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RESULTS: Special Event - Bathurst 1000

Monday, October 13, 2014

A once a year event that almost any race fan worldwide looks forward to. The Bathurst 1000 is Australia’s most prestigious motor race and it is a test of pure endurance. Our drivers turned up in NSW and QLD for a full length 161 lap simulated race. With the promise of a day of racing Beers and Pizza they came in their droves. Some quality drivers were ready to showcase their skills amongst some of the best in the biz.


This year saw 2 qualifying sessions. One for the main drivers and one for the co-drivers. It was set for 5 mins each which would only give the guys time to smash out a 1 lap attempt. You had to show consistency across the team to start from the front. An exciting concept that had positive feedback from all the drivers. They especially liked the fact that they had the mountain to themselves for Qually. Jason Brooks smashed the fastest time of the session with a 2:00.278 but that was enough to get them starting from P1. The Rizzo brothers Ross and Francarlo took those honours.


Knowing what was ahead of them the field was showing their nerves. Race control reminded them all that the race was not won on the first corner and they listened because the entire field got through Hells Corner unscathed. Flying up the hill the Rizzo’s led the field for the first lap ahead of Hamilton/Faull and Brooks/Gray who started from P5. Down the back was a bit of a mess but no major casualties.

As the field started to stretch out the guys were getting into their rhythm. That didn’t mean that there was no racing going on. The first casualty was on Lap 6 with the Sam Owen/Nick Fittock pair as they found themselves on the wrong side of the fence. Sam Owen had clipped the wall on the inside coming down skyline which pushed him up and over the fence. Unable to re-join the circuit they were forced to retire. They were soon joined by the Ryan Hedger / Chris Naumovski pair as they fell to the same fate in the exact same way on Lap 17.

Up the front and the Rozzo’s and Hamilton/Faull are keeping together at the front lapping in the 2:01’s. Both their fastest lap was exactly the same with a 2:00.777. Jason Brooks while in P4 got caught in the kerb coming out of the chase turning him around and losing 6 positions.

Lap 17 and the leaders are pitting. Hamilton/Faull must have copped a drive through for speeding in the pits as they re-visited pitlane a lap later. It wasn’t a good start to their campaign as they received a couple more penalties while trying to serve the penalties putting them way back in the field giving them a lot of work to do. It didn’t stop there as they spun coming down Skyline creating a parking lot. This brought out the first pace car. Not many took the opportunity to pit as it was close to the first run that had just finished. The pace car stayed out for 6 laps as the field could not get into formation on the restarts.

The middle sector of the race was running smoothly as the drivers were all driving to their maximum level while trying to minimise their mistakes. While the Rizzo’s and Hamilton/Faull were the only one on the lead lap the best of the rest was the Brooks/Gray pair. That was until Michael Gray spun at the cutting allow the Delaney/Gilfeather pair to get with a second on track. They both called out the pit crew for new tyres but as they went through Forest Elbow they came up to lapped traffic. The driver had lost control in front of them. Michael Gray got through but not so for the James Delaney. This sent him spinning losing a total of 18 seconds behind P3. Could he get the time back?

Lap 158 and Michael Gray has made another vital mistake while still in P3 which forced him into the pits for a new front panel. James Delaney was happy to take the position and move up into P3 with a 12 second buffer. Michael Gray now charging is keen to make up the difference. He had reduce it to an 8 second gap with less than 1 lap to go but cooked it coming out of Forest Elbow giving the Delaney/Gilfeather pair a solid 3rd finish.

Lap 161 and the Rizzo’s were too good as they had a flawless effort (other than their only mistake on Murray’s corner on Lap 161) Tim Hamilton and Nigel Faull brought it home in 2nd. Who know’s what might of happened if they didn’t cop as many penalties through the race ???

Enda Murphy who drove solo for the race spun on the last lap coming out of the chase. A big cheer came from the Allen Marks / Jeremy Pernesz camp as they were happy to unlap themselves from him and finish 8th.

All the guys did a fantastic job to complete the full length race as it showed how exhausted the real must get driving it for real. Thank you to all that competed and hope to see you next year for another epic event

By Shane Gilfeather.

Race Results:


Racecentre - Bathurst 1000
  Track Mt Panorama - Bathurst Pole position Rizzo-Rizzo  
        Winner Rizzo-Rizzo  
  Race date/time 5th October 2014 Winner average speed 173.5kph  
  Laps   161 Fastest lap Rizzo-Rizzo  
  Drivers   31 Fastest lap time 2:00.581  
Finish Start Diff +/1 Driver Co-Driver Laps Race time Fastest lap
1 1 - Ross Rizzo Francarlo Rizzo 161 5h 43m 48 sec 2:00.581
2 2 - Tim Hamilton Nigel Faul 161 +1:30.736 2:00.777
3 3 - James Delaney Shane Gilfeather 159 +2 laps 2:01.988
4 5 +1 Michael Gray Jason Brooks 159 +2 laps 2:00.585
5 4 -1 Ben Martin Andrew Donnelly 158 +3 laps 2:03.100
6 6 - Ryan Healy Chris Herringe 157 +4 laps 2:03.348
7 7 - Enda Murphy   157 +4 laps 2:01.249
8 8 - Allen Marks Jeremy Pernesz 156 +5 laps 2:03.035
9 12 +3 Iain McIntosh Troy Czislowski 153 +8 laps 2:04.453
10 10 - Benny Tran Vincent Vo 152 +9 laps 2:02.323
11 16 +5 Mikel Lindsaar Chris Herring 149 +12 laps 2:04.649
12 13 +1 Jayme Hemi Micheal Nicolas 147 +14 laps 2:05.598
13 15 -2 Fred Uthmann Mr Conaghan 138 +23 laps 2:12.820
14 14 - Mike Stracey Nick Girdlestone 38 Suspension 2:07.668
15 9 -6 Chris Naumovski Ryan Hedger 17 DNF 2:04.191
16 11 -5 Nick Fittock Sam Owen 5 DNF 2:05.259


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