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RESULTS: Monday Night GT3 League 2015 - Round 4 @ Dubai UAE

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A new GT3 challenger emerges at Dubai Autodrome!

With the impressive pace of Francarlo that he usually demonstrates at Racecentre, it would hard to believe that tonight was only the first of his GT3 victories of this season. The results showed that he narrowly beat the always tough - Ross Rizzo by 0.632 seconds over the 90 minute race. But it was withholding a league newbie, Karl Raper that surprised the competition.

Qually:   >>Results<<

Allan and Pat joined practice early and established that the Porsche would be a popular choice for the long, high-speed turns of Dubai. Early-risers also included Chris Herringe who would show new guy-Kyle Wadley the ropes. Despite the long and hard-to-learn layout, most drivers were held together by less than 2 seconds, meaning strategy and car choice could determine the winner. Francarlo in the Audi R8 took pole, whilst Ross and his Lamborghini Gallardo lined up to his side.

Race:  >>Results<<

The race started wildly into turn one, only three cars remaining on the racing surface. Francarlo came off worst, whilst Karl took to the lead. A timely server reset required a race restart nullifying any advantages. This time the Rizzo’s got off the line equally. Karl dropped to the back, but some smart moves saw him back to 3rd by the end of the lap. Nathan got together with Allan which would require a comeback through the field. This would prove especially difficult given the strength of competition against him. The top three appeared to form their own battle pack. Karl threw his Nissan down the inside virtually sideways successfully into the lead, and continued to swap places with Francarlo.

The 43 lap race made the choice between two or three stops an awkward one. Shane, Nathan and especially Tim, managed considerably more laps than others on the first stint to give themselves options for later. Karl forgot to inform the crew to not repair some minor cosmetic damage, which left him stranded for more than 30 seconds in pit lane.

Despite the long race, it was intriguing to watch the Porsches of Scott Durham, Pat O’Reilly and Allan Marks and Nathan’s Ferrari fighting for 4th to 8th, setting times within the same 2 minute flat bracket. The two stop strategy appeared to be the correct choice of the night, which did not suit the front left tyre wear of the Porsches. Karl did a remarkable job on catching back up to the Rizzo’s and even temporarily lead again, but in doing so he had burnt his rubber, scoring a puncture on the final lap. He was so close!

The much-needed win by Francarlo should lead into momentum for the next race – the treacherous Laguna Seca!

By Matt Anderson

Championship Points:


        2015 GT3 League
Drivers State Bathurst Suzuka Sebring Dubai Laguna Seca LeMans Spa Nordschleife Watkins Fuji Macau ???? Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Ross Rizzo QLD 0 20 20 17                   57 1st
Pat O'Reilly NSW 15 15 17 9                   56 2nd
Nathan Tregarthan NSW 11 10 13 13                   47 3rd
Francarlo Rizzo QLD 0 17 9 20                   46 4th
Allan Marks NSW 12 13 10 10                   45 5th
Tim Hamilton QLD 17 0 15 11                   43 6th
Shane Gilfeather NSW 13 11 11 7                   42 7th
Scott Durham NSW 9 0 12 12                   33 8th
Jason Brooks NSW 20 12 0 0                   32 9th
Chris Herringe QLD 8 0 4 8                   20 10th
Kyle Raper NSW 0 0 0 15                   15 11th
Ryan Healy QLD 4 8 0 0                   12 12th
Chris Naumovski NSW 6 0 5 0                   11 13th
Iain McIntosh QLD 10 0 0 0                   10 14th
David Lord NSW 0 9 0 0                   9 15th
Adam Reblitz NSW 0 0 8 0                   8 16th
Eduardo Rubio NSW 0 0 7 0                   7 17th
Jeremy Pernesz NSW 7 0 0 0                   7 18th
Steven Wright QLD 0 0 6 0                   6 19th
Enda Murphy QLD 5 0 0 0                   5 20th
Bronte Hitchcock QLD 3 0 0 0                   3 21st
Kyle Lovering QLD 2 0 0 0                   2 22nd


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