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RESULTS: Thursday Night F1 League: Round 3 @ Chinese GP 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

F1 Headed to China, on one of the most demanding circuits of the season, several double and triple apex corners. Tight turns and a long straight that will see top speeds well over 300km/h.This race saw some new comers to F1 racing this year,  that hold a lot of experience namely the Rizzos, Francarlo and Ross both leading GT3 drivers and Druan Nikora leader of the V8 Supercar series.

This was setting up to be a great battle on the track and was certainly going to give Scott Daniels, Jaycie Richards, Shane Gilfeather and Adam Gill a good contest.

Qualify:      >>Results<<

 Obviously a lot of Foxing was going on through practice as the guys seemed to drop a lot of time as they fired in their times in the short 5 min qually. It was Francarlo who would start from P1 and Duran closing out the front row.

Race:         >>Results<<

The race got under way Francarlo, Ross and Duran all got away cleanly and lead the field into turn 1 followed by Shane, Jaycie and Adam . Matt DeGroot and Michael Donnellan were in 7th and 8th the Scott who didn’t get the greatest of starts found himself in 9th and Mikel Lindsaar and Jacob Rankin rounded out the field.

Lap 10 and everyone was racing cleanly. Francarlo had etched out a 6 sec lead from Duran, who was followed by Ross in 3rd. Jaycie and Shane were battling for 4th and 5th. Adam held 6th followed by Michael. Matt was sticking to his game plan and driving consistently in 8th. Scott in a very unfamiliar position was in 9th and he was trying to recover from the early mishap that resulted in an early pit stop. Mikel and Jacob were doing their best against the demanding circuit.

Lap 18 saw Francarlo on fresh rubber where he set the fastest lap of the race so far with a 1.41.168, Ross was in the same position and didn’t want to be outdone and also cracked a low 1.41.285. This helped set him up to take 2nd from Nikora on the next lap as they passed the start finish line.

Lap 23 saw Francarlo dive off into the pits and Ross stayed out to take the lead the lead was relinquished back to Francarlo on the next lap. Jaycie was putting in some fast laps. After the 3rd pit stops the Francarlo 1st, Ross 2nd, Nikora 3rd, Jaycie 4th, Shane 5th, Adam 6th, Michael 7th, Scott 8th, Matt 9th, Mikel 10th and Jacob had retired.

After the race it was apparent that Scott Daniels had run the entire race on a full load of fuel giving away 130kg weight disadvantage. He can strike this one off to experience and use it as one of his dropped rounds.

Race ended with Francarlo taking the win followed by Ross in 2nd and Nikora in 3rd. Great racing and now we look forward to Bahrain.

By Sam Owen.

Championship Table:

      2015 F1 League
Drivers Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Race 13 Race 14 Race 15 Race 16 Race 17 Race 18 Race 19   Drop Rounds Total Points Current Place
Scott Daniels 20 20 8                                   48 1st 
Adam Gill 15 15 11                                   42 2nd 
Shane Gilfeather 17 13 12                                   41 3rd 
Jaycie Richards 10 17 13                                   40 4th 
Michael Donnellan 13 12 10                                   35 5th 
Francarlo Rizzo 0 0 20                                   20 6th 
Ross Rizzo 0 0 17                                   17 7th 
Duran Nikora 0 0 15                                   15 8th 
Jacob Rankin 8 0 6                                   14 9th 
Murray Conallin 12 0 0                                   12 10th 
Jason Goodacre 11 0 0                                   11 11th 
Geoff Brown 9 0 0                                   9 12th 
Matt DeGroot 0 0 9                                   9 13th 
Mikel Lindsaar 0 0 7                                   7 14th 


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