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RESULTS: Tuesday Night State Of Origin - Race #2 @ Surfers Paradise

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Cane Toads were ready for game 2, filling the top 2 places during practice. Qually got under way and Francarlo Rizzo took pole.

1st HALF:

Race 1 was underway and Jeremy Pernesz got off to a cracking start getting the jump on the field into turn 1. As expected the elbows were out on lap 1 with everyone getting involved and swapping paint. Enda Murphy was pressing hard on the back of James Delaney until he made a slight error and dropped off the pace conceding a few positions. Consistency was the key trying to put together some clean laps and FrancarloRizzo was doing the best leading by 4 sec on lap 4.
Lap 4 saw Enda and Jayme Hemi in a close battle, it was only a matter of time until the pressure would get to one of them unfortunately Enda cracked on lap 5, Iain McIntosh also lost control and found himself pointing at the wall.
Jeremy was on Maximum attack and Maximum aggression forcing his way past several maroon cars. Jason Brooks the silent assassin in this race started from the back of the grid and by Lap 5 had worked his way up into 5th before an unfortunate spin relegated him back to 7th.
Jeremy was on a mission now back into 2nd place and trying to eat into Rizzo’s now 10 sec lead. The race settled down into more of a rhythm Delaney spinning in Lap 7 let Brooks advance into 6th. Jeremy closed the gap to 7.5 sec and then Rizzo responded with a few hot laps and etched it back out to 8secs.
Lap 8 saw the first pit stops Rizzo out the front was able to conserve his tyres and stayed out for an extra lap.
Lap 9 saw Jeremy and Rizzo fighting for the lead, Jeremy muscled his way past Rizzo on warmer tyres to take the lead. Rizzo wasn’t giving up that easily and shadowed Jeremy’s every move, patiently waiting for an error he could capitalise on. Brooks had recomposed himself and after the pit stops found himself up into 3rd place. Rizzo with a bold move under brakes into turn sharp left at turn 5 found himself coming off second best. Then through the chicanes on the back straight clipped a barrier and spun 360 degrees. This let Jeremy stretch away to a his lead to 11 secs.  Lap 12 saw Brooks set the fastest lap of the race dipping into 1.37 bracket with a cracking the 1.37.869.
Matt Pisani and Hemi were both having quiet but efficient races mid pack and were on track to secure valuable point for their respective states. McIntosh put in his fastest lap of the race on lap 15 
Race 1 ended with Jeremy taking the win for NSW followed by Rizzo in 2nd with QLD's best result so far this year. Followed by another 2 NSW drivers Brooks taking 3rd followed closely by Pisani in 4th.

2nd HALF:

Race 2 and another quick Qually session and Jeremy topped the leader board followed by Rizzo and Brooks. Enda placed himself in 4th followed by Pisani, Chris Herringe, McIntosh, Delaney and Hemi rounded out the pack. The got under way and again Jeremy got a cracking start and lead the field into turn 1. Surprisingly Hemi and McIntosh were swapping paint, clearly no love lost amongst the team mates.
Rizzo was able to sneak past Jeremy on Lap 1 and put his head down and etched out a small lead by lap 2, meanwhile back in the back Hemi slowed while Brooks and Enda were able to get by and move up positions. 
Lap 3 saw Chris miscalculate the chicane at turn one hitting the wall and spinning several times Hemi unable to avoid the rotating Blues car lost control and rubbed the wall as well. Race 2 was looking very much like race 1 with the same 4 drivers filling the top 4 spots. Brooks was applying the pressure to Pisani for 3rd getting past on Lap 4 and Jeremy had closed back in on Rizzo and the gap was now only half a second. Jeremy was applying the pressure however Rizzo was more than up for the challenge and kept calm. Jeremy and Brooks both losing the rear ends through the front chicanes allowing Pisani through into 2nd place. All of this allowed Rizzo to run out to a 17 sec lead over the rest of the field. 
Enda was able to remain consistent and found himself moving past Brooks to hold 4th place. Rizzo had a point to prove this race and was flying around the Surfers circuit catching and lapping Hemi by L8. At about the same time Jeremy and Pisani both had a coming together in a racing incident. Jeremy losing time on torched tyres hit the pits. Brooks followed close behind.
Again Rizzo as in race 1 was able to conserve his rubber and got an extra lap. This time re-joining behind Pisani who was yet to stop. Pisani dove into the pits on the following lap and Rizzo continued his dominance at the front of the field. 
Delaney was not able to repeat his race 1 form and found himself at the back of the field.  Iain McIntosh and Hemi were not on the pace in the race either both performed well in practice however were not able to sting consistent fast laps together around the challenging Surfers circuit. 
On new tyres it wasn't long before Rizzo started to pick off the back markers and by lap 13 had got past 3 of them.  On lap 15 Rizzo had Chris and Enda in his sights, working his way past both before the end of the lap. 
Race 2 firmly belonged to Francarlo Rizzo, with a dominating performance. It was a clear statement that the Maroons will not lay down without a fight. 

After this performance from Rizzo it looks like we are in for a cracking round 3. Let’s hope that a few more of the big guns from QLD are able to join Francarlo in his fight to stop a Blues whitewash of the series.

By Sam Owen.

Game 2 Racecentre - State Of Origin 2014
1st Half Points 2nd Half Points Total Score
SIM 1 SYD   Jeremy Pernesz 1 8 2 6 14 NSW
SIM 2 SYD   Jason Brooks 3 6 3 6 12
SIM 3 SYD   Matt Pisani 4 4 4 4 8 46
SIM 4 SYD   James Delaney 5 4 5 4 8
SIM 5 SYD   Chris Herringe  8 2 8 2 4

SIM 1 GC   Francarlo Rizzo 2 6 1 8 14 QLD
SIM 2 GC   Jayme Hemi 6 4 9 2 6
SIM 3 GC   Iain McIntosh 7 2 6 4 6 30
SIM 4 GC   Enda Murphy 9 2 7 2 4


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