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RESULTS: Golden Ticket Race "Historix" Lotus Elan 26R @ Oulton Park

Friday, August 02, 2013

A Historic car for a Historic Track. The Lotus Elan 26R was the car of the day and the guys raced it around Oulton Park for the chance to win the next Golden Ticket event. It was a glorious outing in the Cheshire countryside. The circuit celebrating its 60th anniversary would see some great racing from some new…..and not so new faces.


Knowing that the Lotus was like no modern car the guys had to re-adjust their driving style. Jason Brooks who had come in a day earlier for track practice was showing early form with a 1:47:746 with Ross Rizzo was close behind.  The newbies Mark Taylor and Grant Williams was demonstrating some good driving etiquette by letting the faster guys go past on their Hotlap. Speaking of Hotlap Guns David Lord was struggling coming to terms with the vintage posting a 1:50:888 in P5. Jason takes Pole then R Rizzo in P2, Matt Refalo in P3 and F Rizzo in P4.

Race #1:

It’s a clean start for everybody but Darren Chisholm jumps the green to cop a drive through penalty. Brooks leading with Ross Rizzo very close behind. Mark Taylor finds the sand trap early on L2costing him some time. David Lord now up into P3 chasing the rear bumper of Ross. Francarlo stuck on the grass on the inside of the track loses touch with the leaders. This allowed Refalo through to join the back of Ross who was now in P3. A lap later and Lord makes a mistake on T1 to drop back to P4. Brooksie now out to a 13 second lead. Half way and all eyes are on the battle for P2 between Refalo and Lord. Refalo doing well to keep his cool in front of Lord. This battle only allows Brooksie to extend his lead out front. Three laps to go and Ross is having trouble staying on the track as Jeremy Pernesz and Francarlo join him in a dog fight for P4. With Jason Brooks benefitting from yesterdays practice session he has now stretched his lead to over 33 sec’s over Refalo & Lord a further 20 sec. Pernesz and Rizzo are now swapping turns passing Lord who found the dense gravel trap rejoining in P6.The chequered flag flies and its “The Dominator” Jason Brooks taking a well-deserved win with Matt Refalo in P2 and Jeremy Pernesz taking P3.

Race #2:

Again most of the field get away cleanly with mark Taylor jumping the start. David Lord doing well to get to P1 early. Pernesz also got a cracking start in P2 while “The Dominator” pressures him in P3. Refalo makes a mistake on T4 moving him back to P7 where he spent most of the race. With 4 laps to go Brooksie has a commanding lead of 40 secs while he nurses his tyres home to the finish. Ross in P2 & Pernesz in P3 scrapping away while Lord is gaining on the pair. In the scrap Ross Rizzo runs hot and punts Pernesz into the grass and cops a 20 sec penalty post-race due to the protest lodged by Pernesz. Refalo now moving up the order into P5 and looking for his next victim. Williams and Taylor having a good old ding dong battle at the back of the field for P8. Williams eventually pitting for tyres as he’s finding it too hard on the old tyres. “The Dominator” taking his second win ahead of Pernesz in P2 (after penalty) and Rizzo in P3.

Race #3:

No jump starts on the opening lap but Lord found the grass and turned the car around while “The Dominator” resumes his usual position at the front with Pernesz close behind. Lap 4 and Brooksie has a commanding lead of over 10 sec but the scrap for P2 is heating up with Pernesz, Lord, Rizzo, Chisholm and Refalo all contesting. Williams loses control on the last corner and accidentally slides along the grass into pit entry. He then thinks “While I’m here” and pits for tyres and fuel. Chisholm doing well in P3 spins on Lap 8 losing a spot to Rizzo with Lord with 3 secs of him. Lap 9 and “The Dominator” makes his first mistake of the night. Was it time to change tyres ??? Each pit stop is costing the drivers 2:28 secs which would feel like a lifetime. It also puts them a lap down during the process. Refalo is the first to make a scheduled pit stop for tyres on Lap 10 but ends up retiring due to fatigue. Pernesz and Lord with a solid battle for P2. Fourteen laps down and the top order are reluctant to pit but were not sure if those tyres are going to last the distance ???? Lord who just pitted is starting to fight back through the field is now back up to P4. Lap 17 and Pernesz receives a stop/go for slightly going backwards while re-joining the circuit. Jason Brooks too good out front almost lapping Ross Rizzo in P2 on the final lap. Pernesz brings it home in P3. 

Congratulations to Jason Brooks for taking a well deserved win and scoring yourself the next Golden Ticket !!



Pos Driver Race #1 Race #2 Race #3 Points
1st Jason Brooks "The Dominator" 1st 1st 1st 60
2nd Jeremy Pernesz 3rd 2nd 3rd 47
3rd Ross Rizzo 5th 3rd 2nd 44
4th Matthew Refalo 2nd 5th 8th 38
5th David Lord  6th 4th 4th 37
6th Darren Chisholm 7th 7th 5th 32
7th Grant Williams 9th 8th 6th 28
8th Mark Taylor 8th 9th 7th 27
9th Francarlo Rizzo 4th 6th DNS 24

By Shane Gilfeather


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