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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League - Round 4 @ Barbargallo WA

Sunday, May 03, 2015
Barbagallo, Wanaroo, Barbagallo, Wanaroo ??? What ever you want to call it the raceway is a motorsport circuit located in Wanneroo, approximately 50 km's north of Perth in Western Australia. Only 30 mins north of the capital its a track that has a great vantage point no matter where you camp.

Qually:   >>Result<<

It was no surprise that Duran Nikora put the team on pole but it was James Delaney that would split the usual suspects as he edged out Daniel Oppedisano for P2. Iain McIntosh and Jayme Hemi improving to qualify P4 & 5 respectfully.

Race #1:   >>Result<<

Spiteri got off to a good start but it was Jayme Hemi that was off to a flyer as he leads the pack for a good 5 laps. It was Oppedisano that made the move to take the lead but it was short lived as he spun on the final turn handing the lead over to Nikora once he made his way past Hemi. From there it was all over at the front but the battles going on mid field was great to watch. Oppedisano would roll over the line in P2 and McIntosh and Greg Gavalas home in 3rd and 4th respectfully.

Race #2:   >>Result<<

Blair Hantz leads the way round the opening lap before Jayme Hemi says "Excuse me" and passes through. Kevin Maartenz gets shunted and ends up on his roof losing 13 places now at the back of the field. Hemi is absolutely smokin' it out front with a 4 sec solo lead after lap 5. Mick Spiteri seas a see of yellow in his rear view mirror as Oppediasano is not happy with his current P3 and wants to move forward. Its a big improvement from his last years effort from Spiteri as every race he would find himself stuck in the gravel traps. Whoops...... Commentators curse, as i said that he spins and falls back to 11th. Nathan Tregarthen having a better race now in P4 with 7 to go. Garry Kingma now happy in the top 10. Oppedisano and Nikora both battling the last 6 laps for the win but it would be Oppedisano who would take race 2 honours ahead of Nikora. Tregarthen was looking at finishing in P3 but got caught up with lapped traffic.

Race #3:   >>Result<<

The top 5 get through T1 cleanly but same cant be said for the next 5 . Nikora in the lead early ahead of his new recent rival Oppedisano. Enda Murphy in the mix as well with Iain McIntosh. A 3rd of the way through and Oppedisano pits as he is trying to go for a different strategy to make up for his earlier mistake which saw him drop back into P7. Will it work ?? Not sure but there was a lot more drivers coming in now to get ther fresh set of boots. This all left Tregarthen to move up into P2 and Mick Spiteri in P3. Matt Pisani one of the last to pit as he gives up his P2 and rejoins in P8. From there it was just a glorified precession really as Nikora takes the win ahead of Oppedisano a further 28 sec back. Tregarthen not too far behind him in 3rd only .5 sec behind.

By Shane Gilfeather

Championship Points:

      2015 V8 League  
Drivers R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Duran Nikora 20 20 17 20                         77 1st
Daniel Oppedisano 13 17 20 17                         67 2nd
Iain McIntosh 9 13 13 15                         50 3rd
Nathan Tregarthen 15 12 11 12                         50 4th
Enda Murphy 0 15 15 11                         41 5th
Greg Gavalas 10 11 5 13                         39 6th
Mick Spiteri 11 4 9 10                         34 7th
Matt Pisani 12 8 6 7                         33 8th
Troy Czislowski 3 10 10 9                         32 9th
James Delaney 0 6 12 8                         26 10th
Garry Kingma 5 3 4 6                         18 11th
Steven Wright 1 7 7 2                         17 12th
Tim Hamilton 17 0 0 0                         17 13th
Brandon Madden 7 9 0 0                         16 14th
Kevin Maartenz 2 0 8 5                         15 15th
Scott Andriske 8 5 0 0                         13 16th
Jayme Hemi 4 2 0 3                         9 17th
Frank Papoutsis 6 0 0 0                         6 18th
Blair Hantz 0 0 0 4                         4 19th
Kyle Lovering 0 0 3 0                         3 20th
Bronte Hitchcock 0 0 2 0                         2 21st
Jacob Rankin 0 0 0 1                         1 22nd


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