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RESULTS: Thursday Night F1 League 2016 : Round 2 @ Bahrain GP

Sunday, April 03, 2016
Round 2 of the 2016 F1 season was at the Sakhir Curcuit in the beautiful
moonlit desert of Bahrain. All drivers had to keep an eye on brake temps
and left tyre wear as this desert track is hard on both.



The drivers took the opportunity to hammer round on the soft compound
Pirelli tyres for 2 quick flying laps. Having experienced racing at this
track last season, Jaycie Richards in the Torro Rosso took pole position
with a 1:32.8 and Ferrari rookie sensation James Delaney took a close P2
on the grid - only 5 tenths up on Williams driver and Aus GP podium finisher
Marty Porter for 3rd

The Race:

As the cars set off it was grid position P2 - James Delaney who robbed pole
sitter Jaycie with a monster start, and claimed the lead going into turn 1.
Mercedes driver Jayme Hemi showed good pace in qualifying but felt the power
of the V6 hybrid engines and veered left off the start line with wheel spin.
This caused his front left to knock into a Lotus who in turn hit Paul Nelson
into the wall. An unfortunate start. Even with this mishap, 2016 F1 league
newcomer Paul Nelson had to deal with getting used to a tricky new Mercedes
setup. Throughout the race he got his rhythm and found the consistency that
these cars need - a respectful drive for an F1 first timer.
There was a lot of action on the opening lap with a four way battle between
Racecentre factory driver Sam Owen, Mclaren-Honda signing Matt DeGroot,
British driver and Lotus rookie, Chris Campbell and his Lotus Team mate
Enda Murphy who found himself in 3rd position by the end of the lap.
On the back straight Chris Campbell made a brilliant move stick up the inside
of Sam Owen for 4th, and then also passed his team mate by the next corner
to find a comfortable 3rd position. Watching this battle unfold from 5th
place was Porter, who had pace in hand and slowly picked off Owen in a great
battle that lasted 2 laps. As the two exited the tricky turn 10, Porter
got the power down smoother and cruised past Owen. One lap later and Porter
had made up the 4 second gap to 3rd place Campbell. At the exact same corner
that he took his last overtake, he tried the same move again on Campbell but
the Brit was having none of it, holding him off well until a mistake came out
of the last turn and allowed Porter past. The Williams driver gained a well
deserved 3rd position which he kept for the remainder of the race.
Showing great flare in the Mclaren was Matt DeGroot, who showed a good turn of
pace but ultimately was failed by the McLaren Honda's reliability as well as
an injury that he was carrying into this round. He retired mid race along with
Chris Campbell, Enda Murphy and Paul Nelson, all feeling the unforgiving sting
of these V6 torque units!

The battle up front between Delaney and Richards lasted through the pit stops
and well into the last stint. Ultimately Richards made a good strategy call
and ended up in front of the Ferrari of Delaney but only by a few seconds by the
time the chequred flag fell.

Rounding out the race, a consistent and heartfelt drive by Hemi who got his
Mercedes across the line in one piece just behind Owen.

By Jaycie Richards

Championship Points:

      2016 F1 League  
Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21   Drop Rounds Total Points Current Place
Jaycie Richards 17 20                                         37 1st 
Marty Porter 15 15                                         30 2nd 
Jayme Hemi 12 12                                         24 3rd 
Duran Nikora 20 0                                         20 4th 
Enda Murphy 9 10                                         19 5th 
Matt DeGroot 10 8                                         18 6th 
James Delaney 0 17                                         17 7th 
Michael Donnellan 13 0                                         13 8th 
Sam Owen 0 13                                         13 9th 
Peter Hugues 11 0                                         11 10th 
Chris Campbell 0 11                                         11 11th 


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