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RESULTS: Wednesday Night 2016 V8 League - Round 3 @ Symmons Plains TAS

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

With Daniel Oppedisano fresh from holidays and missing last round he wasted no time to show everybody who is boss by topping the practice sessions. It was very tight though as only 1 seconds separates the top 15.


Dave Carter must have been sandbagging as he has smashed out the hottest hotlap putting him in Pole. James Delaney making a vital mistake which could have seen him take the honours. He has to settle for 3rd as……………………. Hang on a minute. Daniel Oppedisano has just stolen pole from Dave Carter. What a race this is going to be……….

Race 1:

Race is underway and a pretty good start considering the short run to the first turn. The hairpin was the next test. A few drivers locking up under the heavy braking. Daniel Oppedisano is streaking away at the front as he seems to have the car stable enough. Steven Wright is “ON FIRE”. He is up into P6 at the moment. McIntosh doing all he can to get past but Steven driving the race of his life….. Wade Benson also doing a great job from the Brisbane boys currently in P6 but is struggling on tyres with 2 laps to go.

Race 2:

All eyes were on Steven Wright after an impressive first race but he lit up the tyres and caused a 6 car incident on the main straight. Going down the back straight it was like watching a mobile pinball game as drivers were bouncing off each other going 4 wide. Enda has taken the lead and run with it with a 1.9 sec gap to Matt Pisani and mick Spiteri. Daniel Oppedisano struggling down the back almost 26 sec’s off the lead after lap 3. James Owen settling in nicely in P6 while the battles up the front are heating up. Wade Benson is forced to retire with throttle issues.

Lap 13 and Greg Gavalas shoots into the pits for tyres. Others staying out for some fresh air like Mick Spiteri who has been leading the last 5 laps. Dave Carter and James Owen close behind. Even though Daniel Oppedisano was catching that was the way they finished. Well Done !!

Race 3:

The guys got a great start off line but Troy Czislowski spun coming out of the hairpin. Spiteri leads the way ahead of Carter and Delaney. McIntosh and Wright are door to door the whole way for at least 3 laps. David Lord retires early due to a heavy hit under brakes sending him over the fence. As the race continues its all about the pit stops. Iain McIntosh gambling as he is the only one to risk a no stopper. He is holding the lead by 10 seconds and 6 laps to go. Can he do it ?? Carter and Delaney are battling for P2 which is Helping Iain and Spiteri is catching them now as well. The checquered drops and Iain makes it home first with Dave Carter in P2 and Nathan Tregarthen home in P3.

By Shane Gilfeather


Championship Points:


      2016 V8 League  
Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Dave Carter 20 13 20                           53 1st
Nathan Tregarten 13 20 12                           45 2nd
James Delaney 15 17 11                           43 3rd
Iain Macintosh 9 12 13                           34 4th
Tim Hamilton 17 15 0                           32 5th
Daniel Oppedisano 10 0 17                           27 6th
Matt Pisani 7 8 10                           25 7th
Mick Spiteri 0 9 15                           24 8th
Wade Benson 4 11 6                           21 9th
James Owen 12 0 9                           21 10th
Greg Gavalas 8 6 4                           18 11th
David Lord 0 10 2                           12 12th
Steven Wright 1 3 8                           12 13th
Jaycie Richards 11 0 0                           11 14th
Troy Czislowski 0 5 5                           10 15th
Brad Martin 5 4 0                           9 16th
Enda Murphy 2 0 7                           9 17th
Bryce Fullwood 0 7 0                           7 18th
Jayme Hemi 6 0 1                           7 19th
Bailey Nicholas 3 0 0                           3 20th
Nathan Reddacliffe 0 0 3                           3 21st


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