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RESULTS: Thursday Night F1 League: Round 3 @ Shanghai

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Round three of the Racecentre F1 Championship took the teams to the Chinese Grand Prix at the Tilke designed Shanghai circuit. Similar in its style to Sepang, a bevy of long radius corners and even longer straights dominate the circuit. Tyre degradation would again play a large part in consistent lap times as well as wing settings. This round brought about a new contender in Andrew Trent who made the huge trek from Newcastle to the Sydney store – over two hours’ drive each way!

Points leader and previous Racecentre league champion, Michael Gray once again took pole position by just a few tenths of a second over main rival, David Lord. The formation lap set tensions high as brake and tyre warming procedures were carried out. Unfortunately for David, a little too much exuberance with warming the rear tyres led to a slight spin whilst the rest of the field formed up on the grid. Luckily, he managed to take his spot on the front row just in time!

A clean getaway from all the runners ensued a few position changes leading into the first few turns of the forty lap race. Racecentre returnee, Mark Kearon made an epic getaway from fourth on the grid to be second by the third turn. Michael Gray took the lead and instantly starting to build a gap whilst Evan Golbach and Andrew diced for the final positions. Most drivers opted to start on the super-soft compound tyre, however David approached with a different strategy going for the hard compound. Even though he had less grip, he was not losing much pace in comparison to the leaders. Mark and David battled for third for laps on end until Mark decided to pit for a fresh set of boots, handing second place to David. David had a rough start and had to battle his way through the field after being relegated to the back following a spin. Unfortunately, a lapse in concentration forced Mark to retire with a rear puncture. The car undriveable, he layed it to rest at the side of the track, pondering what may have been. New-comer Alex had a baptism of fire. New to the world of sim-racing, he received a drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane during his first pit stop. He took the penalty by stopping in his pit box, however unfortunately the stewards saw this as a regular pitstop and he was black-flagged the next lap for not serving his penalty in time.

Four runners remained on the large track. The closeness of their lap times meant the race took a processional identity and not one driver hassled the other for the remainder of the race. Michael Gray took another convincing victory over David with Evan third and Racecentre manager, Shane Gilfeather fourth.

The next round will be held at the always controversial Bahrain circuit. If you are keen to join the F1 league, which will be following the entire real-world FIA World Championship, get in contact with the Gold Coast or Sydney stores to secure your spot. Remember, the winner received a Golden Ticket to our Race to Reality competition!


Race 1  Race 2  Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12 Race 13 Race 14 Race 15 Race 16 Race 17 Race 18 Race 19 Race 20 Points Place
Michael Gray 20 20 20                                   60 1st
David Lord 11 15 17                                   43 2nd
Evan Golbach 15 13 15                                   43 2nd
David Lazzaro 17 9 0                                   26 3rd
Scott MacDonald 12 12 0                                   24 4th
Matt Anderson 0 17 0                                   17 5th
Greg Pointing 13 0 0                                   13 6th
Shane Gilfeather 0 0 13                                   13 6th
Andrew Trent 0 0 12                                   12 7th
Benny Tran 0 11 0                                   11 8th
Mark Kearon 0 0 11                                   11 8th
Jimmy Tran 0 10 0                                   10 9th


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