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RESULTS: Monday Night DTM League 2015 - Round 5 @ Speilberg - Redbull Ring

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Race 1:

-          Ross tried to overtake Pat into turn 2, but was too far back.

-          Shane moved up to P4 after the first lap

-          Lap 2, Brad overtook Donnellan at turn 2, but Donnellan gain the place back in the second sector

-          Lap 3, Enda Murphy tried a move into turn 2, but Brad held onto the outside and kept the place

-          Ross is closing in on Pat at 3 tenths a second

-          Lap 4, Martin lost the rear of the car into turn 3 and ended up in P8

-          Lap 5, Ross is now right on the gearbox of Pat with less than 3 tenths between them

-          Lap 6, Pat made a mistake out of turn 1 and allowed Ross to close right up. The pair was side by side into turn 2, but Pat successfully defended his position

-          Last lap, Ross tried a move into turn 1, but Pat once again came out of the turn ahead

-          Pat P1, Ross P2 and Jaycie P3

-          Francarlo and Donnellan made their way past Shane to P4 and P5.

Race 2:

-          Enda overtook Gilfeathers for the lead into turn 2

-          Rizzo brothers charged through the field on the first lap and was P2 and P3 by end of lap 1

-          But Francarlo spun out of T1 and dropped back to P8

-          Naumovski had a great exit out of the last turn, and overtook Gilfeathers before T1

-          But he gone in too deep into turn 3 and lost two positions

-          Up front, Ross Rizzo has opened up the gap to Jaycie and O’Reilly with a fastest lap of the race. The gap is now 3 seconds on lap 4

-          Francarlo also gained a few places and is now in P4

-          Lap 5, Pat tried to overtake Jaycie into turn 2 around the outside. But he outbraked himself and went wide.

-          Naumovski is all over Gilfeathers gearbox looking for a way to pass.

-          Unfortunately he spun out of the last turn and had a huge impact against the barriers, severely damaging his car.

-          Donnellan and Martin took the opportunity and overtook Naumovski easily out of the corners.

-          Lap 9, everyone is spreadout. But Pat made a mistake into turn 2 and allowed Francarlo to take P3.

-          Ross takes the win, with Jaycie coming home P2. Francarlo made a great recovery after a disastrous first lap.

Race 3:

-          Donnellan jumped start and received a drive through penalty

-          Naumovski and Enda maintained their position by the end of Lap 1, with Jaycie following closely behind

-          Naumovski hit the curb too hard out of the esses and spun, dropping back to P5

-          Jaycie Richards is now in the lead, with Ross and Francarlo in P2 and P3

-          Shane made a move on Martin into turn 1 on lap 4, and Naumovski tried to follow through. But Martin held his position against Naumovski and kept P8

-          Lap 6, the Rizzo brothers are closing in on Richards at 3 tenths a lap.

-          The next lap, Ross passed Richards on the inside into turn 3. Richards is now under attack from Francarlo.

-          Lap 8, the trio are still battling all over the track with Ross out front, and Richards and Francarlo closely behind.

-          Richards made a mistake at turn 1 on lap 9, finally allowing Francarlo to pass.

-          Ross, Francarlo and Jaycie.

Race 4

-          Jaycie made the most out of the first lap chaos and came out on top with a 2.5 second gap to Chris

-          Ross and Francarlo also charged through the field, and was P3 and P4 by the end of lap 2.

-          Francarlo spun however, at the end of lap 3, and dropped all the way back to P7.

-          Lap 4, Ross had a better exit and was able to overtake Naumovski into turn 2.

-          The pair continues to battle all through the lap. Ross attempted a move around the outside on lap 6. The pair touched, with Ross coming out of the turn in front.

-          Naumovski made a mistake on the same lap, and dropped to P5. As a result, he decided to pit on the next lap to take advantage of the clear track.

-          Donnellan and Martin followed Naumovski into the pits. The trio joined at the back of the grid.

-          Pat decided to pit on lap 11, and he re-joined in P5. On fresh tyres, Pat immediately closed up the gap to Rizzo passed him easily into turn 3.

Race 5:

-          Shane gets a great start to lead them into turn but gets ploughed off the track sending him to the rear of the field with a lot of work to do.

-          Francarlo quickly made it through the field to claim P1 by the end of lap 1, with Naumovski and Richards completing the top 3. O’Reilly and Ross follows closely behind.

By Jonno Cheung


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