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RESULTS - Monday Night Mixed League 2014 S2 - ATCC 1989 @ Mallala SA

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A good choice of car and track from series leader Scott Durham. The 1989 Australian Touring Cars at Mallala in South Australia. This brought out the old fav's and the old memories to go with. To see the Shell Ford Sierra rubbing it with the BMW M3's and the TWR V8 thumpers was a great spectacle and great racing to match.


A 10 minute shoot out around here was going to be challenging as some of the tyres needed a couple of laps before getting to their optimum. The Queenslander Iain McIntosh was showing a lot of promise as he topped the session with a 1:10.357

Race #1:

Iain from pole slips the clutch and jumps the start copping a drive-through penalty. Going into the tight right hander of T3 and Nick Fittock takes out Iain and many others in a multi car pile up. Shane takes advantage of the collisions and stretches out the V8 power down the back stretch to get a helthy lead.

Iain takes drivethrough straight-up to let heavy traffic go, Chris Naumovski locks up into turn 3 (again) and Iain gets slammed off the track for the second time in a row.

lap 7 Shane (back to 2nd again) under heavy assault from Tim's Walkinshaw, drifting wide in each corner to cover as much track as possible. Both attackers narrowly avoid the spinning Nick Fittock as they go 3-wide into the now-notorious turn 3. Durham in the underpowered BMW now battling Nick's Sierra for 3rd. Lap 9 and Jeremy now cruising comfortably in 5th, and then Allen, Chris Naumovski, Ryan Healy, Iain all battling heavily for the wooden spoon. Iain seals his fate sliding deep into the sand on 5

Lap 11 Tim leaves the track giving way to Shane-Nick-Scott representing 3 different mfg's in top 3. Jeremy now battling Tim gives Allan a chance to get back into the mid-pack, Iain can't catch Healy+Naumovski, and DNF's.

1 lap to go, Shane can't hold out the lightweight BMW on his worn tires, slips back to 3rd while Nick Fittock takes the Checquered with Scott Durham close behind.

Race #2:

Lights go green and its a slow take off for most of the field. Chris is the first to cut the grass as he runs wide on T2 while the rest of the field find the green stuuf at the end of T3. From there its an outright sprint down the back straight and its hard to match the V8 power. Tim Hamilton now in the Skyline follows shane too deep and loops it into T4 with a little help from none other than Allen Marks. Hamilton now has to fight from the back of the field. Scott Durham and Jeremy Pernesz in the BMW M3's now have over a 1 second gap out front. Nick Fittockon the back of Shane Gilfeather who is driving his defensive line down the inside. Their battle is bringing them closer to the leaders to make it a 4 way battle up front. Chris and Allen are swapping turns for P6 & 7. As they approach the back of Ryan Healy he spins the beamer and loses the 2 spots.

Scott Durham is stretching away while Jeremy is seeing nothing but a big blue V8 radiator grill in his revision mirror. After 8 laps Nick finally gets the job done on Shane for P3. Now he has the space to catch the front 2 leaders as Shane is starting to struggle on his tyres. Lap11 and Fittock runs the ripples too much and almost turns it 180. He loses 2 spots while rejoining the track. Jeremy spins while trying to outbrake Shane and Tim and Nick are happy to take his spot. Nick however soon runs wide to let Tim into P3 who then chases Shane for P2 who is now fish tailing out oif every turn. On the last last Shane locks it up going into t4 and makes a royal mess of what would have been a great race for him. From 5th he brought it home to finish in 5th. Scott took the trouble free victory with Hamilton finishing 13 seconds behind and Nick Fittock brings it home for 3rd. 

Race #3:

After avoiding the usual Sierra-carnage of lap 1, Shane now muscles his big VL against 2 BMW's for the top slot. Durham follows, but Pernesz starts to fall back, his BMW now under assault from Nick Fittock who is crawling back up the grid after another terrible start. Lap 4 and Nick's Sierra is now in P2, catching Shane on every corner exit - Tim (new to the Sierra this race) is also flying up the ranks with ease. Allan Marks locks up in his Sierra, Iain follows him into the sand trap (and the back of the grid), giving Ryan in the race's other Walkinshaw entry room to put pressure on Naumovski for P6. Lap 8 and the front pack is still a 5-car battle, with Shane surrounded by late-breaking BMW's, and the Sierras of Nick and Tim less than 1 second behind. Shane starts to feel the effects of low tires first, and his heavy car starts sliding wide every turn, falling behind the Sierra's, and by lap 10 it is a 4-car battle for top-dog.

Lap 10 Scott is next to slip-back, as Nick and Tim now surround Jeremy's BMW clashing bumpers every turn. At L13 Ryan is first to pit "These brakes are TERRIBLE" as he slides straight past his pit-crew on the hot tires, and then straight into the first sandpit on his new cold tires. Nick and Tim's Sierras lap him and are now approaching the other backmarkers: Iain and Allen - also both in Sierra's.

Lap 16 and Shane follows Jeremy into pits, and Iain chooses to join them rather than unlapping himself. Durham stays out, keeping pressure on the sierra's.Tim peels off next lap, and lets Jeremy+Shane past to repair all damage. Nick is next, losing a spot as he returns to the grid just behind Tim. Durham is slow to react, and falls back 5 seconds as he stays out for one more lap. He now returns behind Jeremy, and its back to the 5-car battle again.

Lap 22 and Ryan who took advantage of early tires now desperately trying to unlap himself as Jeremy once again uses a blue flag to give himself a buffer from Shane in P2. By L26 Chris Naumovski, desperate to catch Ryan on the older tires, holds up the rest of the front-pack for several laps... Tim and Nick pass both Shane and the back-marker, but the three are now 17 seconds back from Jeremy in the lead. Scott Durham manages the clean pass, but is losing time to the Shane every lap. Its L25 of 32 and Iain DNF's after losing steering due to heavy damage. Ryan is forced to pit again due to earlier miscalculations, and Chris Naumovski takes 7th.

Jeremy takes the epic win from Tim Hamilton in 2nd and Nick Fittock in 3rd.

By Chris Herringe / Shane Gilfeather

Race Results:


Drivers Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
Scott Durham 2 1 4 50
Jeremy Pernesz 4 3 1 48
Nick Fittock 1 4 3 48
Tim Hamilton 5 2 2 46
Shane Gilfeather 3 5 5 39
Allan Marks 6 6 6 33
Chris Noumovski 7 8 7 29
Ryan Healy 8 7 8 28
Ian McIntosh 9 9 9 24

Championship Table:


        2014 Mixed League - S2
Drivers State Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Drop Points Total Points Current Place
Scott Durham NSW 20 15 20             55 1st
Jeremy Pernesz NSW 17 20 17             54 2nd
Shane Gilfeather NSW 13 17 12             42 3rd
Allan Marks NSW 15 12 11             38 4th
Nick Fittock NSW 8 13 15             36 5th
Chris Naumovski NSW 9 11 10             30 6th
Tim Hamilton QLD 0 0 13             13 7th
Rob Cooper QLD 12 0 0             12 8th
Enda Murphy QLD 11 0 0             11 9th
Adam Gill NSW 10 0 0             10 10th
Micheal Tyquin NSW 0 10 0             10 11th
Ryan Healy QLD 0 0 9             9 12th
Ian McIntosh QLD 0 0 8             8 13th
Sam Owen NSW 7 0 0             7 14th


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