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RESULTS: Tuesday Night State Of Origin - Race #1 @ Oran Park

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Race 1 (1st Half)

The Lights drop and Matt Refalo leads into turn 1, and there is carnage behind him as everyone fights for space on the black surface and as expected several drivers found grass instead.  Chris Herringe did an excellent job of picking off every cane toad he could helping his team mates to a nice lead. After Chris’ handy work the race was led by 3 flying Blues.

Brett Dallas the only one in our Origin field to have actually pulled on a real Origin Jersey and again he represented his state in the best way possible leading from the front for his team. He is the true depiction of an elite sportsman as he stepped up when the pressure was on.

On lap 4 all the argy bargy settled down and everyone focused on racing and trying to get a result. Except Chris who was all over the back of Tony trying to pressure him into a mistake.

Lap 7 Dallas  Decided to make an impression on the race he was more than happy to swap paint and muscled his way past Mick Spiteri who came off 2nd best and ended up running off the track. By Lap 11 Mick had shaken off the dust and had caught back up to Dallas. Both continued to rub panels and mix it up swapping positions a few times. Great racing.

Lap 13 saw the field start hitting the pits for fresh rubber. Enda Murphy came out behind Vince Pollifrone and he made it difficult for him it took nearly 2 laps before Enda decided the only way past was with force.

Race 1 was dominated by the Blues, namely Matt Refalo who had a 25sec lead and led the race from start to finish. The Blues took out the first half filling all positions from P1 through P4 Dallas the only Maroon at the pointy end in 5th followed by another 2 Blues.

Race 2 (2nd Half)

The Refs blew the whistle and the 2nd half was underway. Jeremy Pernesz had put in a cracking qually lap and took pole from Matt Refalo. Again there was a repeat carnage on turn 1, too many cars all fighting for track position which saw most end up off the track. Matt showed his race pace and by lap 2 had regained the top spot. The only difference in this race was Vince Pollifrone had slipped through turn 1 carnage and found himself in P5. With Dallas closing quickly in P6. Dallas finding his way past on Lap 3. Vince moved back in the field after he ran hot into turn 1.

Lap 7 saw Jeremy retake his number 1 position. Even during a team based event and the Blues dominating there was still pride on the line to take first place. Greg Gavalas was tucked up under the bumper of Dallas for several laps both lapping consistently fast and clean. Both driver pushing their cars hard and racing well. Greg applied pressure lap after lap however he was unable to force Dallas into an error.

Matt was able to sneak past Jeremy on pit strategy, Jeremy only had eyes for P1 in an unfortunate incident involving Matt allowed Jeremy to retake 1st and cross the line. Again another dominating performance by the blues. Again Dallas the only Maroon representing for his state finishing in 5th place again.

Let’s hope that Game 2 provides as much excitement and door slamming, paint swapping racing.

By Sam Owen



Game 1 Racecentre - State Of Origin 2014
1st Half Points 2nd Half Points Total Score
NSW   Enda Murphy 6 4 3 6 10 NSW  62
NSW   Chris Herringe 4 4 6 4 8
NSW   Greg Gavalas 7 2 4 4 6
NSW   Jeremy Pernesz 2 6 1 8 14
NSW   Matt Refalo 1 8 2 6 14
NSW   Mick Spiteri 3 6 7 2 8
NSW   James Cremona 13 1 12 1 2


QLD   Brett Dallas 5 4 5 4 8 QLD   24
QLD   Jayme Hemi 8 2 9 2 4
QLD   Slav Lazarevic 12 1 0 0 1
QLD   Sebastian Pollifrone 11 1 8 2 3
QLD   Vince Pollifrone 9 2 11 1 3
QLD   Tony Scullino 10 2 10 2 4
QLD   Wayne Demos 14 1 0 0 1



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