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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League - Round 5 @ Winton VIC

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Winton Motor Raceway is always exciting and close because the circuit has a combination of long fast straights and twisty and tight bends. It is also known as "The Australia's Action Track". Dick Johnson once described the circuit being 'like running a marathon around your clothes-line'. That’s probably true and its quite punishing on the tyres as we saw the first ever pit stops taken during the 2nd race.

Qually:   >>Results<<

Championship leader Duran Nikora must have been foxing the practice session cause he just smashed the field with a 1:21.906. He’d been trying to crack the 1:22’s during practice he said but the conditions had improve from then. The next best was Nathan Tregarthen and Daniel Oppedisano.

Race #1:   >>Result<<

Nathan Tregarthen got the jump on Nikora but Nikora retakes the position in T2. Garry Kingma locking up into T1 and takes a trip through the grass. Oppedisano and Iain McIntosh breathing down Nikora’s neck by the end of Lap 1. James Delaney making a critical mistake and falls to the back of the pack while Enda Murphy and Troy Czislowski are trying to claw their way to the front after a poor Qualifying results.  The top 2 are now spreading out from the field and McIntosh is trying to shake off Tregarthen for 3rd. Murphy is leading a big pack mid field from P6 down. Matt Pisani sitting comfortable in P5 at the moment and Greg Gavalas in P6. Nikora now in the zone as he’s just posted a 1:21.834, next best is Oppedisano in P2 with a 1:23.076. Czislowski struggling as he’s falling to P11. Here come Delaney on the boot of Murphy fighting for P7. Last lap and Tregarthen and McIntosh trip over each other allow Pisani to move up and take P3 across the line. Nikora taking the win and Oppedisano happy taking P2.

Race #2:   >>Results<<

Garry Kingma looked like he rolled off the line before the green light but the stewards OK’d it. Brad Martin got a good start into T1 but got muscled into the grass .Pisani after his good finish in Race 1 gets slapped with a stop/go after avoiding and incident in T1, So too did Steven Wright. Mick Spiteri is off the front with a 2 second lead over Oppedisano and Nikora who have made their way through the field from the reverse grid start. The top 5 have now separated themselves from the rest of the field by a whopping 15 seconds. The faster guys have decided to pit on lap 7 which hasn't been seen in the 2nd race this year. Spiteri trying a different approach as he stays out with James Delaney now in P1 & P2. With a 15 second advantage and 5 laps to go can they do it?.........3 laps to go and it’s a 9 second advantage……..2 laps to go with a 6 second advantage…….. Here he comes Nikora has still got to get through some lapped traffic…… With half a lap to go there was nothing that Spiteri and Delaney could do as Nikora takes the lead and the race win. Spiteri 2nd and Delaney 3rd.

Race #3:   >>Results<<

Its Green, Green, Green, and Oppedisano gets up the inside of Nikora to take the lead. The pack is getting a bit roughed up. Tregarthen and Steven Wright definitely feeling it. Spiteri learning from race 2 and is comfortable in P3 ahead of McIntosh. Murphy and Pisani doing what they can to catch the front runners but they are soon joined by Gavalas for a great 3 way battle. For about 3 laps or so every corner was an overtaking manouver for them. Fantastic skill and respect between them. Tregarthen now coming up through the field into P7 while Delaney drops down the field in P13 a lap down.

Just crossed the halfway mark and Nikora is out front and yet to pit with Pisani and Tregarthen in hot pursuit. As I say that the top 3 now rolling into the pits for their first and only change of tyres. Good mates Pisani and Spiteri are in P3 & P4. Oppedisano is in P2 but he has pitted too early to make the 1 stopper work. As he has realised that the rest of the field will not be pitting again he has to make his 2nd set last an extra 5 laps to the finish. Duran just made his first mistake due to a problem with the windscreen and he rejoins the circuit with a .4 sec buffer. Tregarthen is charging up from behind in P3 with 8 seconds to get in 7 laps. Garry Kingma, Steven Wright and Rookie Brad Martin are getting stronger as the night goes on.

With 2 laps to go Tregarthen catches Oppedisano and takes P2 but it wasn't easy as Oppedisano fought hard on got the place back on a couple of corners. With hardly any tread left it there was nothing he could do to fight back any longer. Nikora takes the clean sweep with Tregarthen in 2nd and Oppedisano in 3rd.

By Shane Gilfeather 

Championship Table:


      2015 V8 League  
Drivers R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Duran Nikora 20 20 17 20 20                       97 1st
Daniel Oppedisano 13 17 20 17 17                       84 2nd
Nathan Tregarthen 15 12 11 12 15                       65 3rd
Iain McIntosh 9 13 13 15 13                       63 4th
Enda Murphy 0 15 15 11 8                       49 5th
Greg Gavalas 10 11 5 13 9                       48 6th
Mick Spiteri 11 4 9 10 11                       45 7th
Matt Pisani 12 8 6 7 12                       45 8th
Troy Czislowski 3 10 10 9 7                       39 9th
James Delaney 0 6 12 8 10                       36 10th
Garry Kingma 5 3 4 6 5                       23 11th
Steven Wright 1 7 7 2 6                       23 12th
Tim Hamilton 17 0 0 0 0                       17 13th
Brandon Madden 7 9 0 0 0                       16 14th
Kevin Maartenz 2 0 8 5 0                       15 15th
Scott Andriske 8 5 0 0 0                       13 16th
Jayme Hemi 4 2 0 3 0                       9 17th
Frank Papoutsis 6 0 0 0 0                       6 18th
Blair Hantz 0 0 0 4 0                       4 19th
Brad Martin 0 0 0 0 4                       4 20th
Kyle Lovering 0 0 3 0 0                       3 21st
Bronte Hitchcock 0 0 2 0 0                       2 22nd
Jacob Rankin 0 0 0 1 0                       1 23rd


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