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RESULTS: Tuesday Night Radical Championship 2016 : Round 1 @ Bathurst

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


With a lengthy practice session the guys were keen to cut some Qually laps. The times keep dropping but its always been Pat O’Reilly up the top with local Bathurst favourite Andrew Donnelly close behind. I guy that need no introduction “Ross (Razor) Rizzo” stepped on the track a bit late and was using the time to get his eye in with fellow team mate David Hines. Russ Stephens also with limited practice is doing his best to stay with the field. As the session closes The Razor has cut his way to the top with Pat oh so close, Allan will start from P3. Lets see how the race goes.

Race 1:

With no turn 1 incidents the field got away very smoothly. Ross got a flyer of a start to put him half a second ahead by Griffins Bend. Behind was some great position swapping as they were drafting up mountain straight. Ross was pulling away from Pat O’Reilly but made a mistake in the dipper which brought Pat back in the game. The fight for P4 was the one to watch that race but it was Ross taking the win ahead of Allan Marks and Pat O’Reilly who made a little mistake in Murrays.

Race 2:

After many restarts due to bad driving we got away not so cleanly. Chris Campbell nailing his restarts takes the field around for the first couple of laps until he made a mistake in Griffins bend allowing Michael Donnellan and Pat O’Reilly to take the lead. David Hines doing an awesome job in P3 as there is only 2 seconds separating the top 6.  Lap 4 and David Hines is aiming for the lead from P3 as they are all within a second of each other. Now in P2 with only Michael in front and “The Razor” behind. But Michael runs wide coming out of the chase to let David gain 2 places and into the lead within 1 lap. Now there is a 4 car battle for P3 but all sorts of position changes are happening up front. I can’t keep up!!! The Razor has dropped back to P6 while Pat is in the lead with David in P2 and Allan in P3.

Race 3:

What a start !!! The first couple of laps was lead by Chris Campbell again. He really knows how to launch these cars. Each corner a driver would gain or lose a position as the field is very tight. Chris and Andrew Donnelly were alone upfront until Chris spun on the front straight now its Andrew out front fending off Ross Rizzo. Pat O’Reilly a further 4 sec’s back. David Hines was in the top 3 before he decided to get on 2 wheels over Reid Park. Pat O’Reilly is catching the top 2 as Ross takes the lead.  Andrew regain the lead until the last corner as he dropped down too many gears and locked up handing the win to Ross with Pat in P2. Andrew rolls over in P3.

Race 4:

Chris “Cool Man” Campbell has nailed a great start once again to take the field around for the first couple of laps. He came together with Allan Marks were Allan came off 2nd best. Russ Stephens got borked at the top of the mountain that caused a pile up through McPhilamy Park. Michael Donnellan the worst affected. Allan and Chris find themselves together again with a few fist pumps. Ross is the clear leader at this stage while Andrew and Pat duke it out for P2. Donnellan trying to recover from his earlier incident on lap 1 but has lost his mojo, currently in P7. Pat trying to get any gain possible on Andrew gets crossed up into Hell corner and loses valuable seconds on the last lap. At the finish it’s the Razor in 1st , Donnelly in 2nd and O’Reilly in 3rd. 

Race 5:

I swear im not just using “Cut and Paste” when I say Chris got off to another great start but he did and lead for the first few laps until Andrew and Ross took over. Pat also making his way past as well. David Hines got turned around at Turn 1 and has been playing catch up ever since. 

The field seems to find its niche as Ross is in P1, Local Bathurst Hero is in P2 and Pat O’Reilly is in P3. Allan is finding it hard to get in a rhythm this race and is making a few little errors. Russ is continuing to improve his times as the race day goes on. At the end of the race it’s the same top 3 with Ross in P1 Andrew in P2 and Pat in P3.

By Shane Gilfeather


Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Points
Ross Rizzo 1 5 1 1 1 92
Pat O'Reilly 3 1 2 3 3 82
Andrew Donnelly 6 4 3 2 2 73
Allan Marks 2 3 4 4 4 71
David Haines 8 2 5 5 5 62
Michael Donnellan 4 6 6 7 6 56
Chris Campbell 5 7 7 6 7 53
Russ Stephens 9 8 9 9 8 42
Enda Murphy 7 9 8 8 DNS 36


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