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RESULTS: Racecentre State Of Origin - Game #1 @ Eastern Creek

Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Racecentre's inaugural State Of Origin race started last night and boy did it deliver. Round 1 was held at Sydney Motorsport Park on NSW soil. Attracting Dunlop Development drivers Andre Heimgartner and Josh Hunter of the Finance EZI team joined in for some fun.


With plenty of practice under their belt we were underway for some Qualifying. The boys headed out in their Blue and Maroon vehicles to represent their state. Some QLD drivers racing in NSW and Vise versa so even within each store there was some racing banter going on. Punching out some good early laps QLD driver Iain Salteri was setting the early pace followed by New South Wales very own David Lord and Jason Brooks close behind. Iain would eventually take out pole with David in 2nd. The rest of the grid was evenly balance between Blue and Maroon.

First Half (30 min):

Tension was building as each driver was representing their state for the first time. The green flag dropped and the centre's where out front with the forwards doing their best to block the field from advancing. NSW did their best to keep QLD' Heimgartner and Hunter at bay as Jason Brooks was comfortably in 3rd. A lot of barging going on was keeping the field busy and letting the centre's Lord and Salteri to run their own race out front. Heimgartner was in 4th and chasing down Brooks in 3rd from NSW. With a 2 pit strategy Iain pits for tyres at the end of Lap 6 which seemed early for the others but this allowed him to charge back through the field. Lord soon followed and then the rest of the field. QLD fullback James Harford was doing his best to let no one pass but the NSW side managed to get through unscathed. The 2nd run of pit stops saw some positional changes as some drivers tried to stretch the 2nd stint. This just meant that they were llosing time with no time to make the difference. Heimgartner now up to 3rd and soon taking second while David Lord of NSW was out front. At the end of the first half the results are as follows:

1st. David Lord (NSW) 2nd. Andre Heimgartner (QLD) 3rd. Iaian Salteri (QLD)

First Half Score: NSW 10  QLD 9

Second Half (30 mins): Reverse Grid

The ref blew the whistle and the players where off. race two underway. Some drivers had bogged the start and let the leaders streak through the field. There must have been a solid had time talk from the QLD coach as the QLD drivers where blocking and charging hard. The NSW caught off guard just tried to stay on the track. Into turn 1 and almost the entire field over shot the corner and ended up into the dirt. Once the dust settled QLD where definately showing a strong presence up the front leaving the mid field battling for position. James Harford again trying his best at fullback defending his position. Josh Hunter and Daniel Cafe and Wade Keenan doing well in the midfeild for QLD and Shao Vang and Jason Brooks doing a solid job for NSW. David Lord still flying the flag in the points position for NSW does his best to mow down the leader but while lapping the field comes head to head with the QLD fullback James Harford. David loses important time and position on the field as a result. This left Heimgartner and Salteri out the front in clear air. Jason Brooks and Shane Gilfeather also come head to head with the QLD fullback but as Harford tries to tackle Brooks from behind he is barged out of the way from Gilfeather showing great teamwork for NSW. Lord regained his position in 2nd and finishes their while Heimgartner takes the well deserved win and Salteri taking 3rd for QLD.

1st. Andre Heimgartner (QLD) 2nd. David Lord (NSW) 3rd. iain Salteri (QLD).

2nd Half Score: NSW 8  QLD 11

Make sure you put your name down for Game 2 and represent your state on Tues June 25th.


Game 1
20   18
Iain Salteri 4   David Lord 10
Andre Heimgartner 10   Jason Brooks 2
Wade Keenan 2   Shao Vang 2
Josh Hunter 2   Daniel Cafe 2
James Harford 2   Shane Gilfeather 2
By Shane Gilfeather


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