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RESULTS - Thursday Night Top Gear Comp - Radicals at Sydney Motorsport Park

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The 2nd Round of the Top Gear Competition saw us racing the Radicals at Sydney Motorsport Park. We were fortunate to have Liam Talbot the current Radical SR3 Champion join us for the event. There was some close racing amongst the drivers. Lets see how they went.

Race 1:

Todd Varacalli has a big spin in Lap 1 sending him to the back of the grid. Liam Talbot getting air on lap 2, lets Todd back into the battle for P3.
Meanwhile Jason Brooks is all over the back of Scott McDonald fighting for P1, headlights on, and tyres spinning on every exit. The chance finally opens up in Lap 10 where Brooks passes McDonald cleanly.
The last few laps are getting shaky, as everyone wears down the last of their tyres but its Brooks who  manages to hold onto the win.

Race 2 Reverse Grid:

Todd punches through to P1 aggressively, Brooks giving him plenty of room before beginning his attack on Lap 3 - Scott McDonald closely follows.
Brooks' move fails, hopping a sand trap and losing 1st position.
Liam has clawed his way back to P4 after an earlier incident with Simon Winters and Wayne Sutton in turn 2.
It's now Lap 8, a tap between Brooks and Todd Varacalli sends Todd into the sand on the high-speed Turn 1 - our first DNF of the night. Liam Talbot also spins, letting Andrew Sutton into P3. Brooks never catches Scott in P1 who is now equal points for the round.

Race 3:

Jason Brooks and Scott are in another tight battle for P1, until Lap 4 with Brooks braking too late into Turn 4, sending him deep into the sand trap.
Wayne is comfortably conserving in P3, and Liam battles Andrew Sutton for P4.
Liam Talbot is the first to pit, on Lap 7, after powering onto the straight too hard, and fishtailing into the wall.
Lap 12 sees Simon Winters cop a drive-through for failing to give way to Wayne. Brooks also pits 1 lap ahead of Scott, putting him in the lead once the grid straightens back out. Liam Talbot withdraws from the race with car failure.

The race continues smoothly until lap 22 where Andrew Sutton pits to repair prior damage, then slides out on cold tyres turn 4, heavily hitting Brooks' wall, and limping his car to through his (now) last lap, alongside Winters.

Racecentre - Top Gear Comp
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1st   Jason Brooks 1 2 1 57
2nd   Scott McDonald 2 1 2 54
3rd   Liam Talbot 4 4 6 38
4th   Simon Winters 5 6 5 35
5th   Andrew Sutton 0 3 4 28
6th   Wayne Sutton 0 5 3 27
7th   Todd Varacalli 3 7 0 25


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