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RESULTS - Race to Reality Heat # 11 @ Oran Park

Thursday, August 08, 2013

After an extended break we return to the Legendary track of Oran Park. A place that every Motorsport enthusiast wishes was still around with the Iconic Bridgestone bridge standing proud in the middle of the paddock.


With the practice on earlier in the week it was clear that the lap times where going to be a sub 1min 20's but when Muggonation hit the track it was clear that a competitive lap was going to be the low 1min 17's and that exactly what he posted early on with a 1:17:301. Andrew Le doing his best to keep Josh honest with a 1:17.775. Josh went on to smash a 1:17:032 to put him firmly on pole position. Andrew Le will start from P2 and a very impressive Robby Thomae starting in P3.


With the cars all lined up we were just waiting for one more to join the grid before the green lights lit. Unfortunately the green light came before Mark Richards and Mark found himself starting from pit row. As the grid got underway it was Muggo with a clinical start and Andrew Le kissing his back bumper into the first kink. All incident free everyone makes into single file heading under the bridge for the first time. Over the line for the first time and its Muggo leading Le, Thomae in p3 and Hartley P4. Daniel Briant makes a move in Jonno Barrie for P7 with a great move through the kink and under brakes into turn 2. Soon after and Andrew Le puts it in the dirt and on turn 7 and found the fence at Shell corner. This pretty much ended his race as he re-joined in P9 and needing to visit the pits. Michael Manley also with an early exit as he gets loose on turn 9. It was a soft spin onto the infeild but as it was still on the racing line he was collected by Luke Emmerton. Emerton takes a trip through pit lane and re-joins right behind Barrie and Richards to make it a 3 way scrp for P5. up the front and Muggo has now got a 8 second lead over Thomae and Hartley who are in a battle for P2. This scrap has been very entertaining as the guys are showing their great driving skills to race within .2 seconds of each other and not swap paint. This scrap was fondly refered to as the "Robby Rob Show". Robby Thomae has is a seasoned campaigner of the Race To Reality series and his determination and improvements as a driver has not gone unoticed.

At the halfway mark and Jonno Barrie and Luke Emerton are nose tail through the kink at the end of the front straight and Barrie applies a bit too much front brake which sends his car in a spin right in front of Emerton leaving him nowhere to go but straight in the sie of Barrie as they both go off track at the end of turn 2. The Robbie Rob show is still going as the gap is now only .6 secs. Mark Richards doing a fantastic drive from starting in pitlane to be up into P4. This is a great drive from him as he is more renowned for his Oval achievements.

Muggonation too good out the front now with a 24 second lead with 10 minutes to go in the race. Hartley showing his experience by not cracking under the pressure of Thomae as the gap between the never extended anymore then 1.5 seconds. Thomae tried a move under braking in turn 2 but decided to back out of it and not cause an accident. Smart driving from Thomae.

At the Checkered its Josh Muggleton whow takes the win 33 seconds ahead of Rob Hartley in P2 and a well deserved 3rd place to Robby Thomae. A special mention to Mark Richards who finished in P4 while starting in pitlane.

Congratulations to Josh Muggleton and Rob Hartley who have advance to the Finals.


Fin Pos Driver Start Pos Interval Average Lap Time Fastest Lap Time
1 Josh Muggleton 1 0 01:18.7 01:18.1
2 Rob Hartley 4 -33.477 01:19.7 01:18.9
3 Robby Thomae 3 -34.782 01:19.7 01:19.1
4 Mark Richards 5 -1 L 01:21.1 01:19.9
5 Luke Emerton 6 -2 L 01:22.1 01:20.0
6 Jonno Barrie 8 -4 L 01:26.5 01:20.7
7 Daniel Briant 9 -17 L 01:23.9 01:21.3
8 Andrew Le 2 -25 L 01:19.3 01:17.8
9 Michael Manley 7 -30 L 01:22.8 01:22.8

By Shane Gilfeather


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