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RESULTS: Monday Mixed League Championship Round 3 - LMP-1 @ Silverstone 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Silverstone; Heaps of history and a modern makeover - The drivers either love it or hate it. Despite its flat layout, it challenges through high-speeds, technical driving and technical thinking – making the Le Mans Prototype a perfect match. Those luscious, curved sport cars favour the smart driver – one who can understand her intricate set-up tendencies. Qualifying highlighted a wide spread of speed but the usual top-3 suspects were a class of their own; Michael Palladino led David Lord and Iain Salteri (all in the 1:40 bracket. However, if having sunny British weather was of sign of things to come – expect some surprises.

Race One – 10 laps
Ross Rizzo, who chose this week’s combination, started with disaster. Failing to leave the grid, chaos erupted behind him sending cars everywhere. Track officials declared a restart, but Ross still somewhat struggled to keep up. Sam Owen was eager to make early ground and influenced Jason off the track into a spin - Luckily only receiving a warning for his actions. Michael took early charge of the race, with Iain and David in hot pursuit. Iain’s motor expired before long, perhaps not comfortable in the close dirty air. In a similar fashion to the F1 Pirelli’s aggressive compounds were in use this round and even prompted pit stops in this sprint race. Almost too much action on track and pit lane to keep up with! The shuffled up grid found a recovered Ross lurking behind brother Francarlo, pressuring on every turn! Michael takes 1st over David and Ross.

Race 2 – 15 laps
Both Jason Brooks and Iain’s crew managed impressively quick engine changes just in time for race two. The formula for this one was simple – reverse qualifying grid. Light’s out, 3-wide into turn one, you probably know where this is going … cars and contact everywhere! Somehow Iain and Ross slip through and breakaway on the first lap. Iain loops it through the slow stuff, Ross slips though, Iain takes it back. Meanwhile, David and Michael bunch up with Jeremy Pernesz fighting for the 3rd podium spot. Jeremy and Shane both demonstrate how the tyres fall off the proverbial cliff with spectacular, if not skilful, pirouettes. Sam’s front tyres fell off the rim altogether! Up front, Iain takes the win over Ross and David.

Race 3 – 20 laps
Drivers received a short break to catch their breaths and devise their schemes for the big one. Unfortunately, there’s another muck-up on the start – poor Scott Durham lands on his head trying to avoid a stalled car! After clearing up the carnage, a race restart showcased an entertaining first lap battle. David was unlucky to get out-muscled and picked up some damage to repair. Iain comes out on top of the group with Michael keeping him in sight. Sam altered his bodywork via the tyre barriers and retires. Jason’s rotten luck continued, he’ll have kitty litter nightmares for a while now.
At the halfway point, it would appear the majority were having uneventful races. But in reality, they were nailing fast-lap after fast lap- a superb performance. Michael was the first to bolt on scheduled fresh rubber. Jeremy follows suit, but was unaware of his incurred bodywork damage and has to sit in the pits for longer than expected. Surprisingly, Iain manages to last on his first set of tyres whilst holding a 28 second lead over Michael … until Michael’s engine pops! On the final lap, Iain’s car goes severely off pace, the tyres putting on an embarrassing tantrum. Ross and Jeremy sense a chance at glory, but Iain’s lead was just too much to chase down. Iain’s second win of the night bumps him to the top spot of the championship by one point over David! However the round win goes to giant-slayer, Ross Rizzo – Well done!


      2013 Mixed League
Drivers Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Total Points Current Place
Iain Salteri 17 17 17           51 1st
David Lord 15 20 15           50 2nd
Ross Rizzo 10 13 20           43 3rd
Michael Palladino 20 9 13           42 4th
Jeremy Pernesz 13 15 12           40 5th
Francarlo Rizzo 8 10 11           29 6th
Jason Brooks 7 13 8           28 7th
Scott Durham 12 0 9           21 8th
Nathan Trentgarthen 9 11 0           20 9th
Sam Owen 11 0 7           18 10th
Shane Gilfeather 0 0 10           10 11th
Josh Hunter 0 8 0           8 12th
Enda Murphy 0 7 0           7 13th
Andre Heimgartner
0 6 0           6 14th

by Matt Anderson


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