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RESULTS: Wednesday Night 2016 V8 League - Round 2 @ Melbourne VIC

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


With the real event only a couple of days away we saw some shuffle on the grid. We had a guest appearance from 2014 V8 Champion David Lord and real life Dunlop Driver Bryce Fullwood come in for a spin. James Delaney claimed the pole ahead of Tim Hamilton and Nathan Tregarthen. Bryce Fullwood was looking like he was going to start at the tail but snatched in the last hotlap to qualify in P6.

Race 1:

Tim Hamilton takes turn 1 but was too cautious into T2 and Iain McIntosh got him round the outside. Some guys lit it up too much off the start line. Mick Spiteri with a lot of work to do from the back. Last weeks round winner Dave Carter is finding it hard this week currently in P6. Lap 4 and Nathan makes his way to the front while James Delaney joins in at the back of the pack in P4 with David Lord not too far behind. Wade Benson doing well for the Brisbane Drivers in P9 chasing Greg Gavalas. A HUGE moment with Tim Hamilton and Iain McIntosh sees Iain fly off into the sand trap under heavy braking. Tim yields to wait for him as they both lose at least 2 positions to David Lord. He rolls him with an impressive 3rd place behind James in P2 and winning quite convincingly is Nathan Tregarthen.

Race 2:

What a start for Troy Czislowski and Wade Benson. They are holding their own as the pack is pouncing on them. Pisani and Spiteri are charging ahead in P4 & P5. As the race settles in its Dave Carter who takes the lead ahead of Wade Benson and Tim Hamilton. 2 Laps to go Dave Carter still out front with Tim Hamilton 4 seconds behind and James Delaney in 3rd. Some good duals on the track especially Wade Benson holding off Race 1 winner Nathan Tregarthen for P5. As the Checquered waves its Dave Carter taking the honours with James Delaney in P2 making it past Tim Hamilton in P3.

Race 3:

Well the guys got away cleanly…..sort of. Tim Hamilton coming to grips with his green tyres as he takes out all the braking marker on T2 and almost taking out 3 cars at the same time. Brad Martin with an awesome start is up to P5 while Dave Carter get s stuck in the sand dropping a lot of positions from his P2 grid spot. Matt Pisani trying hard to keep the car on all 4’s as he takes the kerbs hard. Lap 7 and P2 & 3 come into the pits for rubber. Tim Hamilton Jumps James Delaney to take virtual P2. Now he is on the tail of Dave Carter who is P2 on track. Nathan Tregarthen is still smashing it out front with a 27 sec lead still yet to pit. He eventually pits and rejoins the track with a 3 sec gap to Tim Hamilton in P2 and that was enough to take the win. Tim Hamilton in P2 and James Delaney in P3.

Congratulations to Nathan Tregarthen on his maiden Round win which sees him lead the current Championship !!!

>>Race Results<<

By Shane Gilfeather

Championship Points:


Drivers                                 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Nathan Tregarten 13 20                             33 1st
Dave Carter 20 13                             33 2nd
James Delaney 15 17                             32 3rd
Tim Hamilton  17 15                             32 4th
Iain Macintosh 9 12                             21 5th
Matt Pisani 7 8                             15 6th
Wade Benson 4 11                             15 7th
Greg Gavalas 8 6                             14 8th
James Owen 12 0                             12 9th
Jaycie Richards 11 0                             11 10th
Daniel Oppedisano 10 0                             10 11th
David Lord 0 10                             10 12th
Brad Martin 5 4                             9 13th
Mick Spiteri 0 9                             9 14th
Bryce Fullwood 0 7                             7 15th
Jayme Hemi 6 0                             6 16th
Troy Czislowski 0 5                             5 17th
Steven Wright 1 3                             4 18th
Bailey Nicholas 3 0                             3 19th
Enda Murphy 2 0                             2 20th


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