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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League - Round 3 @ Symmons Plains TAS

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The 3rd round of the V8 league was at Symmons Plains and although Marcos Ambrose was a no show we still had plenty of talent to tackle the short 2.41km circuit. With only 7 turns it didn't mean that there was going to be less action.


With all the smack talk going on between Duran Nikora and Daniel Oppedisano this week Daniel was keeping to his word. In the short 5 min super session though Duran was hard to beat posting a blistering 52.217. Daniel on a 52.309 was not far behind. Mick Spiteri on his return to the League layed down a 52.577 to get him starting from P3. Nathan Tregarthen and James Delaney rounding out the top 5.

>>Qualify Results<<

Race #1:

Lights are green and Mick Spiteri’s ducked in behind Daniel to get the jump on Duran but he is tapped from behind and spins dropping back to the P15. Nathan Tregarthen totally over cooks his run into the hairpin and gets beached for 3 laps trying to get out pretty much ending his round there and then. Matt Pisani got a good jump who is now up into P4 behind Enda Murphy. Up front its game on as Daniel has the lead in front of Duran. Five laps in and Iain McIntosh wants a slice of P4 and Troy Czislowski is not far behind . Kevin Maartensz loves this track and it shows as he is up in P7. Garry Kingma and Greg Gavalas have a good ol ding dong battle with Spiteri trying to make up on lost ground. Nikora can’t catch Oppedisano as they are locked at .8 sec’s apart. Lap 12 and as Nikora was gaining on Oppedisano in the draft he locks up at the hairpin and taps him in the rear quarter. Fortunately Oppedisano kept it together but Nikora had to spin it 360 to get back on the track losing his P2 to Enda. By the end of the race though he managed to get the position back relegating Enda into 3rd and Oppedisano taking the win.

>>Race 1 Results<<

Race #2:

Mick Spiteri getting a blinder of a start but its Kyle Lovering absolutely smashing the first lap crossing 2.5 sec’s ahead of the entire field. Greg Gavalas and Steven Wright the next across the line. Nikora cutting through the field but Oppedisano with more work to do as he is sitting in P12 after a spin on the start/finish line. Eight laps down and Kyle “The King” Lovering is still out front with a 5 second gap on the field. He has Duran on his way though. There is a great 3 way battle for p3 with Enda Murphy, Nathan Tregarthen and now Daniel Oppedisano who has managed to crawl his way back to the pointy end. Kyle after leading most of the race has ran too hot at the end of the back straight and got himself stuck in the sand trap. He watches the entire field pass by as he now has to pit as well. Tough luck for the season rookie. Nikora now out front with a handy 7 sec lead. Oppedisano makes his way back up to P2 but Tregarthen and Murphy were not letting him go. Checkered flag and Nikora takes it with Oppedisano finishing in P2. Murphy home in 3rd.

>>Race 2 Results<<

Race #3:

Steven wright looked like he jumped the start but was not penalised. Tregarthen again too hot into the hairpin. He was lucky not to take anyone out. Murphy out front after a pretty heavy shunt in the back of Nikora. After 5 laps the entire field are all still with 3 sec’s of each other. Nikora comes to grief again and drops to P8. Oppedisano now out in front with Iain McIntosh and James Delaney in 2nd & 3rd. Steven Wright always improving with every race currently sitting in P7. Lap 12 and McIntosh is putting pressure on the leader as Nikora is nowhere to be seen. Delaney just set the fastest lap as moves into P2 looking the goods. Kevin Maartensz is first to pit on Lap 15 but it’s the leader that comes in on lap 21. Will he make it to the end on his 2nd set of tyres? Duran needs to pick a different strategy if he’s any chance of getting to the front. He comes in on lap 24 and re-joins in P4 20 sec’s behind the leader. Murphy who is forced to pit again is now in P8.

Ten laps to go and Oppedisano is super strong out front with McIntosh and Delaney in 2nd & 3rd . Nikora is charging on fresher tyres but is not gaining enough on Delaney . Oppedisano has come to the back of Murphy to put him a lap down but McIntosh is right on Oppedisano’s bumper battling for the lead. Although the both get past cleanly Oppedisano is too strong as he takes the race win and the round ahead of McIntosh and Delaney home in 3rd. Nikora comes home an exhausted 4th.

>>Race 3 Results<<

Race Results Overview:


Driver Race #1 Race #2 Race #3 Points
Daniel Oppedisano 1 2 1 57
Duran Nikora 3 1 4 48
Enda Murphy 2 3 6 43
Iain McIntosh 4 5 2 42
James Delaney 12 6 3 31
Nathan Tregarthen 13 4 5 29
Troy Czislowski 6 10 7 28
Mick Spiteri 8 7 9 27
Kevin Maartensz 7 11 8 25
Steven Wright 9 9 10 22
Matt Pisani 5 13 12 21
Greg Gavalas 11 8 13 19
Garry Kingma 10 12 11 18
Kyle Lovering 14 15 DNS 5
Bronte Hitchcock 15 14 DNS 5

Championship Table:


      2015 V8 League  
Drivers R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Duran Nikora 20 20 17                           57 1st
Daniel Oppedisano 13 17 20                           50 2nd
Nathan Tregarthen 15 12 11                           38 3rd
Iain McIntosh 9 13 13                           35 4th
Enda Murphy 0 15 15                           30 5th
Matt Pisani 12 8 6                           26 6th
Greg Gavalas 10 11 5                           26 7th
Mick Spiteri 11 4 9                           24 8th
Troy Czislowski 3 10 10                           23 9th
James Delaney 0 6 12                           18 10th
Tim Hamilton 17 0 0                           17 11th
Brandon Madden 7 9 0                           16 12th
Steven Wright 1 7 7                           15 13th
Scott Andriske 8 5 0                           13 14th
Garry Kingma 5 3 4                           12 15th
Kevin Maartenz 2 0 8                           10 16th
Jayme Hemi 4 2 0                           6 17th
Frank Papoutsis 6 0 0                           6 18th
Kyle Lovering 0 0 3                           3 19th
Bronte Hitchcock 0 0 2                           2 20th


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