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RESULTS: Tuesday Night Mixed League, Round 4 @ Brands Hatch

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A quick trip across the Atlantic was in store for the teams as they embarked on one of Britain's most famous circuits - Brands Hatch. The V8's would be tackling the full-length Grand Prix circuit, which has been host to Formula One and top-flight sportscar races for over fifty years. Tyre preservation and car setup would remain kings of this meeting, with pre-race testing showing that the left rear was fairing the worst by a considerable margin. 

Race One: 10 Laps

Michael Gray continued his dominant form by clinching pole by over a second. A clean getaway by the competitors into the unknown of Paddock Hill Bend saw little paint-swapping. Sam Owen was the first unlucky retirement, heading straight on at the Druids Hairpin and meeting the tyre barrier with force. A frustrated Sam threw up his hands in amazement! Series hotshot, Jeremy Pernesz also had a spin and lost a few positions from a potential podium finish. Up-front, Scott Durham and Michael Gray battled hard for top honours. Trading fastest lap times, it was a case of "close, but not close enough" for Scott who trailed by a mere four seconds at the chequered flag. Dan Maher pushed on towards an excellent third position.

Race Two: 15 Laps

Michael established himself on the front row again for race two, proving his raw speed at almost any track. Another clean race start saw the field tightly bunched for the first half of the race. Sam, Scott and Poland Lau traded places ferociously with some excellent passing and aggressive driving. The titanic battle ended in tears for Sam and Poland however with contact between the two. Scott reaped the benefits and took the two positions with ease. With only minor damage, the casualties continued on. At the point end of the field, there was an epic battle between Michael and Jeremy. Approaching lap eight, most of the field was organising their crews to prepare for the one and only pit stop. Jeremy pit first and with an excellent outlap, passed Michael by a few tenths. Sam unfortunately had his second DNF of the night due to mechanical issues. In a surprise turn of events, Michael also had a DNF - causes unknown. Jeremy eased through to an easy victory of Michael's retirement with an elated Scott coming home in second.

Race Three: 25 Laps


Michael once again took pole for the final endurance race however, it was not without a fight. Jeremy almost pipped the self-confessed "qualifying king", but fell short by 0.010 of a second! Dan was the talk of the crowd once the lights turned green with a blazing start promoting him to the front of the field, right behind Michael. An uncharacteristic mistake from Michael resulted in a spin and thus a trip to the back of the pack. Poland meanwhile also had a great start and was dicing with Dan for laps on end. Scott had a minor spin coming out of the Druids hairpin, however the unlucky Poland collecting him slightly. The two-stop strategy from all the teams ensured a lot of chopping and changing in position, making it slightly head-scratching for the spectators. However, when it all evened out, Jeremy was still comfortably in the lead. Not to be outdone from race two, Scott, Dan and Poland found themselves bunched together again and battling over the remaining podium positions. Little did they know, a hard-charging Michael was hot on their tails! Michael disposed of Poland and Dan to take third spot; with Scott and Jeremy ahead.

The championship points standings are becoming ever-tighter with Michael still leading the pack.

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V8SC  Championship League
Round Winners Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Round 4  Round 5         Round  6      Round 7  Round 8 
Scott Durham 7 5 0 8        
Poland Lau 3 0 4 4        
Dan Maher 4.5 6 0 5        
Michael Gray 10 10 6 6        
James Kyte 4.5 8 0 0        
Sam Owen 0 2 5 3        
Jeremy Pernesz 0 4 8 10        
Matthew Refalo 7 6 10 0        
Overall Leaderboard Total
Michael Gray 32
Matthew Refalo 23
Jeremy Pernesz 22
Scott Durham 21
Dan Maher 15.5
James Kyte 12.5
Poland Lau 11
Sam Owen 10

Join us in two weeks time for a return to the now defunct, Oran Park circuit where we will relive history. 

By Ryan Bestulic.


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