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RESULTS: Monday Night GT3 League 2016 - Round 2 @ Bathurst AUS

Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Round 2 of the GT3 League was at Australias iconic Bathurst circuit and the drivers needed no introduction as they set off for their practice session. Some hot laps were set but some hotter ones would be seen in the next session.


It was obvious that the guys meant business as the short 5 min qualify session could only see the guys post at least 2 hotlaps. It looked like Jaycie had the goods until the last minute Pat clinched pole. It was obvious that Pat was sandbagging but could he deliver in the race ?

>>Qually Result<<


The green light drops and Pat pulls a substantial lead right off the start and keeps gaining room as Jaycie and Nathan battle hard for 2nd place. Tim and Scott are close behind. The rest of the grid is evenly spread out with Shane, Wade, Marty, Michael.

Lap 13 sees Pat catch the first of the backmarkers as Michael pulls to pits early to let him pass. Tim and Nathan also pits this lap, letting Jaycie and Scott push on to try and gain back ground. As Shane comes in he realises that he has to wait for Nathan as he is forced to double stack. Over the next 2 minutes the rest of the field takes a turn through pits for their first set of fresh tyres. 

TIMS STRATEGY PAYS OFF! He gains a free tow off of Michael to now close the difference to P1 at less than 10 seconds. Scott and Jaycie later come out of pits bumper-to-bumper battling for 3rd, and Nathan is only just getting into turn 1 as the others charge up Mountain Straight. The rest of the pack is still evenly spread but now Michael is on older tyres than Shane, Wade, and Marty.

As we reach the halfway mark Nathan has to pit again due to a massive accident and Shane goes up a spot. Pat is pulling away on Tim’s Audi again as he passes another backmarker. Lap 27 sees half of the field pit, with Jaycie and Pat opting to stay out with Wade in between them. Michael on the fresher tyres is gaining ground on Wade who is trying to pull a 1-stop race!

On the last lap Jaycie has a spectacular accident coming off skyline and loses a wheel later that lap resulting a sub 3 minute lap! Pat takes the Checquered with Tim in 2nd and Jaycie in 3rd.

>>Race Result<<

Next Round is Suzuka on the 28th March !

By Chris Herringe

Championship Table:
    2016 GT3 League
Drivers State R1  R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Pat O'Reilly SYD 13 20                         33 1st
Nathan Tregarthen SYD 15 12                         27 2nd
Tim Hamilton GC 10 17                         27 3rd
Jaycie Richards SYD 11 15                         26 4th
Scott Durham SYD 12 13                         25 5th
Francarlo Rizzo BNE 20 0                         20 6th
Jonathan Cheung SYD 17 0                         17 7th
Michael Donnellan SYD 9 8                         17 8th
Marty Porter SYD 7 10                         17 9th
Wade Benson BNE 6 9                         15 10th
Shane Gilfeather SYD 0 11                         11 11th
Rory Boyd BNE 8 0                         8 12th


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