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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League - Round 1a @ Melbourne GP

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Round 2 of the V8 League was part of the launch of the 2015 F1 season as a support category but as usual the boys seemed to steal the show. A lot of tight battles and 1 clear winner who is looking unstoppable.


Another 5 min qually shoot out started and another display of why it’s important to practice. Duran Nikora smashing a 1:59.646. The only man to break the 2 min lap. Daniel Oppedisano showed his off season training by claiming P2 ahead of Nathan Tregarthen and James Delaney.

Race #1:

A storm was brewing and the boys showed good etiquette as the connection speed was slow. This caused minimal 1st turn carnage. Nathan Tregarthen the only victim starting from P3 being pushed back to P15. While Duran resumes his dominance up front Daniel Oppedisano and Enda Murphy doing their best to keep him honest. Lap 3 and James Delaney makes a daring move up inside Matt Pisani for P9 now he’s on the charge to take P8 from Greg Gavalas. There is a good battle going there with Tregarthen also in the mix. Mick Spiteri’s Co-Driver Adam Zammit finding the car hard under brakes but doing a great job to keep it on the black stuff. Murphy Czislowski and Brendon Madden looing to close out the top 5 places behind Nikora and Oppedisano. Czislowski spins on the final turn to let Madden move up into P4. Tregarthen is cutting through the field from his ealier incident to be back up into P6 looking to soon take P5. Nikora too good out front being the only driver to drop below the 2 min mark. He ends up taking the honours ahead of Oppedisano and Murphy.

>>Race 1 Results<<

Race #2:

Big pile up on the main straight thanks to Hemi lighting it up on the start/finish line. Pole sitter Garry Kingma is in early for a pitstop while Oppedisano and Tregarthen race out to the front. Lap 5 and Tregarthen takes the lead and Nikora also slips past Oppedisano for P2.Tregarthen was doing well to hold off Nikora before he made a mistake and dropped to 3rd. Gavalas and Murphy battling hard for P4 with 2 laps to go. Kingma has been DQ’d for not serving a stop/go penalty in time. Duran takes win number 2 while Tregarthen comes home in 2nd ahead of Oppedisano.

>>Race 2 Results<<

Race #3:

As the internet cleared up so did the driving. Very impressed with everyone getting through turn 1. A much more intense race this one as the mid pack is made up of 9 cars all fighting for P4. Tregarthen unfortunately gets roughed up again at the start and he losesa few spots. Lap 5 and the race is started to spread out. Kingma retires through exhaustion. Murphy surprisingly pits early letting Iain McIntosh up into P2 ahead of Troy Czislowski. Gavalas doing a great job is up in P4. Steven Wright on a high from his top 10 finish in the previous race is continuing his form currently in P9. Tregarthen the come back kid or “Farnham” as they like to call him has moved back through up into P3 . The leader Nikora comes in for fresh rubber on L11. Oppedisano and Czislowski inseperable in P5 & 6 swapping turns. With 5 laps to go the race was brought to a holt due to technical difficulties and the race was completed on count back. Again Nikora the clear winner ahead of Iain McIntosh and Murphy.

>>Race 3 Results (Adjusted)<<

By Shane Gilfeather

Race Results Overview:


Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
Duran Nikora 1 1 1 60
Daniel Oppedisano 2 3 5 44
Enda Murphy 3 4 3 43
Iain McIntosh 7 7 2 37
Nathan Tregarthen 8 2 6 37
Greg Gavalas 6 5 4 36
Troy Czislowski 5 6 7 33
Brandon Madden 4 8 9 30
Matt Pisani 9 12 8 22
Steven Wright 11 10 12 18
James Delaney 13 11 10 17
Scott Andriske 15 9 11 16
Mick Spiteri 10 13 13 15
Garry Kingma 12 14 14 11
Jayme Hemi 14 15 DNS 5

Championship Table:


      2015 V8 League  
Drivers RD1 RD 1a RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 RD10 RD11 RD12 RD13 RD14   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Duran Nikora 20 20                             40 1st
Daniel Oppedisano 13 17                             30 2nd
Nathan Tregarthen 15 12                             27 3rd
Iain McIntosh 9 13                             22 4th
Greg Gavalas 10 11                             21 5th
Matt Pisani 12 8                             20 6th
Tim Hamilton 17 0                             17 7th
Brandon Madden 7 9                             16 8th
Mick Spiteri 11 4                             15 9th
Enda Murphy 0 15                             15 10th
Troy Czislowski 3 10                             13 11th
Scott Andriske 8 5                             13 12th
Steven Wright 1 7                             8 13th
Garry Kingma 5 3                             8 14th
Jayme Hemi 4 2                             6 15th
Frank Papoutsis 6 0                             6 16th
James Delaney 0 6                             6 17th
Kevin Maartenz 2 0                             2 18th


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