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RESULTS: Wednesday Night 2016 V8 League - Round 4 @ Phillip Is VIC

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Not a big qualify session here as the 5 mins will get them in 2 hotlaps only. Let’s see who can excel in the pressure. James Delaney is feeling good as he rocks in a 1:30.821 and then steps straight out with a huge smile as he takes Pole. Daniel Oppedisano and Nathan Tregarthen the closest.

Race 1:

A nice start as Daniel Oppedisano gets the launch into the first sweeper closely followed by Nathan Tregarthen leaving Pole sitter James Delaney squeezed out to P3. He too soon makes a mistake as locking up at the top of Siberia. Further Back and Matt Pisani, Iain McIntosh and James Owen are 3 wide going around the hayshed. They just proved that it can’t be done as Pisani runs across the grass then takes out Owen as he re-enters the track. Tim Hamilton is climbing his way back into familiar territory as he is now up into P6. Dave Carter up front has just taken Tregarthen and is now on the hunt for Oppedisano. McIntosh is carving up the front of the field as he slides past Spiteri and Tregarthen to finish in P3. Dave Carter finishes 2nd and Oppedisano a deserved Winner !!!

Race 2:

It looked like James Owen rolled off the start line early but he avoided a Stop/Go as he redressed it. That may have caused guys to go on the inside and get wedged again pit wall with a 4 car pile up. Greg Gavalas keeping his nose clean out front as he leads them around the first few laps. Tyres will be an issue here as the right front are falling off pretty quickly. Tim Hamilton and Troy Czislowski is keeping Gavalas honest out front. Tim Hamilton had a brief stint out front but Oppedisano has reclaimed the lead ahead of Tregarthen. Some of the field opting to pit. This cost Delaney valuable points as he was penalised and had to come back through the lane. Steven Wright doing a great job mid pack currently in the top 8. Oppedisano takes his 2nd win of the night only .6 seconds ahead of Tregarthen. Carter finishing in 3rd.

Race 3:

Well the line got away ok until the first bend. A lot of guys pushing wide allowing the patient James Owen to gain 3 spots. Tregarthen is now seeing the Ocean uninterrupted as he leads the field into Lap 4. The top 4 have all been within a second of each other for the past few laps as the rest are dropping back. Jayme and Greg Gavalas first to pit for tyres. Oppedisano is the first to flinch of the front pack. Probably doesn’t want to get caught double stacking and prefers to cut his laps by himself to hopefully gain position. Jayme Hemi making grounds on the mid pack currently in P8. Oppedisano and Delaney are wheel to wheel as they try to chase Carter in P1. He has not pitted and has a 10 second lead with 6 laps to go. He is giving away 3 seconds a lap so we will see how that goes if P2 & 3 don’t take each other out. This is where the tyre strategies are starting to play out as Hamilton and Tregarthen are now climbing back through. McIntosh visits the lane again to get his 2nd set to see the finish out and here comes the leaders altogether now as the top 3 are there with Tregarthen about to join them. It makes it awkward as they are starting the lap the majority of the field as well. Delaney is out front and stretching the lead with Oppedisano in 2nd and Tregarthen in 3rd. Carter has been spat out the back and is guaranteed to lose more spots by the end of the race. At the end of the race Delaney takes the win ahead of Tregarthen and Oppedisano in 3rd.

By Shane Gilfeather

Championship Points:


Drivers R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Dave Carter 20 13 20 15                           68 1st
Nathan Tregarten 13 20 12 17                           62 2nd
James Delaney 15 17 11 13                           56 3rd
Daniel Oppedisano 10 0 17 20                           47 4th
Iain Macintosh 9 12 13 12                           46 5th
Tim Hamilton 17 15 0 11                           43 6th
Mick Spiteri 0 9 15 10                           34 7th
Matt Pisani 7 8 10 8                           33 8th
James Owen 12 0 9 9                           30 9th
Greg Gavalas 8 6 4 4                           22 10th
Wade Benson 4 11 6 0                           21 11th
Steven Wright 1 3 8 7                           19 12th
Troy Czislowski 0 5 5 5                           15 13th
Enda Murphy 2 0 7 6                           15 14th
David Lord 0 10 2 0                           12 15th
Jaycie Richards 11 0 0 0                           11 16th
Jayme Hemi 6 0 1 3                           10 17th
Brad Martin 5 4 0 0                           9 18th
Bryce Fullwood 0 7 0 0                           7 19th
Bailey Nicholas 3 0 0 0                           3 20th
Nathan Reddacliffe 0 0 3 0                           3 21st


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