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RESULTS: Monday Night GT3 League 2016 - Round 3 @ Suzuka JPN

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The boys had to get used to the new cars as all manufactures had introduced the new season cars. A 5 min qually sessions was not really long enough to heat the tyres up but they all did well. Joe Ferraro was showing great pace in practice but failed to show up for Qually as he seemed to be locked in the mens room but he made it to the start line at the back of the grid.


Hamilton Qualified front row, but rolling down the hill at race start gave drive-thru penalty. After running through pits at end of lap 1 he returned to the field in 7th pos… Gilfeather was first to fall down a lap with his limited practice. He also had transmission issues and forced to drive in auto mode. Joe Ferraro found it hard to get in a rhythm but once he did starting punching in some good laps. 

By lap 16 Hamilton had fought through the whole field, and finally taken his original P2 back off Pat O’Rielly.
Joe Ferraro pits on lap 24 to let the field past – now a lap down… Most of the race leaders peel in also for their pitstop… Meanwhile Hamilton stays out to run in the clear air.

The race is coming close to the end, Hamilton is STILL out on his shredded up old tyres, and now Marks and Jeremy are closing in at a threatening pace. Jeremy trying to complete the entire race on the same set but he fell 2 laps short and blew his front right tyre dropping to the back of the field. Tim pushing hard to catch the next back marker Marty Porter for a lift out of Spoon, but he is just out of reach as Hamilton struggles to hold speed under the bridge each lap.

By Chris Herringe


Championship Points:


    2016 GT3 League
Drivers State 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Pat O'Reilly SYD 13 20 15                       48 1st
Tim Hamilton GC 10 17 20                       47 2nd
Nathan Tregarthen SYD 15 12 13                       40 3rd
Marty Porter SYD 7 10 12                       29 4th
Jaycie Richards SYD 11 15 0                       26 5th
Scott Durham SYD 12 13 0                       25 6th
Shane Gilfeather SYD 0 11 11                       22 7th
Francarlo Rizzo BNE 20 0 0                       20 8th
Jonathan Cheung SYD 17 0 0                       17 9th
Michael Donnellan SYD 9 8 0                       17 10th
Allan Marks SYD 0 0 17                       17 11th
Wade Benson BNE 6 9 0                       15 12th
Joe Ferraro SYD 0 0 10                       10 13th
Jeremy Pernesz SYD 0 0 9                       9 14th
Rory Boyd BNE 8 0 0                       8 15th


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