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RESULTS: Wednesday Night 2016 V8 League - Round 5 @ Barbagallo WA

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


In for his guest appearance is Francarlo Rizzo and boy did he make his intentions known. Upsetting usual suspects James Delaney. James Owen snuck in for an excellent effort qualifying in P3.

Race 1:

Not a great start to the night for Matt Pisani as he gets taken out on Turn 1. James Owen ruins a good qually by running wide on T1 and he rejoins in P7. Francarlo Rizzo and James Delaney are stretching their lead as they have gained over 3 secs on the field in 2 laps. David Carter and Tim Hamilton doing their best to catch them. James Owen is absolutely flying as he has pegged himself back into P3. Francarlo takes in the fresh air at the front moving away from Delaney. Another guest appearance is from Scott Durham who is coming to grip with the new cars very well. He is in a respectable P5. Front contender Daniel Oppedisano is struggling down the back with Iain McIntosh and Nathan Tregarthen while Jayme Hemi is trying to sneak up on the back of that pack. Mick Spiteri and Greg Gavalas holding steady mid pack in P7 & 8. Delaney is forced to pit as he was trying hard to get back with Francarlo Rizzo. He drops to P12. The tyres are very harsh on the front rights at Barbagallo. Tim Hamilton is battling Dave Carter for P4 as Scott Durham says "See Ya“s Later” and passes both of them moving in P3.

Race 2:

Enda has kept his noise clean as he leads but is soon passed By Greg Gavalas as he leads the field around for Lap 1. Steven Wright close behind with plenty of pace. Pisani again getting hammered before T1 for a messy start. Scott Durham with the fastest lap of the race has ran deep in the turn hitting the ripples sending into the sand trap. They are deep and the cars are heavy so he is forced to retire. Up front its Daniel Oppedisano ahead of Gavalas and Tregarthen. Tim Hamilton is way off the back after some earlier trouble. P2 to P8 are bunched up fighting each corner.

The boys are starting to pit now as Tregarthen is staying out with Carter, Owen, Wright, Delaney, and Czislowski. With only 2 laps to go I think that how they are going to finish.

Race 3:

Off they go and James Owen has learnt from the first race not to over shot the start as he and Tregarthen take T1. Francarlo, Carter and Delaney close behind. 5 laps in and they are starting to stretch out and get in the grove. Francarlo way out front Tregarthen, Hamilton, Carter and Durham battling behind.

First round of pit stops as we see Iain McIntosh and Jayme Hemi roll through the lane. Hamilton re-joins the race in P9 after his stop. Francarlo already up into P3 after his new boots but he soon moves up into P1 with a 17 second lead. Hes followed by Tregarthen and Delaney who has changed his driving style because this track is murdering the front left’s.

Carter, Owen and Oppedisano are fighting hard for P4 but Oppedisano has to pit again and loses valuable time with Hamilton also in the pits. Delaney is moving up onto the back of Tregarthen challenging for P2 but there is not enough laps left as Francarlo takes the win ahead of Tregarthen and Delaney rounding out the podium.

By Shane Gilfeather

>>Race Results<<

Championship Table:

      2016 V8 League  
Drivers R1  R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Nathan Tregarten 13 20 12 17 20                         82 1st
Dave Carter 20 13 20 15 13                         81 2nd
James Delaney 15 17 11 13 12                         68 3rd
Iain Macintosh 9 12 13 12 10                         56 4th
Tim Hamilton 17 15 0 11 11                         54 5th
Daniel Oppedisano 10 0 17 20 6                         53 6th
James Owen 12 0 9 9 17                         47 7th
Mick Spiteri 0 9 15 10 8                         42 8th
Matt Pisani 7 8 10 8 4                         37 9th
Greg Gavalas 8 6 4 4 7                         29 10th
Steven Wright 1 3 8 7 5                         24 11th
Wade Benson 4 11 6 0 0                         21 12th
Troy Czislowski 0 5 5 5 3                         18 13th
Enda Murphy 2 0 7 6 1                         16 14th
Francarlo Rizzo 0 0 0 0 15                         15 15th
David Lord 0 10 2 0 0                         12 16th
Jayme Hemi 6 0 1 3 2                         12 17th
Jaycie Richards 11 0 0 0 0                         11 18th
Brad Martin 5 4 0 0 0                         9 19th
Scott Durham 0 0 0 0 9                         9 20th
Bryce Fullwood 0 7 0 0 0                         7 21st
Bailey Nicholas 3 0 0 0 0                         3 22nd
Nathan Reddacliffe 0 0 3 0 0                         3 23rd


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