About Us

What is Racecentre?

Racecentre operates Australia’s Most Advanced Racing Simulation Centres, with 2 active stores in Sydney and the Gold Coast. 

Founded in 2010 by an enthusiastic motorsport fan, Racecentre’s vision is to create the most realistic racing experience possible for fans whilst providing quality training and practice sessions for experienced professional racing drivers. 

Racing Simulation is an emerging industry, which has seen enormous growth in the past few years. Only recently have the mechanical components of the simulators begun to accurately respond to the dynamic software that has been released by the likes of ISI (rFactor2) and iRacing. The result is something pretty spectacular – as and as champion V8 Supercar Steve Johnson said when he visited us – “It’s as close as you can get to the real thing”. 

Accurate, Authentic and Absorbing Race Simulation:

Racecentre's simulators are high performance machines with accurate and authentic features including:

Full-Motion: Allows the driver to feel acceleration, braking, cornering, even ripple strips!
Surround Sound:  The sound reverberates within the chassis, in front and behind you!
Triple Screens: 3 x HD display modules wrapped around for 180 degree vision!
Real-World Variables: Fuel usage, damage, tyre wear, traction and suspension settings!

Drivers can race as individuals or race against each other in teams. They have the choice of car and track including F1, V8, Rally, Drift, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche just to name a few. Favourite tracks for most drivers include Bathurst, Oran Park, Melbourne, Monaco, Nurburgring, but these are just some of the hundreds of circuits available to race. 

These very simulators at Racecentre are chosen by professional racing drivers use for training and practice. V8 Supercar Drivers including Jamie Whincup, Tim Slade, Mark Winterbottom, Shane Van Gisbergen, Maro Engel, Chaz Mostert, Dale Wood, Alex Davison, Andrew Thompson, Lee Holdsworth, Michael Caruso and Fabian Coulthard (just to name a few!) have experienced the facilities, and we have had positive endorsements from TV programs such as RPM and Channel 7’s Weekender as well as print media such as Auto Action, News Limited papers and more. According to V8 Supercar Champion Mark Winterbottom, “Simulators nowadays are so realistic that it really is the closest fans can get to the real thing.” 

You can now put that realism to the test - come and see why the professional drivers specifically use our to get the most out of their performance on the track. 

Fun Corporate Team Building Experiences

Racecentre offers exciting team building exercises for Corporate Groups. What better way to boost employee motivation than within a fun and challenging environment? We cater for small to medium sized groups, and are happy to discuss your specific goals. Please ask us about our bonus offers for Corporate Packages.

We also provide great corporate hospitality, unique experiences and personalised service for your own clients. By inviting your customers to Racecentre, you create a fantastic way to engage with them. At Racecentre, we provide a unique shared experience that is not only memorable, but lots of fun! Create a positive association between you and your customers through fun, competition and excitement.

Race Car Simulators

At Racecentre, we have purpose built racing car simulators which are configured on one server - specifically designed for you to race against each other in a true race format.  In real time, you can race against your colleagues or mates on the same track, or you may choose to challenge yourself to set your fastest hotlap. 

During admittance you will be asked to choose your car of choice (V8 Racing Car Simulator, F1 Racing Car Simulator, Rally Racing Car Simulator etc). You will need to be pay close attention for a driver briefing, then you can have some time to practice your skills before you are set up for qualifying. After your qualifying session, you will be ready for the main event in a multi-lap race (10, 20, 30 laps depending on your session time).


Many people ask about the format of the race session. Its just purely by time. 

We recommend people come in for 1 hour. It’s a good session time for most people, as in that hour you will experience 2 different types of car and track. Most people take the 1st half hour to get used to the full motion simulators, the graphics and the equipment but then get much more into the actual racing side of things in the 2nd half hour.

1. Car & Track Selection
2. Drivers Briefing
3. Practice
4. Qualifying
5.  Race
6. De-brief and reset for 2nd race.