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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League: Round 3 @ Winton - VIC

Friday, April 04, 2014


Bit of a traffic jam at the start of qualifying as the behaved drivers were obeying the red signals and the marshals at the end of pit row. All the other drivers received an $8,000 fine. The return of the current V8 Champion Iaian Salteri brought some extra flavour tio the field as well as in-form Jason Brooks. David "King Qually" Lord will have his work cut out for him tonight. In saying that he has just posted an early 1:15.678. He went back out to try and better it as he new Salteri might beat the time. It was to no availa as he kept pushing too hard making too many mistkes. His limit was good enough to grab pole.

Race #1:

Kevin Maartensz has a blonde moment and jumps the start receiving a drive through penalty. David Lord gets off to a great start leaving Salteri to battle against Jason brooks, Duran Nikora and Greg Gavalas for P2. Chris Beresford also knocking on the same door wanting to be part of that action. Six laps down and Salteri si with a second of Lord for P1. Nikora doing the same to Brooks for P3. Maartensz after serving the penalty is making his way back through the field. Brooks has made a mistake and let Nikora and Beresford. Gavalas and Murphy battling hard for 6th and 7th. Salteri makes a small mistake but with 4 laps to go it was too much to get back as Lord takes the win. Chris "The Ringin" Beresford rolls home in 3rd.

Race #2:

With a slow take off off the green the group was bunched up for T1. The gris trying to take advantage had the door slammed closed as it was too congested. Brooksy got to the front early and Iain mcIntosh held his own ato remain in P2 by the end of lap 1. Salteri is now chasing P1 with a 2 sec gap. Lord having a hard time getting through the field as he may be conserving tyres ?? Maartensz spins out of T3 leaving McIntosh nowhere to go as he ploughs straight into the front of Maartensz ripping his splitter off forcing him to pit. lap 6 and its Salteri in the lead ahead of Lord, Brooks in P3 slightly ahead of Beresford. Murphy pits on lap 8 for fresh set of boots. Beresford spins on Lap 10 and lets Nikora through with a 2 second advantage. Last lap and the battle between Nikora and Beresford is intensifying as both haven't pitted and are now onto their radials. Nikora brought it home in 3rd as Salteri got the jump on Lord to take race 2.

Race #3:

A Nervous start as Lord makes it to T1 but between him and Salteri there were 3 more lead changes before T4. Further down the field and the drivers are sorting themselves out well. Lord Salteri and Brooks are within a second of each other. Murphy and Beresford are swapping paint for P5 but Murphy loses it is stops, facing the rest of the oncoming traffic he retires due to fatigue. Brooks over cooks the turn and ends up in the grass. To keep the momentum he stays in the grass and takes a long loop back onto the track. With his headlights blazing Salteri is in P2 a couple of seconds behind Lord. The open circuit at Wintom is allowing the drivers to see the opposition and visually see the gaps around the entire track. They can even see who is pitting under the "Titan" sheds in the pits. Gavalas is one of the first to pit on Lap 14. Brooks however stayed out a lap too long as he has just blown both of hos rears while rolling across the start/finish. Nursing it back to the pits on nothing but rims has cost him a possible podium spot. Maartensz now up into P5 with some consistant laps. Iain McIntosh and Ben Weeks also doing a solid job for their team. Lap 23 or 30and the battle between 2013 V8 champ is up againt the 2013 F1 champ racing for the win. The winner of this race will take the overall honours. Lord on Salteri's bumper who has older tyres who will it be. The level of racing here is something else. Last corner Salteri has it but they both blow there tyres going down the main straight just managing to cross the line in that order. Salteri takes the Round with Lord right behing him. Nikora pips Beresford for 3rd.

By Shane Gilfeather

Race Results:

Driver Race 1  Race 2 Race 3 Points
Iain Salteri 2 1 1 57
David Lord 1 2 2 54
Duran Nikora 4 3 3 43
Chris Beresford 3 4 4 41
Greg Gavalas 6 6 5 34
Jason Brooks 5 5 9 32
Kevin Maartensz 8 8 6 29
Enda Murphy 7 7 10 27
Ben Weeks 9 9 8 25
Iain McIntosh 10 10 7 24


Drivers Table:

      2014 V8 League
Drivers Race 1 Race 1(a) Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Race 13 Race 14 Race 15   Total Points Current Place
David Lord 17 20 20 17                         74 1st
Duran Nikora 13 17 17 15                         62 2nd
Greg Gavalas 9 11 7 12                         39 3rd
Justin Wilson 12 15 12 0                         39 4th
Iain Salteri 15 0 0 20                         35 5th
Troy Czislowski 11 13 11 0                         35 6th
Kevin Maartensz 6 9 8 10                         33 7th
Chris Beresford 0 0 15 13                         28 8th
Wade Keenan 0 12 13 0                         25 9th
Ben Weeks 5 8 3 8                         24 10th
Tim Hamilton 20 0 0 0                         20 11th
Enda Murphy 0 0 10 9                         19 12th
Matt Pisani 10 0 9 0                         19 13th
Jamie Hemi 4 10 0 0                         14 14th
Michael Nicholas 8 0 6 0                         14 15th
Iain McIntosh 0 0 5 7                         12 16th
Jason Brooks 0 0 0 11                         11 17th
Rob Cooper 7 0 0 0                         7 18th
Bobby Leprem 0 0 4 0                         4 19th
Clint Vardy 3 0 0 0                         3 20th
Lucas Scholes 2 0 0 0                           2 21st


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