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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Here are a few tips that I have learned from my brief time using rFactor.

These tips relate to the V8 mod, but I have used similar tips as a starting point for other mods.

#1 - Fuel

Lighter the fuel load, the faster you go.  
Trade off is it decrease’s traction (especially on corner exit), thus increasing tyre wear. If fuel is ‘off’ then definitely run 1.

#2 - Steering Angle

Increasing the steering angle will give the car more ‘point’ but can induce over-steer if you go too far.
In the V8 mod, I use 18-22 degrees (default is 14) and it goes up to 31. Other mod’s prefer less (open wheelers) whereas rally or drift loves the extra angle.

#3 - Camber

Too much front camber and you wear your tyres out.  Too little camber and cornering suffer’s. Tight tracks like more camber (street circuit’s) flowing track’s with long straight’s (Philip Island, Spa, Texas) less camber works well.

#4 - Gearing

Make sure your gearing matches the track you are using. Gear too high and you won’t get the best out of your car. Too low and you’ll max out on the straight’s and wont be able to pass using the draft effect.

#5 - Aerodynamics

More aero = more grip. Trade off is top end speed.
Less aero = less grip, but more top end speed.
Generally I run 2 front and 2 rear with the V8’s. Little more rear aero if you need rear grip for fast sweeping turns.

Good luck & happy racing!


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