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RESULTS - Monday Night GT3 League 2014 - Round 1 @ Bathurst

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Qualify: A lot of traffic out there due to a full field. Tim Hamilton was the first to post a cracking time with a 2:08.369 but holding pole for most of the session was Francarlo Rizzo with a 2:07.159. In the end it was Jason Brooks who smashed the time to claim pole on his final lap with a 2:06.814.

Race:   The Green Lights glows and the field are off. Jason Brooks gets the hole-shot while Pat O’Reilly gets a great jump gaining 6 places by the time he gets to Brocky’s Skyline. Justin Wilson also did a fantastic job to gain 6 places. End of Lap 1 and its Ross Rizzo, Pat O’Reilly and Todd Varacalli in the top 3. Jason Brooks and Francarlo having mishaps and dropping at least 6 places. As Francarlo is making his way to the back of Tim Hamilton in P6 he was met with the carnage of the back markers.
As the race settles down Ross Rizzo is in P1 with a 7 second lead over Jason Brooks and tim Hamilton another 15 seconds further afield. Allan Marks is the first to pit for damaged to his ca and new tyres. Evan Golbach & Todd Varacalli make early retirements on Lap 13. Nathan Tregathan is DQ’d after trying to avoid the kitty litter on Conrod straight. Unfortunately he was actually going backwards on the and the stewards decided to throw the black flag. Its Lap 16 and Ross Rizzo loses 10 seconds in 1 lap allowing Jason Brooks to close in. Fresh after a pit stop and fresh tyres this was going to get interesting. Brooks can now smell blood as he is glued to the back of Ross Rizzo’s tailpipe. 
Ross Rizzo and Brooks are manoeuvring their way through the lapped traffic when coming down skyline Ryan Healy spins giving the guys nowhere to go. Ross makes his way through but Brooksy is wedged into the wall. He waits for Healy to reverse before he can take off again. Brooksy loses his front wing and 7 seconds in the process. Only 4 drivers on the lead lap with 7 laps to go. After their final pitstops its Ross now 10 seconds in front of Jason Brooks. Iain Salteri in P4 has a couple of mishaps in the same lap but manages to hold position. Pat O’Reilly and Nikolai Valge flying the flag for Porsche have done well to punch out some consistent laps mid pack. Chris Herringe and Ryan Healy representing the QLD drivers do a couple better in P5 & P6 respectfully. Allan Marks while having a couple of earlier mishaps finds his rhythm to perform well.
While the gap between the top 2 varied from 1 sec to 10 seconds it was Ross Rizzo always in control to take the win in front of Jason Brooks and Francarlo Rizzo in P3. All the drivers did well in the endurance event and they could all see that the race isn’t won on the first lap so next race will be tackled a different mindset. Well done all !!!


        2014 GT3 League
Drivers State Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Total Points Current Place
Ross Rizzo QLD 20                       20 1st
Jason Brooks NSW 17                       17 2nd
Francarlo Rizzo QLD 15                       15 3rd
Iain Salteri QLD 13                       13 4th
Chris Herringe QLD 12                       12 5th
Ryan Healy QLD 11                       11 6th
Nikolai Valge NSW 10                       10 7th
Pat O'Reilly NSW 9                       9 8th
Allen Marks NSW 8                       8 9th
Tim Hamilton QLD 7                       7 10th
Rob Cooper QLD 6                       6 11th
Justin Wilson NSW 5                       5 12th
Luke Bannano NSW 4                       4 13th
Nathan Tregarthan NSW 3                       3 14th
Evan Golbach NSW 2                       2 15th
Todd Varacalli QLD 1                       1 16th


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