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RESULTS: Wednesday Night 2016 V8 League - Round 1 @ Adelaide SA

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

 The opening round of the season for V8 was hotly anticipated with most of last years drivers returning and some new faces to fill out the field.

Qually: >>Result<<

The short session started and last years runner up wasted no time in getting on track first. Nathan Tregarthen found himself beached on the tyre barriers which ruined his session. At the end of the session it was James Delaney still in hot form from the end of last year to take pole with a 1:19.960

Race 1:

Tim Hamilton get the holeshot into turn 1 as Jayme Hemi is struggling on cold tyres as meets the fence a short time later. Rookie James Owen is up sitting pretty in P4. Steven Wright gets spun at a difficult spot as he cannot see oncoming traffic. He is forced to retire due to suspension damage. Tim H still holding firm out from ahead of James Delaney and David Carter. Matt Pisani rolls the car onto the tyre barrier and is also forced to retire. Tim H takes the honours as he looked after his tyres ahead of Dave Carter and James Owen.

Race 2:

Jaycie got away cleanly to lead the pack through the first lap. Jayme Hemi the only casualty. Not sure how but Nathan Tregarthen made it up into P2 by the 4th or 5th turn. Tim Hamilton and Daniel Oppedisano are having a great battle for P4 while the rest of the field are starting to stretch out. Matt Pisani spins it at the hairpin with heavy braking losing a few places.  Jaycie has a commanding 6 second lead as Tim is now hunting down David Carter for P2. The 2 Red Bulls of James Owen and Nathan Tregarthen are battling for P4.  Jaycie too good out front to take the win ahead of David Carter & Tim Hamilton.

Race 3:

A messay start saw Enda Murphy take out Jaycie Richards coming out of T2. Jaycie ending being DQ’d for facing the wrong way. Meanwhile its David Carter out front ahead of Nathan Tregarthen. Iain McIntosh having a better race currently in P3 with Daniel Oppedisano in hot pursuit.  At the half way mark Greg Gavalas finds himself on the roof losing a lot of track position. The rest of the field are now pitting for tyres. A pretty stable race from here on in with Dave Carter staying out on his original set of boots to take the win. With Nathan Tregarten taking 5 seconds off the lead it wasn’t enough as he has to settle for 2nd Place and Tim Hamilton comes home in 3rd.

By Shane Gilfeather

>>Race Results<<

Championship Points: 


      2016 V8 League  
Drivers R1  R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15   Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Dave Carter 20                               20 1st
Tim Hamilton 17                               17 2nd
James Delaney 15                               15 3rd
Nathan Tregarten 13                               13 4th
James Owen 12                               12 5th
Jaycie Richards 11                               11 6th
Daniel Oppedisano 10                               10 7th
Iain Macintosh 9                               9 8th
Greg Gavalas 8                               8 9th
Matt Pisani 7                               7 10th
Jayme Hemi 6                               6 11th
Brad Martin 5                               5 12th
Wade Benson 4                               4 13th
Bailey Nicholas 3                               3 14th
Enda Murphy 2                               2 15th
Steven Wright 1                               1 16th


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