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RESULTS: Monday Night GT3 League 2016 - Round 4 @ Sebring USA

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Not a lot to mention. The guys spent most of the time selecting what vehicle to drive as Sebring offers pro's and con's which evens out the playing field for the different manufactures. It was Allan Marks who stole the 5 min shoot out putting the Ginetta on Pole. Nathan Tregarthen will fill the front row. Shane Gilfeather will start from 3rd.

Race :

While Allan was on Pole he had some trouble getting the Ginetta off the line. He was also clipped by Andrea Montermini which saw Tim Hamilton and Nathan Tregarthen take full advantage moving up the front. Shane Gilfeather was also caught napping as his launch was delayed. That gave Michael Donnellan a bit of a scare as he had nowhere to go. Tim overshot the sharp right hander at Turn 10 giving Tregarthen the lead. Allan Managed to get himself back up the front to put pressure on, That was until he cooked it coming out of Turn 7 falling back to P6. Then he and Gilfeather where battling for the next few laps. Allan dove hard under brakes and over shot Turn 10 drifting into the path of Gilfeather send him in a spin. Meanwhile Hamilton has regained the lead.

Michael Donnellan in the Bentley and Theo Kondouris in the SupaBarn Porsche are keeping each company as Hamilton makes another mistake into T10 religuashing the lead to Tregarthen. That was short lived as Allan Marks started to find his groove and take the lead and run away. It was looking like a 2 stop race but the top runners decided to stretch it out to Lap 23 which was past the half way point. While in the lead Allan Marks decides to pit but the pit crew started to repair the damage costing him 15 seconds and possibly the win. He exits the pits in P3. Tregarthen pits a lap later to rejoin in P2. This left Hamilton out front for the remainder of the race while Tregarthen, Gilfeather and Marks stayed together for P2, 3 & 4. Gilfeather and Marks swapping turns gave Tregarthen some breathing space. Marks came undone on T3 and lost contact with the fight for the top 3 as the race finished with Hamilton taking his 2nd Checkered in a row. Tregarthen finishing in P2 and Gilfeather close behind in P3. Marks in P4 and Donnellan in P5.

By Shane Gilfeather

>>Race Result<<

Championship Table:


    2016 GT3 League
Drivers State R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Tim Hamilton GC 10 17 20 20                     67 1st
Nathan Tregarthen SYD 15 12 13 17                     57 2nd
Pat O'Reilly SYD 13 20 15 0                     48 3rd
Shane Gilfeather SYD 0 11 11 15                     37 4th
Allan Marks SYD 0 0 17 13                     30 5th
Marty Porter SYD 7 10 12 0                     29 6th
Michael Donnellan SYD 9 8 0 12                     29 7th
Jaycie Richards SYD 11 15 0 0                     26 8th
Scott Durham SYD 12 13 0 0                     25 9th
Francarlo Rizzo BNE 20 0 0 0                     20 10th
Jonathan Cheung SYD 17 0 0 0                     17 11th
Wade Benson BNE 6 9 0 0                     15 12th
Joe Ferraro SYD 0 0 10 0                     10 13th
Jeremy Pernesz SYD 0 0 9 0                     9 14th
Rory Boyd BNE 8 0 0 0                     8 15th


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