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RESULTS - Monday Night Mixed League 2015 S1 - WTCC @ Brands Hatch GP

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Jaycie Richards set the early pace with his first flying lap, with Iain McIntosh following closely in P2. But Shane Gilfeather and Chris Naumovski came from behind at the end of qualifying, and stole P1 and P2 respectively from the early pace setters. McIntosh completed the top 3 only 0.4 seconds behind the pole sitter. Jaycie Richards struggled to improve his first flying lap, and he will be starting in P4.

Race 1:

The tight turn 2 proved to be very tricky for the drivers at the start, with multiple accidents up and down the grid. Chris Naumovski got a perfect start off the line to take P1, and led all the way to the chequered flag with Iain McIntosh closely behind. Gilfeather dropped to P3 after the accident on lap 1, while Richards maintained his P4 position despite the chaos on lap 1.

Race 2:

The reverse grid has put Michael Donnellan and new-comer Brodie Perry on the front row. Although the pair got away cleanly, an accident at turn 2 dropped the pair all the way to the back. David Carter and Jaycie Richards charged through the grid to take P1 and P2 respectively by the half way mark. The pair continues to trade position all through the race, with Jaycie Richards ultimately taking the victory. David Carter came home P2 with Iain McIntosh behind in P3. Race 1 winner Naumovski finished fourth with Chris Campbell completing the top 5.

Race 3:

The reverse grid provided an exciting start to race 3, with the pace setters charging through the field from the back of the grid. Naumovski and Gilfeather had a great getaway off the line, and ultimately finished P1 and P2 respectively with David Carter finishing off the podium in P3. While Jaycie Richards set the fastest lap of the race once again, he struggled to find a way past McIntosh. Iain McIntosh and Jaycie Richards finished P4 and P5 respectively. Marty Porter had a massive accident on lap 1 which dropped him to the back of the grid, but he recovered nicely with a P6 finish.

Race 4:

Starting from P7, Jaycie Richard managed to clear the field to take the lead by the end of lap 2. Jaycie and Shane took off from the rest of the pack to take P1 and P2 respectively. Iain McIntosh continues his strong race pace to complete the podium with a P3 finish, and David Carter finished in P4 less than 2 seconds behind McIntosh. Marty Porter drove a steady pace throughout the race to cross the chequered flag in P5.

Race 5:

With four races of experience under their belt, race 5 proved to be a very exciting race with battles all through the race. Richards and McIntosh had a close fight, with Richards ultimately taking the victory and McIntosh came home in P2. David Carter had another great race, completing the podium with a P3 finish. Chris Naumovski was on track for another race victory, but unfortunately a mistake 

By Jonathan Cheung

League Table:

    2015 Mixed League - S1
Drivers Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8   Drop Rounds Total Points Current Place
Jaycie Richards 20                 20 1st 
Iain McIntosh 17                 17 2nd 
Chris Naumovski 15                 15 3rd 
David Carter 13                 13 4th 
Shane Gilfeather 12                 12 5th 
Marty Porter 11                 11 6th 
Chris Campbell 10                 10 7th 
Michael Donnellan 9                 9 8th 
Brodie Perry 8                 8 9th 
Enda Murphy 7                 7 10th 
Jayme Hemi 6                 6 11th 


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