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RESULTS: Monday Night Summer Series League 2015 - Round 3 @ Oran Park

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Race # 1

Jeremy away into turn one first, followed by Shane, Jason and Allan. Brooks proved strong in the first sector and dived underneath Shane into turn two, lap two. Turn two a lap later, he tried the move on Jeremy too. The door closed shut but Jason capitalised on a mistake later that lap to take the lead.

>>Race 1 Results<<

Race # 2

After a quick restart the drivers piled into Turn 2 once again and this time most come through unscathed. Jamie Scanlan lead the pack into  lap 2 but came unstuck and lost 6 places to be at the back of the pack. Chris Naumovski was happy to take the lead until he too come to terms with the twisting circuit giving the lead up to Shane Gilfeather. With a 7 second lead he had head down to keep it on the black stuff. He could see Jeremy and Jason chasing but their infighting kept them away. Shane who started from P8 brought it home 5 seconds ahead of Jason Brooks and Allen Marks.

>>Race 2 Results<<

Race # 3

Now a reverse grid on previous race results saw an accordion effect on the pack into Turn 2. The smarter guys braking earlier as they know they are on cold tyres and that you only win these races from making NO mistakes. Enda turns McIntosh around but they don’t seem to lose too much time on the main group. Allan and Chris are having some ding dong battles and Allan is touching up McIntosh. He even Flipped Shane on his roof twice in one race. For this he was given a back of grid start for the next 2 races. Jeremy taking the spoils 1.3 sec’s ahead of Jason brooks. Chris Naumovski home in 3rd.

>>Race 3 Results<<

Race # 4

The lights go green for the 4th time today and Jamie Scanlan and Iain McItosh both light it up to lead the group into turn 2. Jamie soon comes unstuck with the pack approaching and lost a few positions. Enda gets a big tank slapper going and hit the footing of the Yokahama Bridge to fall to the back of the field. Shane resumes the lead but feels the heat off the radiator of Jeremy’s car. He held out until lap 6 but spun coming onto the main straight. This also let Brooksy fly past and take P2. Iain showed what he can do when he’s not taken out of the race comfortably sitting in P4. Allan had a nice clean run and had a couple of good battle with Chris. James Delaney had a race he would rather forget. Jeremy takes the honour with Jason brooks 2.6 secs behind. Shane is home in 3rd.

>>Race 4 Results<<

Race # 5

Only one point separated Jason and Jeremy for the nights win. Starting from the rear, they would carve through the field. When they couldn’t pass Chris or Enda (also having an awesome battle), they would continue to swap positions between each other. Behind them, Allan and Shane were also resumed their rivalry. Allan showed a lot more space between race cars after receiving close scrutiny from the officials. Rear grip became a rare commodity. After a series of smooth drives, Jeremy was demonstrating some extreme opposite lock. Enda had lost control of the car leaving Chris on his own to defend his lead ahead of the 2 charging for the round win. He did well for a few laps but let them pass and decided to hang off the back bumper. With Jason and Jeremy still squabbling over position Shane was making ground on the now trio. As soon as he got to the back Chris made the mistake and lost 3rd position. The front JJ’s were showing everyone how to race side by side in awesome display of driving. It was Jason who would finish victor over Jeremy and Shane home in 3rd. That is how the round results would finish as well.

>>Race 5 Results<<

By Matt Anderson / Shane Gilfeather



Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Points
Jason Brooks 1 2 2 2 1 91
Jeremy Pernesz 2 4 1 1 2 87
Shane Gilfeather 3 1 7 3 3 75
Allan Marks 4 3 5 5 4 65
Chris Naumovski 5 5 3 6 6 61
James Delaney 9 8 4 7 5 52
Iain McIntosh 7 6 9 4 7 52
Enda Murphy 6 7 6 8 9 49
Jamie Scanlan 8 9 8 9 8 43

League Table:


        2015 Summer Series League
Drivers State Symmons Plains Adelaide Oran Park Amaroo Park Pukekohe Townsville Gold Coast Homebush Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Jason Brooks NSW 17 20 20           0 57 1st
Jeremy Pernesz NSW 13 15 17           0 45 2nd
Allan Marks NSW 11 13 13           0 37 3rd
Iain McIntosh QLD 10 10 10           0 30 4th
Mick Floyd NSW 12 17 0           0 29 5th
Jamie Scanlan QLD 7 11 8           0 26 6th
Chris Naumovski NSW 0 12 12           0 24 7th
Shane Gilfeather NSW 0 9 15           0 24 8th
Madison Down NSW 20 0 0           0 20 9th
James Delaney NSW 9 0 11           0 20 10th
Poland Lau NSW 8 8 0           0 16 11th
Nathan Tregarthen NSW 15 0 0           0 15 12th
Enda Murphy QLD 0 0 9           0 9 13th


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