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RESULTS - Monday Night Mixed League 2014 S2 - WTCC @ Oulton Park Int

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back by popular demand, mixed league returns for its' second time this year! Round One utilised the Extreme Touring Car based on the WTCC series at Oulton Park. 


Regular pace-setter Jeremy Pernesz, topped the 10-minute qualifying session as the only driver into the 1:30''s, Scott Durham joined him on the front row.

Race #1: 

The lights on the grid went out and the season commences! Unlike the typical nature of touring cars, we witnessed posibly the cleanest getwaway yet, even 3-wide throughout the narrow circuit. A natural dose of contact wasn't too far away as Sam Owen turned Shane Gilfeather. The battle for first was still between Jeremy and Scott. Jeremy makes a mistake but catches Scott again almost instantly. Allan, one of the first to spin, picked his way back through the field, where a 3-way battle unfolded against Enda Murphy and Adam Gill. Jeremy applied all sorts of pressure onto Scott; criss-crosses galore, but Scott held on tight. Jeremy fell victim to his own pressure and spun, rejoining into Shane and spun again. Allan on the last lap, finally gets past Enda and even Jeremy. Scott takes the opening race.

Race #2:

Race two reverted to a reverse grid format, and Shane was caught napping. A touch between Sam and Adam escalated into a huge collision, sending the two through the gravel and into the barriers. Chris Naumovski survived lap one carnage to hold first position. Enda forces him wide and Allan follows him through to continue their previous battle, but for first this time. Swapping positions a few times, Allan does all he can to keep Enda behind, earning himself a shunt from Enda. The aggressor comes off second best this time, losing time to Allan. League rookie, Nick Fittock, maintained a third place over the majority of the race. After charging from the back, Jeremy drives to second to challenge Allan for the lead. The final lap offered the duo an aggressive move each. Allan deployed the bump'n'run onto Jeremy 'successfully' and took the controversial win. After analysing the replay, the approriate warnings were issued, but exciting to watch nonetheless.

Race #3:

Scott won the line for race three, but Jeremy took the lead soon after. The two guys raced on their own out front, trading fastest laps. 3rd onwards formed a train led by someone else other than Shane (for once). Allan, who had run wide on the first corner, once again fought back through the pack. Another battle unfolded against Enda, Allan eventually got away with 3rd. Pit stops appeared to cycle through without too much drama, but Jeremy found himself with a handy lead over Scott. Allan identified the Alfa's apparently positive tyre wear and risked the no-stopper. Jeremy, with only a one lap to go, admitted to playing it safe. To Jeremy's suprise, Scott closed the gap and filled the rear-view mirror. Jeremy holds off by only 0.3's, whilst Scott secures just enough points to take the round victory! It is anyone's guess what car and track combination it will be next time, but regardless, the racing will be tight again!

By Matt Anderson

Race Results:

Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3  Points
Scott Durham 1 3 2 52
Jeremy Pernesz 6 2 1 48
Allan Marks 4 1 6 44
Shane Gilfeather 3 4 3 43
Rob Cooper 2 8 5 38
Enda Murphy 5 5 4 37
Adam Gill 7 6 9 29
Chris Naumovski 8 9 7 27
Nick Fittock 10 7 8 26
Sam Owen 9 10 10 22

Drivers Standings:


        2014 Mixed League - S2
Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Scott Durham
20                 20 1st
Jeremy Pernesz
17                 17 2nd
Allan Marks
15                 15 3rd
Shane Gilfeather
13                 13 4th
Rob Cooper
12                 12 5th
Enda Murphy
11                 11 6th
Adam Gill
10                 10 7th
Chris Naumovski
9                 9 8th
Nick Fittock
8                 8 9th
Sam Owen
7                 7 10th


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