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RESULTS: Monday Night Summer Series League 2015 - Round 1 @ Symmons Plains

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

With a big thanks to Mick Floyd and the “RSM Clan” Racecentre launched its Summer Series mirroring the Aussie Race Cars. Inspired by our Race To Reality competition we invited the Winning driver Madison Down to join us for the season opener at Symmons Plains. Our regular where up for the challenge a take it to Madison.


On a sub 1 minute track qualify was set to a reasonably long 30 min session. Madison Down got straight into it and demonstrated his racing experience by setting a benchmark 53.315. Jason Brooks the closest with a 53.640 and starting from P3 would be Jeremy Pernesz with a 53.889.

Race #1:
No cars involved in major incidents throughout the opening laps. The cars appeared to absorb a lot of contact without drivers spinning. However, Mick Floyd spun to avoid an unsettled Jeremy Persnesz. He recovered to fourth place, whilst the top-3 also replicated qualifying results.

Race #2:
The top-5 drivers were swapping positions virtually every lap. The more they fought, the more drivers were roped into the battle. Dive-bombing proved commonplace into the infamous cambered hairpin. Iain McIntosh appeared to deal a killer blow to Jeremy sending him onto his roof. Madison repeated his winning ways. McIntosh home in a credible 4th.

Race #3:
Jeremy and Allan fall victim to an anonymous yet aggressive driver into the first hairpin, leaving them to scrap for the minor positions. Mick, ride-sharing with Shane, held first place and built up a sizeable lead. Meanwhile, another great Madison vs Jason battle was taking place. Mick’s handle on the Aussie race car allowed him to take the victory by over 5 seconds to his nearest competitors.

Race #4:
James Delaney held off a wide pack over the opening laps. Jeremy lost track of his brake boards into the hairpin, ploughed into the barriers. Jason took advantage of a mistake by leader - James and never looked back to take the victory. Jamie Scanlan and Poland Lau still finding their feet in the braking zones at the end of the back straight but both had great track etiquette to not effect anyone else’s race result .

Race #5:

The grid was set for the final race and all eyes were focused on a good start into turn 1. The guys that survived then raced down into the tight hairpin. All testing their cold brakes and tyres. Mick Floyd got a good run and was leading the pack down the back straight. He could see Madison’s car close in his rear vision mirror making his way through the pack. Jason Brooks had been involved in an incident  was 6 seconds off the back with a lot of work to do. Floyd did a good job to stay out front but after a couple of laps he choked and handed the lead to Madison. You don’t need to give him an invitation as he drove off into the distance while the focus was mid pack with a 5 car battle for 2nd. That lasted quite a while until heavy contact going into the hairpin. This split the group and soon came the Chequered. Madison taking the win with Nathan Tregarthen doing a stella job in the lone ute to take 2nd with Brooks in 3rd.

By Matt Anderson / Shane Gilfeather

The cars had great reviews from Madison and the drivers so we are keen to see how the season pans out. Next race will be on the 2nd Feb in Adelaide.

Race Results:


Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Points
Madison Down 1 1 2 2 1 94
Jason Brooks 2 2 3 1 3 84
Nathan Tregarthen 5 5 4 5 2 66
Jeremy Pernesz 3 6 5 3 5 65
Mick Floyd 4 8 1 6 6 64
Allan Marks 6 3 6 4 4 63
Iain McIntosh 7 4 7 7 9 51
James Delaney 8 7 8 8 8 46
Poland Lau 9 10 10 10 7 39
Jamie Scanlan 10 9 9 9 10 38



        2015 Summer Series League
Drivers State Symmons Plains Adelaide Oran Park Amaroo Park Pukekohe Townsville Gold Coast Homebush Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Madison Down NSW 20               0 20 1st
Jason Brooks NSW 17               0 17 2nd
Nathan Tregarthen NSW 15               0 15 3rd
Jeremy Pernesz NSW 13               0 13 4th
Mick Floyd NSW 12               0 12 5th
Allan Marks NSW 11               0 11 6th
Iain McIntosh QLD 10               0 10 7th
James Delaney NSW 9               0 9 8th
Poland Lau NSW 8               0 8 9th
Jamie Scanlan QLD 7               0 7 10th


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