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RESULTS: Thursday Night V8 Summer Series - Round 2 @ Brands Hantch

Friday, January 15, 2016

The boys were back for Round 2 of the V8 Summer Series 2016. We had 9 new drivers but they are no strangers to the V8's. In the Gold Coast we had Dunlop Series Driver Bryce Fullwood join us and Formula 4 driver Zane Goddard. Lets see how they managed against the regulars.

Race 1 got underway and it was almost an "All in" pile up on the exit of the hairpin on the first lap. By the time people sorted themselves out it was Jaycie home with the win followed by Chris then Scott. 

Race 2 and Ryan got away early with Jaycie and Scott mowing him down but their little battle for P2 & 3 kept them away until the last couple of laps as Jaycie made it 2 from 2. 

Race 3 and there was a 5 car pile up off the start which saw a change in guard at the front of the race. There was a good battle between Chris and Shannon for 3rd but it was Scott Durham taking the chequered. 

Race 4 had a better start for the drivers and it was Jeremy who race away in the opening laps leaving Ryan and Scott to fight for 3rd. Andrew Smith and Chris Naumovski were swapping turns for 7th place the entire race. Bryce Fullwood was a late casualty as he was stranded in the kitty litter was cleaned up by Zane Goddard. Bryce was forced to retire with suspension damage. When the chequered flag fell it was Jaycie Richards across the line to collect his 3rd win for the night.

Race 5 and it was Bryce out to prove his pace as he had Chris closing in every corner for the lead Jeremy and Shannon were swapping paint in the battle for 3rd. Ryan and Micheal also panel beating in 9th. Not sure how but Jaycie came from nowhere to take 2nd and the overall win for the round while Chris Naumovski cruised home in 1st place.

Next Thursday the 21st January we will be racing at Spa Francorchamps in Round 3 of the 2016 Summer Series - V8's International. If you want to join in the fun then give us a call Sydney 02 9212 4114 - Gold Coast 07 5538 8008 or Brisbane 07 3868 2225

>>Race Results<<

Championship Table:


      2016 Summer Series
Drivers Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8   Drop Rounds Total Points Current Place
Jaycie Richards 15 20               35 1st 
Ryan Hedger 20 15               35 2nd 
Chris Naumovski 17 13               30 3rd 
Troy Czislowski 12 10               22 4th 
Scott Durham 0 17               17 5th 
Nathan Tregarthen 13 0               13 6th 
Jeremy Pernesz 0 12               12 7th 
Andrew Smith 0 11               11 8th 
Wade Benson 11 0               11 9th 
Jaxon Reihana 10 0               10 10th 
Shannon Burke 0 9               9 11th 
Wayne Bennett 9 0               9 12th 
Michael Donnellan 0 8               8 13th 
Anthony Colombrita 8 0               8 14th 
Drew Martin 0 7               7 15th 
Tim Colombrita 7 0               7 16th 
Daniel Oppedisano 6 0               6 17th 
Bryce Fullwood 0 6               6 18th 
Zane Goddard 0 5               5 19th 
Brad Martin 0 4               4 20th 


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