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RESULTS - Monday Night Mixed League 2014 S2 - Historic 76 Cars @ Longford TAS

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This week, Racecentre made the long and tiring trip out to Idaho.  The small outback town provided the perfect back drop for a round of Historic, 1976 GT’s.  Everyone from the Mayor right down to the town publicans came out to watch towns much anticipated event. The publicans didn’t have to move from the bar as the local pub was one of the major turns.

Race #1:

Clean Start. Ryan Hedger leading for the first three laps until a lapse in concentration and gave it too much gas and spun, narrowly missing a cow that was having a mid-morning nap. Poor cow.  This gave Chris the lead who was relentless in chasing him down pryer to that.  Shane was was riding steady in third.  Allan only managed two laps before he made a wrong turn and found himself BBQ-ing with the locals in the car park.  Scott and Jeremy who were now tussling the back of the pack were giving each other a hard time on these long straights and tight corners.

Race #2:

CARNAGE!!!!!!  This time it was was Jeremy who went farming.  Not judging the first corner correctly,  he managed to flip his car on its roof .  Miraculously there was no damage and the locals were able to roll him back over and he was back racing again. Shane decided to switch cars for the second race to the De Tomaso Panterra and boy did he regret his decision. Within the first three laps, he spun out, got airborne and by the looks of things, managed to blow his front right shocks.  Needless to say, Shane took out the wooden spoon in this one, however he did manage to see the checkered flag after a quick pitstop.  Chris & Ryan again were out to impress the local ladies with a near perfect race, while Scott was making in-roads (pardon the pun) by holding out a podium finish. 

Race #3:

Scott had a brain explosion and lost total control braking into Turn 3, luckily there were no cows around this time. Chris and Ryan made yet another clinical start but as the field all switched to the faster De Tomaso Panterra’s they had a lot more heat from the other drivers going into the first major left hander under the railway line. The field was bunched up for a few turns before mistakes started to creep in. Up the front it was Chris, Ryan and Shane swapping turns at the front. The drafting down the back straight was like hitting the DRS button on an F1. The advantage was amazing. Braking into the last turn sorted out who had the brassier tackle as these cars would easily snap under heavy braking. A bit of rubbing panels never hurt no-one especially in these older cars as they could take the beating. It was Chris, Shane and Ryan crossing the line as they headed into the first kink on lap 3. Shane tried to take it tighter but hit the inside tyre barrier which upset the car almost losing it. He clipped Ryan sending him straight into the fence. It was just Chris and Shane left up front to fight for the lead. Shane would eventually get Chris under braking at the Pub and started to pull away. Chris also soon made a mistake which put him back under the clutches of Ryan to now battle for P2. While no-one was looking Jeremy went off into the pastures and lost his way. Both he and Allen Marks were disqualified for going around the course the wrong way trying to get back on. By now it was Shane out front with a 30 second lead over Chris and Ryan in P2 & P3. Scott doing well to hold down 4th after his earlier incident. 

With a compulsory pit stop required the drivers served them mid-way through the race. Chris requiring multiple pit stops for panel damage dropping back to 4th. At the End of the race the positions didn't change with Shane Gilfeather taking the chequered with Ryan Hedger in 2nd. Scott Durham in P3 and Chris Naumovski coming home in 4th position.

By Daniel Gialdini / Shane Gilfeather

Race Results:

Driver Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
Chris Naumovski 1 1 4 53
Ryan Hedger 2 2 2 51
Shane Gilfeather 3 6 1 46
Scott Durham 4 4 3 41
Jeremy Pernesz 5 3 6 38
Allen Marks 6 5 5 35

Drivers Standings:

        2014 Mixed League - S2
Drivers State Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Scott Durham NSW 20 15 20 17 13         85 1st
Jeremy Pernesz NSW 17 20 17 15 12         81 2nd
Allan Marks NSW 15 12 11 20 11         69 3rd
Chris Naumovski NSW 9 11 10 12 20         62 4th
Shane Gilfeather NSW 13 17 12 0 15         57 5th
Nick Fittock NSW 8 13 15 13 0         49 6th
Ryan Hedger NSW 0 0 0 11 17         28 7th
Tim Hamilton QLD 0 0 13 0 0         13 8th
Rob Cooper QLD 12 0 0 0 0         12 9th
Enda Murphy QLD 11 0 0 0 0         11 10th
Adam Gill NSW 10 0 0 0 0         10 11th
Micheal Tyquin NSW 0 10 0 0 0         10 12th
Ryan Healy QLD 0 0 9 0 0         9 13th
Iain McIntosh QLD 0 0 8 0 0         8 14th
Sam Owen NSW 7 0 0 0 0         7 15th


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