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RESULTS - Monday Night GT3 League 2014 - Round 3 @ Okayama JAPAN

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Okayama International Circuit, named TI Circuit Aida until December 31, 2004, is a 3.7km private motorsport race track in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. TI was the abbreviation of "Tanaka International" after the name of the golf club owner, Hajime Tanaka, though the name of the circuit was officially "TI Circuit Aida". In 1994 and 1995, the TI Circuit hosted the Formula One Pacific Grand Prix; both events were won by Michael Schumacher in his early title-winning years. This race made Japan one of only six countries to ever host more than one Formula One event in the same year. It was discontinued primarily due to its location in a remote area of Japan. This is now the seen for tonights GT3 race


As the drivers head out for Qualify Allen Marks is the first to post a time of 1:32.563. The Top 3 championship contenders are posting times in the sub 1:31's. Five minutes to spre and Ross Rizzo has smashed in a 1:29.829 to take pole from his brother Francarlo and Jason Brooks P3. Tim Hamilton is still getiing aquainted with his new Ferrari 458 Italia.


After a few restarts due to iana McIntosh having electrical problems with his vehicle the drivers were off on the 90 minute enduro. Its an awesome start with Brooks and Ross Rizzo battling out through the firat few laps. Nikolai Valge has capitalised on his flawless start racing up to hold P3. Shane Van Gilfeather is leading a 5 car group fondly know as the "Shane Train". Championship leader Francarlo is at the back of the Train with a lot of work to do. To Ross's advantage Valge and Brooks are in an exciting yet hindering battle for P3. Pat O'Reilly managed to get himself in P4 before he clipped Valge and spun off the circuit. As he tried to rejoined he was clipped in the in the rear panel that cause some major tyre rubbing and cause a massive off on T1 that resulted ina an early DNF. All was not lost for O'Reilly as he was recruited to co-Drive Gilfeathers McLaren as he was suffering from his eye surgery he had a week earlier.

The cars are starting to dance across the track due to the long sweeping bends which is causing the tyres to degrade quite quickly. Allen Marks was ping'd for not yeilding under a blue flag and as a result was disqualified from the race om lap 21. While Tim was getting comfortable in P2 Brooks did his best to snatch it from him on Lap 32. Francarlo was quick to do the same soon after as Hamilton is now struggling on old tyres with his pit strategy.Ross is now out front with a commanding 25 second lead over Brooks who has just set the fastest lap of the race with a 1:30.491.

The podium battle heats up again as Hamilton returns serve on Francarlo Rizzo to take back P3. Its short lived though as the drivers are timing their last pitstop Hamilton stays out 1 lap too long and spins giving Francarlo 3rd. As Ross stops it gives Brooks a taste of 1st place but that too is short lived as he is forced to pit for fresh rubber in the final stint. Ross takes the checquered flag with an impressive 41 second gap over Jason Brooks and Francarlo Rizzo in 3rd. Ross's win was even more impressive with the fine calibre of drivers in the fiels tonight. Will his form last all season? Only time will tell !!

by Matt Anderson / Shane Gilfeather

Race Results:


GT3 Round 3 @ Okayama
Finish Start Gain/Loss Driver Car Laps Race time Fastest lap Qual. time
1 1 - Ross Rizzo McLaren MP4-12C 56 88:27.942 1:31.313 1:29.829
2 3 +1 JasonBrooks2 McLaren MP4-12C 56 +0:41.028 1:30.491 1:30.266
3 2 -1 Francarlo Rizzo McLaren MP4-12C 56 +0:55.134 1:30.732 1:30.014
4 4 - Tim Hamilton Ferrari 458 Italia 55 +1 lap 1:31.289 1:30.360
5 5 - Nikolai Valge Porsche 997 CupR 55 +1 lap 1:31.539 1:31.014
6 7 +1 Shane Van Gilfeather McLaren MP4-12C 54 +2 laps 1:31.254 1:31.261
7 9 +2 Nathan Tregarthan Ferrari 458 Italia 54 +2 laps 1:32.234 1:33.076
8 10 +2 Iain Mc Intosh McLaren MP4-12C 50 +6 laps 1:34.316 1:33.153
9 8 -1 Allan Marks McLaren MP4-12C 21 DNF 1:33.058 1:32.311
10 6 -4 Pat O'Reilly McLaren MP4-12C 6 DNF 1:35.770 1:31.166

Drivers Standings:


        2014 GT3 League
Drivers State Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Total Points Current Place
Ross Rizzo QLD 20 20 20                   60 1st
Francarlo Rizzo QLD 15 17 15                   47 2nd
Jason Brooks NSW 17 13 17                   47 3rd
Tim Hamilton QLD 7 15 13                   35 4th
Nikolai Valge NSW 10 11 12                   33 5th
Pat O'Reilly NSW 9 9 7                   25 6th
Allan Marks NSW 8 8 8                   24 7th
Nathan Tregarthan NSW 3 10 10                   23 8th
Shane Van Gilfeather NSW 0 12 11                   23 9th
Chris Herringe QLD 12 6 0                   18 10th
Iain Salteri QLD 13 0 0                   13 11th
Ryan Healy QLD 11 0 0                   11 12th
Iain McIntosh QLD 0 0 9                   9 13th
Chris Paras NSW 0 7 0                   7 14th
Rob Cooper QLD 6 0 0                   6 15th
Justin Wilson NSW 5 0 0                   5 16th
Luke Bannano NSW 4 0 0                   4 17th
Evan Golbach NSW 2 0 0                   2 18th
Todd Varacalli QLD 1 0 0                   1 19th


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