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RESULTS: Thursday Night F1 League: Round 1 @ Melbourne

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The F1 season at Racecentre kicked off with the typical season opener at Melbourne’s Albert Park course. New cars and a new track were foreign to all competitors, so setup and tyre choice would play crucial to success. With no Queensland competitors available, it would be an all Sydney affair.

Most of the competitors were new faces to the world of Racecentre championship racing. David Lazzaro, Greg Pointing and Evan Golbach all entered for their first time, with Greg and Evan having not even driven a F1 car on the sims before! They would be in for a bit of a steep learning curve against the likes of Michael Gray and David Lord.

Michael snagged pole by the skin of his teeth leaving David Lord second by just over a tenth of a second. The start of the 40 lap race was a crazy affair with David Lord retiring at the first corner due to steering issues. The unfortunate Scott MacDonald was taken out also, but proceeded to carry on with damage. Michael streaked away to an instantly commanding lead, leaving the other drivers in his wake. Evan had a baptism of fire, meeting the wall a few times and losing many a nose cone in the process.  A variety of pit strategies were dictated by tyre choice; Michael chose to start on the super-soft compound, but then switch to the harder medium tyre after ten laps. With the considerable gap he had already pulled, he exited the pits still in 1st place! After pitting for extensive damage, Scott made his way upto 3rd place and was closing in on David Lazzaro until he made a mistake and ended up in the wall by himself. With only a few laps to go, Michael made a lengthy pitstop for repairs and was briefly passed for the lead by David. Exiting the pits only a few seconds behind, he caught David within no time at all and re-passed him to take the win!



Michael Gray 10
David Lazzaro 8
Evan Golbach 6
Greg Pointing 5
Scott McDonald 4
David Lord 3

By Ryan Bestulic.


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