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RESULTS: Monday Night GT3 League 2015 - Round 2 @ Suzuka JPN

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

With the return of the 2014 GT3 champion and runner up the field was anxious to see how the Rizzo's would go with the new GT3 cars. It also saw the return of the 201 V8 Champion David Lord. With that star studded field who could blame them. Some drivers found some extra speed with the new cars and hoped that they had an advantage over them. Only time would tell.


The short 5 minute qualify session began and a few little mind games were witnessed during practice, in terms of revealing true pace and car choice. Especially shifty was Jason featured as ‘the Possum’ who sneaked a 1:56.187 into Qualifying, taking the entire field by surprise (Rizzo’s included).

>>Qualify Results<<


Francarlo, sharing the front row, dived to the front on the opening lap of the race to lead the field through possibly the cleanest start in Racecentre history! Shane and Ryan managed to trade their positions multiple times over the first few laps. The top-3 ran away but Pat was ever-so determined to lead the second battle pack with his high-beams on to inform Allan Marks. Allan’s Nismo just appeared to have the extra ‘oomph’ compared to the Porsches of Allan and David (closely behind). On lap 4, Jason identified a brief lock-up from Francarlo and slips through Spoon Curve for the lead. David and Pat alternate taking a swing at Allan each to no avail.

Francarlo and Allan pulled over for scheduled stops first after 11 laps. The following lap saw everyone else, but Jason in the lane. Jason pushed for the two-stopper, but completely disintegrated his front rubber in the process as he blew his left front he had to nurse back to the pits for a costly change of tyres. Ross was the next in line for the lead with 10 seconds handy to Francarlo. Jason’s risk also netted him a stop-go penalty for corner cutting back to pit lane and also a drive-through for speeding while serving it!

On lap 23, Pat finally found the turn one weakness in Allan’s podium defence. Both pit later that lap and once again resume their battle. Nathan ran into a bit of bad luck which knocked off his splitter. David Lord being caught out by the other drivers pace and experience was sitting around P7. Jason with a remarkable comeback, squeezed in one last spot on the last lap by passing Shane for 5th just before the chequered flag. Ross managed his 42 second lead over Francarlo for the win, and Pat to round out the podium.

By Matt Anderson.

>>Race Results<<

Championship Table:


        2015 GT3 League
Drivers State RD 1 RD 2 RD 3 RD 4 RD 5 RD 6 RD 7 RD 8 RD 9 RD 10 RD 11 RD 12 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Jason Brooks NSW 20 12                       32 1st
Pat O'Reilly NSW 15 15                       30 2nd
Allan Marks NSW 12 13                       25 3rd
Shane Gilfeather NSW 13 11                       24 4th
Nathan Tregarthan NSW 11 10                       21 5th
Ross Rizzo QLD 0 20                       20 6th
Tim Hamilton QLD 17 0                       17 7th
Francarlo Rizzo QLD 0 17                       17 8th
Ryan Healy QLD 4 8                       12 9th
Iain McIntosh QLD 10 0                       10 10th
Scott Durham NSW 9 0                       9 11th
David Lord NSW 0 9                       9 12th
Chris Herringe QLD 8 0                       8 13th
Jeremy Pernesz NSW 7 0                       7 14th
Chris Naumovski NSW 6 0                       6 15th
Enda Murphy QLD 5 0                       5 16th
Bronte Hitchcock QLD 3 0                       3 17th
Kyle Lovering QLD 2 0                       2 18th


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