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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League: Round 6 @ Hidden Valley NT

Friday, June 14, 2013

The V8 boys headed north into the searing heat of Hidden Valley NT. The temps were going to play a big part in the tyre wear for this Round as drivers had their different strategies planned for each race. Like a fierce crocodile there was a huge sand trap at the end of the main straight just waiting for their prey to fall into their lair. Lets see how they went.


With only one real straight to talk about the emphasis was to manoeuvre the tight tricky turns and a very slow hairpin. The majority of the field managed to post a 1:02:4xx but it was Palladino to take Pole and be the only man to get into the 1:01:9xx’s. Salteri 2nd and David Lord starting off P3.

Race 1:

It was a nervous grid as not many have raced here before. A long launch before Turn 1 meant that everyone had time to gain momentum before trying to under brake their competitor and gain some valuable positions. Most of the field did well to get through the turn as the sprinted on into the hairpin. Everyone jostling for position but really not much room to overtake here unless desperate under brakes. It was a pretty casual affair at the front but further back Hamilton and Lord are dualling for position. Lord exchanging a few love taps with Hamilton until Hamilton spins on the hairpin and gains P3 over Hamilton in P4. That’s the way they stayed through to the finish with Palladino taking the win 14.3 seconds ahead of Salteri.

Race 2:

Reverse grid and the sadistic crowd was getting excited as they knew that it wasn’t going to be carnage going into turn 1. When the green lights glowed the crowd got what they were waiting for and they didn’t even get to the first turn. Some barely even making it across the start line. The biggest mover was Michael Goode starting from P10 moved up into 1st by lap 2 with Palladino right behind. Salteri, Lord and Cooper all had to pit from the incident putting them to the back of the field and a lot of work to do to salvage a good result. With the short pit row the drivers were warned about the possibility of double stacking resulting in lost time. Pit strategy became evident then as the first lot of pit stops started at Lap 9 and finished by about Lap 14. This was quite successful for all the drivers as everyone got away cleanly. The Gold Coast drivers Nigel Faull and Tim Hamilton doing an excellent job to be in 2nd & 3rd respectfully taking full advantage of the mishap of lord and Salteri at the start. V8 Rookie Justin Wilson was doing a great job finding his feet in the premier class as his etiquette that he showed was beyond his years.  Not bad for a 16 year old. Some drivers found it hard to master the hairpin as cars where often seen looping it round and ending up in the grass. Palladino takes his second win ahead of an impressive drive from Hamilton and Faull.  

Race 3:

With the race points accumulated it saw the usual suspects up front for the start of Race 3. Salteri does well to jump in front of the inform Palladino and Hamilton to lead after lap 1. The rest of the field have jumbled positions as a number of incidents have occurred. Gilfeather does well to avoid the mess and moves up to P5 from starting on the grid at P11. It wasn’t to last long as he chokes it on the hairpin by not easing on the accelerator coming out of the tight bend. Nigel Faull is having a shocker as he’s battling mid pack with David Lord and Rookie Justin Wilson before pitting on Lap 13. Palladino also pits early to avoid the rush in pit lane as almost the entire field pits a lap later. This would be enough to see him regain the lead and take a clean sweep for the evening with a consistent Hamilton in 2nd and an exhausted Salteri in 3rd

Special mention goes to Jamie Hemi who is making great progress and Michael Goode for showing great pace. Its also good too see the rookies coming through the ranks and Justin Wilson did very well.


Drivers Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Race 13 Race 14 Race 15 Race 16 Total Points Current Place
Iain Salteri 20 15 17 20 17 17 15                   121 1st
Michael Palladino 15 20 13 17 20 15 20                   120 2nd
Tim Hamilton 17 12 20 12 10 13 17                   101 3rd
David Lord 12 17 10 11 15 20 13                   98 4th
Nigel Faull 10 11 15 15 12 10 12                   85 5th
Paul Robinson 8 8 6 13 11 8 10                   64 6th
Enda Murphy 11 9 9 0 8 4 9                   50 7th
Michael Goode 0 4 8 6 9 12 11                   50 7th
Michael Gray 13 13 11 9 3 0 0                   49 8th
Benny Tran 9 10 0 7 13 9 0                   48 9th
Matthew Refalo 0 6 12 10 7 11 0                   46 10th
Rob Cooper 6 7 7 5 5 7 6                   43 11th
Jarryd Busuttil 5 5 5 8 6 0 8                   37 12th
Jamie Hemi 3 0 4 4 4 5 4                   24 13th
Jimmy Tran 4 0 0 0 0 6 0                   10 14th
Shane Gilfeather 0 0 0 0 0 0 7                   7 15th
Troy Tzislowski 7 0 0 0 0 0 0                   7 15th
Justin Wilson 0 0 0 0 0 0 5                   5 16th

By Shane Gilfeather


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