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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League: Round 2 @ Symmons Plains - TAS

Thursday, March 27, 2014

David Lord fresh from his recent holiday spent no time posting an impressive time. With a full field and a small track track it was all important to get your self some clean air. Posting a 00:48.638 was going to be tough to beat but the rest of the field did their best. Both Chris Beresford and Duran Nikora moved up 1 place on the gris with their last ditch efforts in the dying seconds of the shortened session.

Race #1: 17 Laps
Everyone got off to a decent start as they all pile in to the tight combinations of turns 1 & 2. Michael Nichols receives a drive through for jumping the start which puts him to the back of the pack and plenty of work to do in the short 17 lap race. Iain McIntosh doing well in P5 untill he went side by side with Justin Wilson into the brambles hairpin coming off 2nd best with a spin on the exit. He finds himself back in P10. Rookie Chris Beresford or should i call him "Ring In" is up into P2 to keep David Lord honest up front hold a 1.5 lead.Greg Gavalas must have touched the grass and spun over the start/finish line on lap 7 losing 4 places into P10. Wade Keenan was holding solid in p4 until he also spun on T6 fortunatley for him he only gave up 2 places. Wilson on the charge has smashed the best lap of the race with a 0:49.611 chasing down Duran Nikora in P3. With the long back straight it is providing some great drafting opportunities with Iain McIntosh, Enda Murphy, Kevin Maartensz and Greg Gavalas all tucking in to gain valuable seconds down the straight. Troy Czislowski spins in front of them through turns 6 & 7 to cause quite a seen heading onto the main straight. The "Ring In" Beresford on the final lap while in P2 has turned the car around and let's Nikora in to take 2nd 16 seconds behind David Lord and Beresford nursing it home in 3rd. Some great duals in the back of the pack as well.

Race #2: 22 Laps
Very interesting start with the reverse grid. the crowd definitely got what they came for ....."CARNAGE" The mid field got away slowly as the tail picked their way to get to the front by L2. Enda Murphy face plants the wall on the stretch between turns 3 & 4. On cold tyres everyone is overshooting their braking markers as Czislowski slams straight into the fence at the hairpin. Its Nikora in the lead with only a .7 sec advantage over Lord. Gavalas with an impressive opening laps is holding out beresford for P4. Beresford eventually gets the job done at the hairpin as Gavalas left the inside line wide open. Matt Pisani and Wade Keenan are in a tight battle for P6. Ten laps in and the field is being lapped due to the short sub 50 sec laptimes. Ben Weeks  is feeling like he is slaughter to the lambs as the race leaders are breathing down his neck. Lord makes a minor mistake giving up the lead to Nikora and now Wilson is on his bumper saying "Knock, Knock..........HELLO!!!". Lap 9 and those 2 are the first to pit and Nikora comes in a lap later leaving Beresford in the lead yet to pit.....but will he ?? Czislowski also going for the "No pit" strategy as he forfeits the lead to Lord with 2 laps to go. Can he hold on to 2nd place and get on the podium? Wilson is now on his tail for P2 but is tapped himself by Nikora as they both spin on T2 on the final lap letting Wade Keenan through. Czislowski now has some breathing space while Nikora and Wilson both scamble to rejoin the circuit. The worn tyres prove too much for Czislowski as he blows his rears before the finish and brings it home in P7 leaving Keened to take 2nd with Wilson and Nikora in 3rd and 4th respectively. Lord home again at the front of the pack.

Race #3: 40 Laps
The commentry team are a bit horse after calling all the action from race 2's shinanigans. They go green for Race 3 and Enda Murphy smokes it off the line and spins from P8. Bobby Leprem finds the sand at the hairpin as Czislowski is trying to put pressure on Beresford but he keeps his cool and retains P4 going down the back straight. Lord spins from the front and falls back to P4 and finds himself battling with Keenan, Beresford and Wilson for a few laps. Nikora now out front with a 2 sec lead. Beresford dives under Keenan into the hairpin but on the switch back Keenan gets the better drive out to regain P3. Gavalas gets trapped in the kitty on Lap9 costing him valuable time.

Its Keenan first to blink for fresh tyres on L13. Most of the field follow suit by pitting within the next 2 laps. Czislowski and Beresford are the only 2 on a different strategy as they are holding out for a 1 stopper hoping to save 30 sec's in the process. on L20 thoughBeresford gets caught up with Bobby Leprem as he is struggling with his old tyres losing at least 15 sec's. This means that the 1 stopper may not pay off for him. Nichols & Pisani are up into P3 & 4 with lord just ahead chasing down Beresford for P1. Ten laps to go lord gets the job done. Beresford now looking in his mirror as Nikora is chasing him down with only a 10 sec gap and much fresher tyres. Beresford manages to hold off Nikora to take 2nd place and Keenan rolling home in P4.

By Shane Gilfeather / Sam Owen

Race Results:


Place Driver Race #1 Race #2 Race #3 Points
1st David Lord 1st 1st 1st 60
2nd Duran Nikora 2nd 4th 3rd 45
3rd Chris Beresford 3rd 5th 2nd 44
4th Wade Keenan 5th 2nd 4th 42
5th Justin Wilson 4th 3rd 5th 40
6th Troy Czislowski 7th 7th 6th 31
7th Enda Murphy 6th 9th 9th 27
8th Matt Pisani 12th 6th 8th 25
9th Kevin Maartensz 8th 10th 10th 23
10th Greg Gavalas 11th 8th 11th 21
11th Michael Nichols 13th 11th 7th 20
12th Iain McIntosh 9th 12th 14th 16
13th Bobby Leprem 10th 13th 13th 15
14th Ben Weeks 14th 14th 12th 11th

Drivers Standings:


      2014 V8 League
Drivers Race 1 Race 1(a) Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Race 13 Race 14 Race 15   Total Points Current Place
David Lord 17 20 20                           57 1st
Duran Nikora 13 17 17                           47 2nd
Justin Wilson 12 15 12                           39 3rd
Troy Czislowski 11 13 11                           35 4th
Greg Gavalas 9 11 7                           27 5th
Wade Keenan 0 12 13                           25 6th
Kevin Maartensz 6 9 8                           23 7th
Tim Hamilton 20 0 0                           20 8th
Matt Pisani 10 0 9                           19 9th
Ben Weeks 5 8 3                           16 10th
Iain Salteri 15 0 0                           15 11th
Chris Beresford 0 0 15                           15 12th
Jamie Hemi 4 10 0                           14 13th
Michael Nicholas 8 0 6                           14 14th
Enda Murphy 0 0 10                           10 15th
Rob Cooper 7 0 0                           7 16th
Iain McIntosh 0 0 5                           5 17th
Bobby Leprem 0 0 4                           4 18th
Clint Vardy 3 0 0                           3 19th
Lucas Scholes 2 0 0                           2 20th
                                    0 21st


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