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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League: Round 4 @ Barbagallo

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Barbagallo - WA

The atmosphere was anything but chilled at Barbagallo’s Chill Perth 360 event. All the racers knew they’d be hard at work throwing the cars around the small circuit. The track’s multi-million dollar facelift was worth 10.4 million and included a new infield pit complex – so the place of business would be different but the work would not: the quest for victory, to be the fastest, the best.


Palladino took out qualifying with a 0:51.596. Salteri proved he had some great pace throughout the middle sector as he was quicker than Palladino by two tenths, however, his last sector was poor which meant he had to settle for second by nine hundredths of a second. Lord and Faull were the only other two drivers to enter the 51 second bracket and qualified third and fourth respectively.

Race 1:

The first race was a twenty lap sprint and the majority of the field got off the line cleanly. Hemi spun at WesTrac Corner and rejoined at the rear of the field whilst Palladino solidified his first place with Salteri chasing in second. Lord lost one spot off the line and slipped to fourth. Tran moved into sixth position and held a solid pace; eventually posting a lap time within a second of the front runners. Gray, who had qualified ninth, fell to eleventh but was making his way through the field steadily towards an engrossing battle comprised of Murphy, Hamilton and Cooper. The fast moving Gray plunged to the inside of Murphy at Brownes Chill Fast Brake Corner and made the move stick. Perhaps Hamilton was inspired by the move of Gray; who was charging away from Murphy now; because he lunged up the inside of Murphy at WesTrac Corner. However, the move didn’t pay off and both spun. Cooper almost faced the same fate as he was lured into braking too late whilst trailing Hamilton, however, he only ran wide. Lap five saw the battle between Refalo and Tran heat up with Robinson awaiting a mistake or the benefits of some panel damage between the pair. Additionally, Gray had caught Cooper after his first spin and was once again moving upwards until he spun on lap eight. It seems this weekend was not going Gray’s way and his elusive pace of the past was eluding him. Nevertheless, the commentators, who have witnessed Gray’s pace first-hand, know he will be back up the front challenging the top three soon. Hemi’s braking philosophy of ‘later is greater’ didn’t serve him aptly as he took a spin on lap fifteen after missing his brake marker. Refalo shrugged off the battle of Tran and had cemented fourth place by lap fifteen – it was now his to lose. The winner of the race whose pace made him seem like an unfathomable ghost took the win. Palladino sure enjoyed the winner’s chardonnay toast. The story of the last corner is almost as long as its name: at Brownes Chill Fast Brake Corner Lord, who had closed in on Salteri, launched an attack which eventuated in him running wide with a better run towards the line. Salteri and Lord crossed the line side by side; the timing sheets determined the results: Lord second and Salteri third.

Race 2:

The race began cleanly and Tran moved into first with Hemi trailing in second. The battle for first heated up the as the field flew up SuperCharge Straight for the first time. ‘Hectic’ Hemi challenged the limits of the notion ‘panel rubbing’ and ushered Tran onto the grass. However, Tran, who looked as at home off-road as Ari Vatanen did in his BMW M3 throughout the golden era, kept his cool and rejoined determined to reclaim his place at the top. Hemi’s hectic braking caused him to run off at Brownes Chill Fast Brake Corner which handed the lead to the fast charging Lord. Palladino had moved to fifth and was chasing down Tran who was quickly falling into his clutches. On lap three Palladino moved into third position. Salteri and Lord enjoyed a good battle throughout lap five, however, this tussle ended on lap six when Salteri lost of control of his car. Salteri’s mistake allowed Palladino to move into second. Palladino’s charge to first came to fruition on lap nine when he passed Lord with a clinical braking dive. Salteri and Refalo pitted for fresh rubber on lap twelve. Refalo rejoined and circulated with Robinson and Faull. Palladino entered the pits on lap seventeen and rejoined in third. Once the pit stops ended the order became clear and it didn’t surprise anyone: Palladino leading, Salteri chasing, and Lord, who had shrugged of the spins of his royal reign, in third with ten laps to go. Faull and Murphy enjoyed a good dice whilst Busuttill gave chase. Faull’s pace eventually saw him steer clear of Murphy. The midfield runners were enjoying a great battle which entailed Hemi, Faull and Good. Hemi forfeited from the battle on lap twenty eight when he spun. The Spin King had momentarily returned to his throne on lap twenty seven and spun due to excessive tyre wear. Palladino took first with Salteri in second and Lord in third with Hamilton trailing in fourth.

Race 3:

The forty lap race commenced and everyone’s getaways were clean. The fast three; who spend more time on the podium than a philosophy student does trying to understand Nietzsche’s theories; sped away into the distance. Gray’s terrible weekend continued as he false started. Lap nine witnessed the intensification of an exciting midfield battle: Tran, Hamilton and Faull were driving hard and rubbing panels. Tran was enjoying a good showing for BYP Racing as he circulated in fourth. Busuttill was unfortunate to spin on lap sixteen and fell from the middle order. Murphy and Hamilton were enthralled in another midfield battle until Robinson spoiled the party by taking Murphy into WesTrac Corner on lap nineteen. Palladino and Lord had pitted on lap eighteen from the front. This left Tran to circulate in first until he pitted and rejoined in fifth. Laps twenty three to twenty five produced some fiery racing in the middle order involving: Gray, Murphy, Good and Hamilton. Murphy ran wide at Barbagallo Chase twice in two laps. Murphy’s second mistake allowed Gray to get a better run out of Kolb Corner and both cars flew along SuperCharge Straight side by side. Sadly, Gray spun at the last corner and a retirement ensued; he was infuriated by a weekend which would challenge any passionate racer; best of luck next time Michael! Good left the battle for the pits on lap twenty seven which left Murphy and Hamilton to fight on. Murphy attacked first and got through on Hamilton into fifth on lap twenty-nine. Hamilton’s tyres must have been wearing as Robinson soon followed suit, passing him on lap thirty two. Murphy undid his hard work by running wide on lap thirty two which gifted Robinson fifth. Lord was once again struggling with tyre wear and was anxious as he witnessed the decreasing gap back to Tran on his pit board each lap. The notifications, pressure, and dying tyres all culminated in a spin on lap thirty-five at Kolb Corner. However, third was not lost yet as Tran’s apex marker through Brownes Chill Fast Brake Corner would be successfully challenged – he was exploiting those Vatanen like skills a little too much! Palladino took the win, Salteri second and Tran crossed the line third but it would soon become Lord’s after official review.

 The fastest lap of the races was Palladino’s 0:51.834.



      2013 V8 League
Drivers Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Race 13 Race 14 Race 15 Race 16 Total Points Current Place
Iain Salteri 20 15 17 20 17                       89 1st 89
Michael Palladino 15 20 13 17 20                       85 2nd 85
Tim Hamilton 17 12 20 12 10                       71 3rd 71
David Lord 12 17 10 11 15                       65 4th 65
Nigel Faull 10 11 15 15 12                       63 5th 63
Michael Gray 13 13 11 9 3                       49 6th 49
Paul Robinson 8 8 6 13 11                       46 7th 46
Benny Tran 9 10 0 7 13                       39 8th 39
Enda Murphy 11 9 9 0 8                       37 9th 37
Matthew Refalo 0 6 12 10 7                       35 10th 35
Rob Cooper 6 7 7 5 5                       30 11th 30
Jarryd Busuttil 5 5 5 8 6                       29 12th 29
Michael Goode 0 4 8 6 9                       27 13th 27
Jamie Hemi 3 0 4 4 4                       15 14th 15
Troy Tzislowski 7 0 0 0 0                       7 15th 7
Jimmy Tran 4 0 0 0 0                       4 16th 4

by Scott McDonald


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