booking enquiries:

We would also like to introduce our newest product, Racecentre VR. 
At Racecentre VR, we provide mobile racing simulators to clubs, RSLs, 
Hotels, Hospitality and corporate events. 
Our Virtual Reality racing simulators bring excitement, fun and energy to 
your venue - which in turn draws in members and new customers - and keeps 
them actively engaged and having fun! . It has also proven to be a major 
draw card to bring people to your stand at an Expo or Conference. With all 
the people circulating wanting to have a go has given great opportunity for 
you to talk about and promote your Product.



What about drivers with disabilities, drivers with special needs or access for wheelchairs? 

Racecentre is pleased to advise that we are usually able to cater for drivers with disabilities and special needs. We have had many drivers in wheelchairs come to race in the simulators and commented what an awesome experience they had. The pedal controls can be altered so that the settings are controlled by the steering wheel instead. Access to get into the simulator seat can be a bit tricky, depending on your individual needs racing may not always be possible. We strongly recommend you have a support person to be present with you to assist you into the seat carefully. Unfortunately, each persons requirements are unique and we can not always cater for everyone with special needs - but we will do everything possible to make sure you have a great time if we can!