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RESULTS: Wednesday Night V8 League - Round 1 @ Adelaide SA

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The season opener of the V8 League kicked off last night and a full grid greeted the crowd to watch on as the all new V8 cars raced around the Adelaide circuit. We had some familiar faces from last year return but we also saw a new fleet of rookies who did very well last night. The guys at FVR Factor worked their butts off to get these cars prepped for the season and Racecentre is very grateful for their hard work.


Duran Nikora had been in for some pre-season testing and it showed with his early pace as he set the fastest time of 1:22.911. Tim Hamilton who hasn’t had as much practice was very impressive to post a close time of 1:23.594 to start in P2. Daniel Oppedisano and Nathan Tregarthen would take out the next row.

Race #1:

The guys have been waiting since December last year to step back into the car and that day had arrived as they were off for the first race of the year. Tim Hamilton leads Duran Nikora and the rest of the field around Lap 1. However there was a massive pile up at the end of the back straight. Scott Andriske was struggling on cold tyres as he out brakes himself then later spins in the tighter section of the 1st sector. Nikora takes the lead from Hamilton as he makes a mistake at the start of the back straight. This gave Nikora some well received breathing space. Unfortunately Frank Papoutsis developed some electrical issues as dropped back 11 places. Daniel Oppedisano doing a great job to jump out of the blokes straight from last year as he holds P3 ahead of Matt Pisani and Nathan Tregarthen. Iain McIntosh is slipping down the order currently in P7. Hamilton spins again on the last lap but retains P2 while Nikora takes line honours 17 sec’s ahead. Daniel Oppedisano takes 3rd just in front of the charging Matt Pisani.

>>Race 1 Stats<<

Race #2:

As for the slower guys they were’ nt used to starting from the pointy end thanks to the reverse grid rule. When the green dropped so did their positions as they all piled up in T1. This made it easy for the midfield to make their way through. Frank Papoutsis had an absolute flyer taking the lead from P8. Brandon Madden is holding firm in P2 doing a great job as one of our rookies. Greg Gavalas the seasoned pro is in P3 charging for the lead. Nikora and Hamilton are mid pack still making their way slowly through the field. Lap 6 and Tregarthen takes the lead from Papoutsis and. Nikora and Hamilton take that same gap as they too progress up the field. Lap 12 and Hamilton almost loses it into T1 as he has Nikora breathing down his neck fighting for the top 2 positions. Hamilton holds on to take race 2 in front of Nikora and Tregarthen bringing it home in P3.

>>Race 2 Stats<<

Race #3:

Although the leaders got away ok the rest not so. Tregarthen and Oppedisano come together going for the same gap that opened up on the start line. Tregarthen was left checking out the paint job on the barriers as the field passes by losing 12 positions in this 25 lap race. Kevin Maartensz almost saved it as he got lose coming through turns 2 and 3 but he loops it and drops to P15. The top 2 in a class of their own at the moment as they have a clear 13 sec gap on the field after 4 laps. Mick Spiteri having a great drive in P3 ahead of Gavalas only .6 seperating them. Lap 6 and Hamilton makes a vital mistake giving Nikora an 8 sec lead. Brandon Madden is doing an outstanding job currently in P6 mixing it with the more experienced guys like Gavalas and Tregarthen. Scott Andriske is improving throughout the night now in the top 10. Jayme Hemi is the first to blink for tyres as rolls into the lane on Lap 9. A smart move as he may see a huge undercut towards the latter part  of the race. Lap 13 and Nikora comes in for fresh rubber and re-joins on the back bumper of Hamilton. That battle didn’t last long as Hamilton had to pit himself giving away about 30 sec’s to Nikora. Spiteri and Gavalas are still at it fighting for P5 now. Iain McIntosh holding steady in P8. Troy Czislowski chipping away at it. He’s been coming to terms with the new physics of the car. Garry Kingma is keen for a big season this year as he is in the top 10 looking for a solid finish. Nikora with a 25 sec lead has just hit heavy lapped traffic as Hamilton starts to creep up and gain but its not enough time as the checquered flag waves 4 laps later for Nikora. Hamilton 2nd and Tregarthen finishing in P3. Not bad for someone who was in P16 on Lap 1.

>>Race 3 Stats<<

Well done to all the guys. Overall it was a great first outing in the new V8’s. It has provided some excellent racing and as the season progresses so will the driving. We look forward to the next race on the 11th March in Melbourne.

By Shane Gilfeather

Race Results:

Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
Duran Nikora 1 2 1 57
Tim Hamilton 2 1 2 54
Nathan Tregarthen 5 3 3 42
Daniel Oppedisano 3 4 6 39
Matt Pisani 4 5 5 37
Mick Spiteri 9 8 4 30
Greg Gavalas 7 6 8 30
Iain McIntosh 6 14 7 24
Scott Andriske 10 9 9 23
Brandon Madden 12 7 14 18
Frank Papoutsis 14 10 11 16
Garry Kingma 11 12 12 16
Jayme Hemi 8 11 16 16
Troy Czislowski 13 13 10 15
Kevin Maartenz 15 15 13 8
Steven Wright 16 16 15 4

Championship Table:

      2015 V8 League  
Drivers RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 RD8 RD9 RD10 RD11 RD12 RD13 RD14 RD15   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Duran Nikora 20                               20 1st
Tim Hamilton 17                               17 2nd
Nathan Tregarthen 15                               15 3rd
Daniel Oppedisano 13                               13 4th
Matt Pisani 12                               12 5th
Mick Spiteri 11                               11 6th
Greg Gavalas 10                               10 7th
Iain McIntosh 9                               9 8th
Scott Andriske 8                               8 9th
Brandon Madden 7                               7 10th
Frank Papoutsis 6                               6 11th
Garry Kingma 5                               5 12th
Jayme Hemi 4                               4 13th
Troy Czislowski 3                               3 14th
Kevin Maartenz 2                               2 15th
Steven Wright 1                               1 16th


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