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RESULTS: Tuesday Night State Of Origin - Race #3 @ Bathurst

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The final race of the series could not be held anywhere else apart from the iconic Australian home of Aussie racing track Mt Panorama. Practice got underway and straight away we saw some blistering times around the mountain. The majority of the field lapping consistently in the 2.03 - 2.05 bracket

Race 1 as expected absolute carnage off the line…….

Josh Behn got off to the best start leading the pack on Lap1 he was followed by Jayme Hemi in 2nd Scott Durham was holding 3rd, and moving forward through the pack moving up and taking the lead before the end of the lap

Adam Gill 4th, followed by Chris Herringe, Benny Tran, Grag Gavalas, Mike Stacy Matt DeGroot and Enda Murphy rounded out the top 10. 11th was James Delaney, followed by Jimmy Tran, Dan Gialdini in 14th Stuart Graham in 15th and Alice Kisrwani rounded out the field in 15th.

The early Qld dominance of Behn and Hemi was short lived and both had conceded the top 2 spots by the end of lap 2 and Durham and Gill went to work at the front of the pack. Hemi was certainly outnumbered in 3rd as NSW cars filled positions 4, 5 and 6 as well by Herringe, B Tran and Gavalas in that order.

Gill had a moment at the chase and dropped back through the field leaving the top 3 places to Durham who had etched out a 6 sec lead from Herringe in P2 and B Tran in 3rd. Gildlesone and Hemi went on a charge and picked off NSW cars Gavalas, Delaney and Herringe all falling victim to their onslaught. Until Hemi made a mistake and drop back thought the pack J Tran moved his way up through the field and by lap 6 was right on the bumper pf Girdlesone up Mt Straight the 2 rubbed panels all the way to the top of the mountain.

Lap 7 saw all of the first pits stops come into play. B Tran running low on tyres found the gravel trap and struggled to get free moving his backwards on the leader board. After all of the stops Durham retain the number1 spot with Gill in 2nd followed by Gavalas in 3rd, J Tran held 4th, Enda held 5th with Delaney in 6th. That translated to all top 6 places held by NSW!

 Kisrwani, Graham  and Hemi were having tough days at the track at the back end of the pack, however as they were in QLD colours it was a pleasant sight for this commentator.

Durham took a convincing win followed by J Tran, Delaney and Gill, Behn was the first of the QLD cars.

Race 2

Got underway this time B Tran had pole, again there was carnage at the top of Mt Straight Herringe forgot where his brake pedal was…

At the end of Lap 1 there were 3 NSW cars out the front, Delany in 1st followed by B Tran in 2nd and Durham in 3rd. This race settled into a groove quicker than race 1 with Delaney dictating the pace out the front, B Tran was pushing hard posting a hot lap on lap 4 a 2.02.928, Delaney answered back with a quicker lap 2.02.387, however the pressure was too much and B Tran was able to slip past into 1st  from there B Tran remained focused and by lap 6 had pulled out to a 5 sec lead. Delany held 2nd and Behn the best of the QLD’ers held 3rd (Having said that he is from Dubbo so really he is a NSW driver)

Again lap 7 saw the pit stops take place, B Tran remained out front followed by Enda in 2nd, Durham had recovered back into 3rd, Gill held 4th, Behn in 5th, DeGroot having a cleaner race than race 1 was in 6th. Herringe in 7th, Gavalas in 8th followed by Girdlestone in 9th. Hemi rounded out the top 10. Stacy, Gialdini Kisrwani Delaney J Tran and Graham rounded out the field in that order.

Enda an honorary QLDer was flying the for the Maroons taking 2nd place, from the dominating B Tran in 1st, Adam Gill an F1 specalist showed he can get the job done in a V8 as well took 3rd

By Sam Owen



  Racecentre - State Of Origin 2014
1st Half Points 2nd Half Points Total Score

  Chris Herringe 15 1 4 4 5 NSW
  Dan Gialdni 12 1 14 1 2
  James Delaney 3 6 12 1 7 57
  Scott Durham 1 8 6 4 12
  Gerg Gavalas 7 2 8 2 4
  Adam Gill 4 4 3 6 10
  Jimmy Tran 2 6 15 1 7
  Benny Tran 8 2 1 8 10

  Jayme Hemi 16 1 10 2 3 QLD
  Nick Girdlestone 10 2 5 4 6
  Mike Stacy 9 2 9 2 4 35
  Josh Behn 5 4 11 1 5
  Stuart Graham 13 1 16 1 2
  Alice Kisrwani 14 1 13 1 2
  Matt De Groot 11 1 7 2 3
  Enda Murphy 6 4 2 6 10


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