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RESULTS: Race To Reality Grand Final

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The day finally arrived to see who would get that all important seat in an Aussie Racing Car at Homebush later this year. We have been working hard all year to bring together the cream of the crop of Australian Sim Racing. Some big names from both iRacing and rFactor came together to fight it out and made for a fantastic evening.

Race # 1  GT3 @ Spa-Francorchamps


While favourite Michael Palladino took a while to post a lap in the short 10 min session Madison Down posted a decent time early which would remain for the majority but in the dying seconds Iain Salteri pipped the time to take pole only to be bettered by Michael Palladino. Thinking that that was it Madison Down was still on course while the others had parked the car in the garage. He manages to steal pole with a 2:17.184

Race: 12 Laps

The nervous wait for the red lights to go out as they know what is up for grabs. Turn 1 at Spa is not the easiest to manoeuvre through with everyone sprinting to a hairpin, diving deep under brakes with cold tyres; it was not going to be good. Unfortunately this saw a 4 car pileup as Nigel Faull realised just how fast he was going. Jeremy Pernesz was on the receiving end together with Tim Hamilton and a couple of others. One of our favourites Michael Palladino also received a love tap on lap 1 which ended his race early and very much jeopardised his chances for the overall win. Jason Brooks loses it in Bruxelles and is collected in the side from the oncoming field on the opening lap. Out front though and it was Madison Down with a clinical start now gapping the field by about .8 of a second per lap. Further back and its Ross Rizzo with Iain Salteri battling it out for P2. Rob cooper like a couple of other drivers managed to lose a front wing which meant a trip to the pits losing valuable time. With a long circuit like Spa the field managed to spread out with little battles going on. Michael Goode makes a mistake on lap 10 and loses his right front. Unable to continue with 3 wheels he is forced to retire.

The win goes to Madison Down with Iain Salteri 15 seconds behind and Ross Rizzo taking home 3rd.

Race #2 V8’s @ Bathurst


Madison Down with his form in race 1 has posted a quick time for provisional pole just ahead of Michael Palladino. It’s always good to hear the roar of the V8’s around Mount Panorama. The boys doing their best to match Madison’s time but at the close its Madison on Pole with Iain Salteri 2nd and in form Jason Brooks in P3.

Race: 15 Laps

Another relatively clean start. Unfortunately another early exit from Michael Palladino as he is helped off the track from Ross Rizzo. Ben Haywood on Lap 2 overcooked it coming up the cutting and kisses the wall losing his front bumper. Gavin Worthy a lap later has spun on Griffins Bend. He is now facing 180 degrees the wrong way. He manages to turn it around safely while watching the field disappear  only to spin it in the Cutting losing even more positions.

Five laps down and its Down in front by just over 5 seconds. David Lord closing on Iain Salteri for P2. Gavin Worthy into the pits on Lap 8 while Jeremy Pernesz flips on his roof coming down the dipper. David Lord wile in a solid 3rd pushes it wide across the top of the mountain and is met with “Nothing but WALL”. Soon  after he forfeits that position to Nigel Faull and Jason Brooks.

Again its Madison Down too good out front taking the honours with an 18 second lead over Iain Salteri and Nigel Faull taking a well-deserved 3rd.

Race # 3 Renault Meganes @ Homebush


A fitting track to finish the evening with Homebush being the circuit the overall winner will be driving on in an Aussie Racing Car. Drivers know only too well that the only place to start this race is from the front. The tight walls and tighter chicanes it was going to be survival of the fittest. It wasn’t easy getting a clean lap as there were cars EVERYWHERE. Most drivers only managing to post times in the last 3 minutes of the session. Madison on pole, Jason Brooks 2nd and Ross Rizzo starting from P3.

Race: 17 Laps

It all comes down to this Madison in the overall lead with Iain Salteri 6 points back. That is not much when as you know in Motorsport….”anything can happen”.

The lights go green and it’s Jason Brooks with an excellent start beating Madison into turn 1. Ross Rizzo and Michael Goode push it wide into turn 1 but both manage to come out unscathed. The next chicane however spelt danger as a mistake close to the front meant that the remainder of the field charging behind would have to brake or take evasive action. Some found the tyre barrier which forced a visit to the pits to repair the damage. Up front and its Jason Brooks still out in front of Madison who has just locked up exiting the chicanes on Turn 2. This has given Jason some breathing room as Ross Rizzo is keeping Madison occupied from P3. Ben Haywood while in P5 hits the wall around the train station and loses out to Tim Hamilton and Gavin Worthy. Madison now putting pressure back on Jason Brooks for the lead as he follows Jason’s exact lines waiting for him to make a mistake. Jason doesn’t exactly make that mistake it’s just that Madison got a good run on Jason to overtake him under brakes. Madison in the lead is now the leading Jason in P2 with Ross Rizzo comfortably in P3. Madison’s main threat to the overall title Iain Salteri is currently in P4 trying to bridge the gap but it is all in vain as can only manage to P3 while Madison Takes Win no.3 and the Race To Reality title. Elated with his win he still can’t believe that he will be racing on track in an Aussie Racing Car.

Congratulations to Madison Down and all the finalists who put on a great show with their talented driving. We are looking forward to see Madison compete and if you are make sure you stay tuned on December 6-8 to see how he goes.



Racecentre - Race To Reality Final standings
Race 1 Points Race 2 Points Sub Total Race 3 Points Total
1st   Madison Down 1 20 1 20 40 1 20 60
2nd   Iain Salteri 2 17 2 17 34 3 15 49
3rd   Jason Brooks 5 12 4 13 25 2 17 42
4th   Ross Rizzo 3 15 5 12 27 10 7 34
5th   Nigel Faull 6 11 3 15 26 11 6 32
5th   David Lord 4 13 7 10 23 8 9 32
5th   Tim Hamilton 7 10 6 11 21 6 11 32
6th   Gavin Worthy 11 6 10 7 13 5 12 25
7th   Ben Haywood 8 9 13 4 13 9 8 21
8th   Jeremy Pernesz 10 7 9 8 15 12 5 20
9th   Michael Gray 9 8 8 9 17 15 2 19
10th   Evan Golbach 13 4 15 2 6 7 10 16
11th   Michael Palladino 16 1 16 1 2 4 13 15
12th   Rob Cooper 12 5 11 6 11 16 1 12
13th   Michael Goode 15 2 12 5 7 14 3 10
13th   Travis Lacey 14 3 14 3 6 13 4 10

By Shane Gilfeather


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